Friday, January 31, 2014

seeing january in the rear-view mirror...

Many of you know that I am on a blogging break.  
There are a host of things that need attention and projects to complete. 
We'll see how that goes!  
I'm not ending my 'sabbatical' just yet...
but have decided that I will post a monthly update for now....
a few pictures and a few words from 'the life and times on my Front Porch' 
while I am missing in action.  
That being said...
here is a re-cap of January 2014 in my part of the world.

While we watched the reality of winter play out on our TV screen in other parts of North America...
we had a very mild month.  
Most of  January felt more like spring than winter.

Every Sunday afternoon found us on an outing of some sort...
 usually a hike.

The first Sunday of month we walked along the Vedder River Trail...
along with a multitude of others who were enjoying the beautiful weather.

My Uncle George Baerg passed away...

...and on January the 8th we gathered with friends and relatives to remember.

He was one of my dad's eight brothers...
the one who I knew the best...
since I grew up just down the road from his place.

He was a master-craftsman...
whose career involved working miracles on car bodies.
He owned an auto-body shop.
During the day he worked with metal.
In his spare time...
he built things from wood.
He also loved music.
In the last decade of his life he began making musical instruments...
creating 18 violins, 6 mandolins and a ukulele.
 His children and grandchildren all have an instrument as a souvenir...
as do some others.
One plays on in the Winnipeg Symphony.
Another was given to a local jeweler in exchange for diamond earrings for Aunt Kay...
 a 60th wedding anniversary gift.
He was a life-long learner...
and learned to play these instruments as well.

The last years of his life were not always easy as he battled cancer.
He had 26 surgeries...the last one in November.
We went to see him just before Christmas...
not knowing it would be our last visit.
He loved the Lord and is now in a better place...
free of pain and suffering.


While he is making heavenly music...
we cherish the memories of him here below.

Bill and Jeanne (my brother and sister-in-law) arrived from Iowa just in time for the funeral...

...and stayed with us for some six days.

Though it was warm while they were out...
it also rained almost the entire time.

They left on January 13th...
and so did the rain.

We had some good times together...
and even went on a valley tour in the rain!

Another highlight of the month...
was our stay at Harrison Resort.

Friends made arrangements for us to spend some time with them at one of our local gems...
so near by yet a world away.

Also in January...
another birthday came and went.

Good food, good friends and family make birthdays quite OK.
Even special!

Last Sunday afternoon we hiked up Mt. Thom from the base.

This was a first for us...
though we had done the short loop trail at the lookout many times.

It's a great hike...
not too long or too short
...nor too difficult.

We'll be doing it again!

I know you were expecting a few pic's of the grands...
but I thought better of it in light of the Christmas gift they gave me.

What happens at Grammy's
stays at  Grammy's...

Large vinyl lettering that I put on a wall in the bonus room...
also known as the playroom.

That makes me smile!

I'll leave you with one last photo of the sun setting on the Vedder River...
taken from the Rotary Trail on a January afternoon.

Those who live this this area and use that trail on a regular basis...
are most appreciative of the local Rotary Club that funds it.

If you happen to feel any inclination (or obligation) to support them in this venture...
I know someone who is more than willing to take your offerings.
Though it seems to me that if you know my hubby...
you will already have had your arm twisted. :)

I would just like to say thanks to all of you who are regular visitors over here...
on my front porch.
Though I have not posted for a month...
still my friends are stopping by.
I appreciate you all!


  1. What a delightful surprise to find your post on my list this morning Judy. It's wonderful to see your update and news. You have had a busy few weeks filled with sadness and joy as life dictates. I think of you often and was happy to see some beautiful photos of your area in 'winter'. :) Take care and God bless. Hugs, Pam

  2. Ohhhh...all is right with the world again and all because if this post. What a treat! I see that January did not leave you unscathed either. Sigh. what exquisite instruments your uncle created and to think that one is even being used in the Winnipeg Symphony! Oh it's going to be glorious when we all get to Heaven.

    Now are you saying that wild and crazy things go on at Grammy's? Because I can tell you of and for a fact that wild and crazy things are going on here at Nonni's. The difference? I am a tattletale. I'm hanging my head in shame. Perhaps I shall start telling only the good things.

  3. Judy, it's so good to hear from you! I miss our visits, but I always smile when I see you've been on Pinterest! So sorry to hear of the loss of your uncle, what a talented man. It's so cool that you all have instruments he made. Love the vinyl saying on the wall, what a special gift. Sounds like you are keeping busy and enjoying life. See you next month!

  4. What a treat to pop in here this morning. Your front porch is always a welcoming place. A dear uncle is not longer with you but some of his handy work will bring memories for years to come. A very special. Words on the it! I can imagine your grandkids take something lasting in their hearts each time they visit you guys....but only you and them know all the sweet things....that's just one of the sweet things about being the grammie...and grandpa:)
    On to February...with love!

  5. So good to hear from you!

  6. Happy to see some front action on your Front Porch. It's a beautiful place to just come sit, relax and enjoy spending time in your world. Looks like you took advantage of the weather. It was perfect for some beautiful outings. Take care my friend and I know that 'it's' always open.

  7. So special to see the beautiful instruments your uncle made! Obviously a labour of love. So wonderful you could enjoy the gorgeous weather!

  8. What a delight to see a post from you this morning!!! Your January 2014 has been a full one - so sorry to hear about a beloved uncle's passing - what a talented man he was. I often think of you Judy and keep you in my prayers. So good to hear from you. Keep on hiking ....

