Wednesday, April 30, 2014

glancing back ~ april

Blue skies and sunshine.  That is story the photos tell.  It's just not the whole story!

It was a typical west coast April...where we knew had to take advantage of the sunshine because it could be raining again shortly.  But we are closing off the month with a string of beautiful days...and the temp's are soaring.

Let me just share a few of the month's happenings.  On a sunny Sunday afternoon, we took a drive out to Point Roberts.

Though it is just over an hour's drive from here, we had never before visited this jewel of a place along the ocean.  It's a little slice of  the USA on the Tsawwassen peninsula...accessible only through Canada. It seemed most of the vehicles in Point Roberts sported a BC license plate. Since there is much to share about Point Bob...I am breaking my one-post-a-month-for-now policy and doing a separate post on our day trip over there.  (You can scroll down and find it immediately below this post...or click here.)

And then there was Easter!  We celebrated with the family on Good Friday this year...because that was what worked best for all. (It didn't work out all that well for Spencer though, who missed out on all the fun because of the flu!)

We timed it just right and had an Easter egg hunt outdoors between rainfalls!  As for the eggs that never got found that day...I'm finding them now as I do my gardening. 

On the Saturday of the Easter weekend...we grabbed our passports and headed back to the ocean on the American side once again...not all that far from Point Roberts. 

Our destination was Blaine...and a beautiful wedding at the Semiahmhoo Resort.  Once again...the rain stopped just in time!  Mikki and Joe were married in an outdoor ceremony along the ocean.  We rejoiced with those who were the marriage celebration of the daughter of our long-time friends. Most special!

In other news...

...the weeping willow tree next to our house is gone!  I could weep over that...but I won't.  It is for the best...I know!  We planted two willow trees on the front yard ten years ago...when we built the house.  The one nearest the house grew twice as fast as the other.  A healthy specimen indeed!  One month ago we realized that the roots of the healthy tree were winding their way through the drainage pipes around the house.  Water was backing up where it shouldn't be.   What to do?  Hubby brought the chain saw and that was that!  There is now a stump where the lovely tree once stood.  I'm still trying to decide how to best hide the eye-sore...and what to plant where the tree once stood.  Take note ~ weeping willow trees are not supposed to be planted within 100 feet of drainage or septic pipes. 

Our annual trip to the tulip fields never happened this year.  It wasn't for lack of trying!  We piled into the car and began our drive out there one afternoon, only to realize the tulip fields closed at 4 o'clock and we were too late.  It's hard juggling schedules and school hours to fit in a trip to the tulip fields while they are in full bloom!  Next year.

Maggie and Lucy decided they would pick daffodils from Grammy's garden instead...and each had a bouquet to take home.  

This week the guys are busy cutting grass.  As the saying goes...'make hay while the sun shines'!   And so the farmer was busy 'making hay'...and the 'farmer's wife' went to Grandparent's Day on her own this morning. 

And those are a few of the memories and moments from the month of April at "My Front Porch".

Thanks to all of you who continue to stop by, even when it may seem like I'm not home.  You are wonderful friends!  

Until next month...


  1. You're going to have to start posting mid-month, too. It's too shocking to see how fast the grands grow from one month to the next. Looks as if Easter might have been a bit cool for a late event. It certainly was cool here. I could weep with you for the willow, but Elmer is right to do what needed doing. Are you going to have the stump ground out or will you use it for part of the decor? Good warning about willows. They sure are pretty, though. The second of the fir trees will come down this summer. It changes things a lot for us because we have more light. Hope that Spencer bounced back from that nasty old flu and that no one else succumbed.

    Really now, I hope that we don't have to wait until the end of May to see you again!

  2. How lovely to catch up with all your adventures!
    It's always sad to see a tree go, especially if it is one that you planted.....but in this case it was a necessity, I guess. Is the stump tall enough to take a Clematis climbing up it?

  3. It's hard to lose a healthy tree, but when the choice is between the tree and the drainage -'s the tree that has to go. We once had the very same problem with a willow and were very glad to be renting the house with the affected pipes!
    I echo Vee's comment - with a once-a-month post we really notice the changes in the grandkids.

  4. So many activities in April, they all looked fun! When I was growing up we had four very old Weeping Willow trees in our backyard. They were perfect for tree climbing, hiding under, and other childhood fun. I share your sorrow at having to lose such a beautiful tree. Now you can plant another... the required distance from the house! So glad to hear from you, looking forward to another visit at the end of May.

  5. Awww the pretty tree! I know my farmer wouldn't think twice either if it was affecting the drainage - in fact we have a mountain ash tree that's a bit too close to the spetic system and I have a feeling it will be felled soon too! So wonderful to see everyone - the Easter egg hunt looks like such a wonderful time for all. I think of you often Judy!!! Take care....

  6. Judy, I've missed your blogging and for some reason even before I got up today I wondered if you miss it. I'm glad when you show up on your front porch .

  7. So nice to see what everyone has been doing! Thanks for sharing and love the banner!

  8. So good to have you back on your front porch for your update. I miss your more frequent blogs of grands, farming, travels, etc. The countryside is so beautiful there and I enjoyed the trip to Point Roberts. It is hard for me to believe you are making hay already! and I live in the South where it will still be weeks before the hay is high enough to cut. That is one of the reasons I enjoy your blog so much... to follow your farming activities.
    Take care and have a good month of May.
    Farm Gal in VA

    1. Farm Gal in VA...We plant a lot of winter crops on the corn fields (winter wheat mostly) and that is the first to be cut in spring. I guess it was a good winter for growth, since we have a bumper crop this year. The regular grass fields are ready for cutting as well.

      Thanks for stopping by!

    2. I feel as though I just experience a beautiful vacation without ever leaving the house! Great photos!!


  9. Your 'Front Porch' full of grandchildren had me pausing to look at each one of your jewels. I'm sorry to hear that Spencer had to miss out. I'm sure she was happy to get her basket of treats at some point:)
    Field work and longer days for the farmers are here again.

  10. Loved seeing and reading your April round up, Judy! It is so amazing how much happens each month!

  11. What a marvelous month you've had!! We used to celebrate on Good Friday! This year I had the family - nearly ALL of my children for Easter! Special indeed. Like you, I am finding the UNfounded Easter eggs as I garden. Love your updates and your beautiful family!! Here's to a blessed May on YOUR front porch!!

  12. A bouquet of grandchildren! I think there could be no finer adornment to your front porch than those much treasured "growing like weeds" sweeties.
    Seeing a man, one tree and a chainsaw makes me smile. I think men secretly love downing a tree with that powerful tool. Bet the grandsons would have loved to have done the job. