Thursday, March 31, 2016

march ~ memories and moments

March...the third month of the year has come and gone.  Let me start with the finale and then go back to the beginning...which seems so very long ago.

We returned home last night from an amazing time in Israel...a Holy Land highlights tour that took us to all the places where Jesus once walked.  How special to be there over Easter! Despite all we hear of the unrest and violence in the Middle East...I must say that we never felt unsafe at anytime.  I'll be sharing more about our trip over the next few weeks as I unpack my photos. Pictured are three scenes from Jerusalem (right), @ the Sea of Galilee (upper left), and @ the Mediterranean Sea in TelAviv  (lower right).

Now...back to the beginning of the month. We saw both 'the lion and the lamb' over here...and many foggy mornings!

That is my morning view through my bedroom window on a foggy day.

Though the storms seemed to roll through every few days...we got out and about and enjoyed the beauty of the season.  Fort Langley is a lovely place to walk anytime of year!

Lucy came to spend some quality time with Grammy this month...while Mommy and sister were both very sick and Daddy was at work.  She was quite OK with that!  She missed her school field trip...but we had a few fieldtrips of our own!

The highlight of the month for her...was the new addition to their household.  Meet Daisy Jingles...a teacup Morkie who has taken a fancy to Lucy. 

We weathered a few more windstorms this month!  The wind vane never fared quite so well though...and lay motionless on the back lawn where the wind dropped it.  Again...we were without power for many hours.

Only the birds don't seem to mind the gale force winds...and float for hours above the fields!

March was also a month of celebrations.  Ellen turned 65 this month...and we (her friends from MGCC along with our husbands) joined her for lunch at a lovely spot on the waterfront in Fairhaven. Two other friends are also celebrating that milestone birthday this spring...and that called for a 'spa party'.  We know how to make getting old fun!

Easter came early this year...and at our house it was really early! Since we were away over Easter, we had the gang over for our traditional Easter dinner before we left. There was no Easter egg hunt...and the goodies were sent home for the kiddos to enjoy when Easter actually arrived.  Though I thought I had covered all the bases...Emme and Spencer wondered where the 'little peep nests' were.  They don't like anything to change from one year to the next!

Here is a photo taken many years ago...when we made 'little peep nests' at Easter.

Spring arrived rather early here this year...and the pink magnolia (our Hannah tree) that always blooms on April 4th bloomed a month ahead of schedule.  It brightens the corner of the backyard...a reminder of our sweet visitor from heaven.

We arrived home last night and saw the green, green fields of grass, new leaves on all the trees, flowers blooming everywhere and snow-capped peaks in the distance...and were reminded again of why we love this place we call home!  Oh...and having  20°C temp's at sunset on March 30th was rather nice too.