  9. So happy to see your post pop up in my feed. Love that sign you were gifted with. Too funny!! I'll have to show Dear those beautiful instruments your uncle made. Amazing...

  10. So delightful to see a post from you in my reader. A lot happens in just one month. I smile to think of your uncle and the beautiful music he is making in heaven. He left behind a wonderful legacy.

    Your photos are beautiful. We passed through yesterday in the midst of rain. It was nice to see the lush green valley after the monochromatic whites of our neighbouring province.

  11. Thank you for sharing your uncle's story. What a talented man. How good to hear how he used his considerable talent for God's glory. Nice to read your blog again.

  12. I enjoyed your recap of January-a summary of life: happy and sad events. I've missed your posts but affirm you following your convictions for a break. Thanks for sharing the lovely scenes from your part of the world.

  13. Such a happy surprise to see that you had posted! Thanks for the re-cap. Sounds like you had a full month. Sorry about your uncle, but so glad he is with his Heavenly Father! Love the message from the made me smile, too! Miss you but I hope you are enjoying your break. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on our snow...that made me smile, too!! :-)

  14. I'm another one who was happy to see you pop up on my sidebar! You've had quite a January. Your uncle must have been a remarkable man - sounds like a Renaissance Man, with his skill in crafting musical instruments and in working on cars.
    I'll be in your neck of the woods in February and will send an email this evening with dates. It will be so good to see you!

  15. Amazing what all happens in one month, when you start writing it down . . . sadness and joy going hand in hand. I've missed you posts.

  16. January.. captured in word and photo ! I love your Christmas gift ... It made me smile !
    May joy be your most frequent visitor on Your Front Porch in February !

  17. If we can only have you once a month we will TAKE it!! Loved the update! There is always a saddness in losing a loved one. You are blessed with such a wonderful family. Thank you for sharing them with us!! May February be filled with all manner of blessings!!!

  18. It was so nice to read your month re-cap, Judy! It helps us to stay in touch with you this way. My condolences on the loss of your uncle--I remember your mentioning him through the years of your blogging.

    Your weather looks nice for this winter of cold and snow everywhere else, and the hikes look healthy!

    Yes, Grammy should be allowed to keep some good secrets--that's what Grammy's are for! :)

    Enjoy the month of February! I will look forward to that rec-cap!

  19. So sorry to hear about your dear uncle. He certainly was a man of many talents. I love the beautiful instruments in the picture.

    So nice that you and your dh are getting in lots of lovely hikes - I'm outside a fair bit too but would need snowshoes for hiking :)

    A belated Happy Birthday!

  20. So very nice to see you showing up on My Front Porch again. I have missed your lovely posts on farming and happenings in your part of the world. So very different from my area.
    I am so sorry for the loss of your uncle. He was obviously a very talented man and that must make for some beautiful memories.
    I look forward to hearing from you the next time. Best wishes for a joyful February.
    Farm Gal in VA

  21. Glad you popped back in sorry to hear about your Uncle George....he had a great life, you can tell from the tributes...we have had a real winter here...tired of snow and ice but at least we aren't in a drought!...see you again soon I'm sure!

  22. Hello Judy...popping to see what your up too. Well, I see there are more than a few of us taking a little break from blogdom. I just posted updates myself today. Hope your well and enjoying your season. We finally got the snow that Montana needed...sighing a breath of relief, we do not want a dangerous fire season this summer. Be blessed my friend!

  23. So sorry about your Uncle...I have to say I adore that photo of him...
    Really love "what happens at Gramma's stays at Gramma's ...
    Miss your blogging, was a nice surprise to see this update!


  24. Hi! I was just about to come here and tell you that I am enjoying watching your Canadian athletes, when I saw your note at my place! I know you are proud! They are doing so well! Thank you for your kind comment. Miss you...hope you are enjoying "other" things! :-)

  25. Thanks for stopping by answer your question about the deck. We went with Trex-Trancsends a newer and improved Trex product, NO maintenance. :)

  26. Your Sunday afternoon hike along the Vedder River is a beautiful picture. God has blessed you by allowing you to live in such a lovely part of his world!

  27. Trying to imagine having nine sons. Wow. Wondering how the brothers interacted as adults. Were they close or seeking their own space in the world? January did provide a lot of blogging fodder. I am so glad you took the time to do a round up of your adventures large and small.

  28. Somehow I missed this post and just now read your January update. It was so nice to hear from you, Judy. I have missed your posts.
    I am sending my condolences to you on the loss of your dear uncle. He sounds like a wonderful man and one who will be missed by many.
    I had to smile at the gift from the grands.
    I like your idea of a monthly update and will stay tuned for the February edition.

  29. This friend of yours just stopped by, totally surprised to find a post, and most delighted that it was true. I for one, have missed posts like these, that are so full of interesting information and updates. I think how special it was for you to have your brother and sister-in-law spend six days with you. I found reading about your Uncle George's life most fascinating. You have a way of sharing tributes of people that builds them up and leaves special marks of their lives on everyone who reads the tribute. To me, the thing that defines him in such a tender way, is the bartering he did for his wife's birthday gift.

    I feel sad that I missed your birthday, but am thankful that your family and friends took care to celebrate it with you, in their beautiful, caring ways.

    As for the hiking, I am proud of you and Elmer and the way you are always up for new hiking and challenging hiking adventures. No wonder you two don't seem to age.

    It was so good to visit here again. I think of you often.

  30. Amazing what all happens in one month, when you start writing it down . . . sadness and joy going hand in hand. I've missed you posts.
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