Tuesday, June 30, 2020

June ~ as it happened in 2020

2020 has been a year of chaos and turmoil and uncertainty.
The month of June was no different.

But here I will focus on those things that are 'lovely and of good report' for the most part.
And the blooms of June are definitely lovely!
These were the last of my white peonies...
and now we are on to roses and lavender and hydrangeas.

Our guests have for the most part visited with us on the front porch.
I think Chester was wondering if he might be allowed in.
Or maybe he was looking for a a treat.
He has stopped by on many 'Covid walks' this spring.

After months of going 'nowhere' we packed up the RV...
and joined some friends at the lake in Summerland for a few days.
The sun was shining when we arrived...
and maybe an hour after.
Then the rains arrived and we never saw the sun again until it was time to leave.
The bikes stayed attached to the motorhome...
and we found other things to do.

Things like eat.
And play Rook...
And watch a church service together.
And hike in the mud.
And laugh a lot.
It was good to spend time with friends in the great outdoors...
even if the weather was not what we had hoped.
We think we will go back to that spot one day...
and experience those biking trails under the Okanagan sun.

Our friends headed for home and we carried on to Scotch Creek Provincial Park on Shuswap Lake for a few more days.

We were surprised to find the campground nearly empty...
since it appeared to be fully booked on-line.
The lake water was high and the beaches and benches were all under-water.

The sun was shining and we found a good biking trail.
I would not have said it was 'good' if I had my old bike...
but 8 kms up a mountain forestry road was not too bad with an e-bike!

The view at the top was amazing.
We had planned to have a leisurely picnic lunch up there...
but the mosquitoes prompted us to 'eat and run'.
It was just us two up on that mountain.

We have been to Scotch Creek many times over the years but this was the first time that we stayed at the provincial park. It really is a beautiful spot!

On Father's Day we had the whole family together for a picnic at Cheam Wetlands Park.
It was the first time we had all been together since Christmas.

The cousins compared notes...
and hair.
Don't these two look like they could be twins?
They may be a few years apart in age...
but are good buddies.
Maggie is sporting a cast this summer...
which will put a bit of a damper on her hiking and running and swimming.

Ranen is growing in leaps and bounds and is taller than Auntie Heidi now.

As for Emme and Spencer...
they are both working at the Refinery House this summer.
What will DQ do without them?

June is the month when the Fraser River always threatens to overflow its banks.
It is at its peak right now...
and some of the low-lying roads and trails are underwater.
We discovered that on Sunday's bike ride...
and had to find an alternate route.

Also in June...
my dad spent 11 days in the hospital.
Once he was 'on the mend' he could go back to his suite at Birchwood...
but was obligated to quarantine for 14 days.
Now that was not easy for him!
Today was his first day out of quarantine...
and we were also allowed our first visit with him since mid-March.

We had a one-hour visit...
outside, safely distanced and following all protocol.
He had saved up a few stories to tell...
and the hour went quickly!

This past month has seemed a little more 'normal'.
We ate at a restaurant for the first time in many months.
We visited with friends.
The grands spent some time here.

At a time when there is so much darkness and unrest in the world...

...how beautiful to see a rainbow stretched across the eastern hillsides several times this month.
It reminds me that there is hope!
There is Light in the darkness.

Wishing you all a very Happy Canada Day...
or Independence Day!