Wednesday, March 31, 2021

March ~ Memories and Moments

March. Let Spring Begin!

March is the month of expectation. 
~Emily Dickinson.

And there were days when it certainly felt like spring had arrived!

We waited for the sun to show up and then took our bikes to the city to explore.

How fun to ride the seawall from one end to the other.

We had no idea that the seawall had been closed to cyclists since the start of the pandemic...
and just recently re-opened.

Perfect timing.

Nor did we realize how easy it was to cycle along the city streets with bike lanes everywhere.

It really is a lovely city. 

When the March sun is shining...
and the flowers are blooming again!

But as we know...
March weather is most unpredictable!

We discovered that we should not make any outdoor plans for Sunday,
since it rained every single Sunday in March.

Sundays were a good day to go for a drive...
along one river or another.

That moss is evidence that we have a lot of rain!

After many months of not being able to meet in person with our family...
restrictions were lifted earlier this month to allow for outdoor gatherings.
We were more than  ready!

For the past 15 years...
we have had a wiener roast with our family during spring break in March.
Some years it is warm.
Mostly not!

It was a rather chilly gathering this time...
but the rain held off and the fellowship was warm!
How good to be together again!

My Uncle Jake and Aunt Maggie celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary this month.
I still recall their wedding day...
since I had the honour of being their flower girl.

Their family arranged a surprise drive-by parade for them.
Even the pouring rain couldn't dampen their spirits!
They had no idea why they were waiting outside under their umbrellas...
until the motorcade came by...
with horns blaring...
bubbles blowing...
and flower throwing.

How fun to have the Chilliwack Fire Department participate with a fire engine...
and a lot of noise!

They are a special uncle and aunt...
always encouraging and blessing others.
I wish them many more years of happiness as they journey on...together.

I'm sure they felt the love that night!

It seemed like we were always making plans around the weather forecast.
How about a bike ride along the dyke by the Fraser River with the family before spring break was over?

We all brought our bikes...
and a few brought scooters.

And Jeremy built us a campfire at the river.

The grands skipped rocks and explored.

We sat around the fire and enjoyed a  lovely evening together.

Today...on this last day of March...
we made the most of the sunshine and went for a hike with Maggie and Lucy just before dinner.
And Daisy too, as you can see!

We discovered a lovely viewpoint at Hillkeep Park on Chilliwack Mountain.
It won't be our last visit!

And now Easter is just a few days away.
How that will look we don't really know just yet.
The weatherman says it may be a wet weekend...
and indoor dining is not allowed.

Churches were granted special permission to host indoor services for Easter...
after being closed to in-person services for the better part of this last year.

Plans were made and we were registered and looking forward to attending church on Easter Sunday.

That all changed yesterday...
as our province imposed further restrictions and reversed their decision regarding indoor church services.

We will now be attending a drive-in church service on Easter Sunday...
at our local fairgrounds.

We look forward to celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour this Sunday...
together with believers everywhere.

Christ is risen.
He is risen indeed!

Wishing you a happy and blessed Easter!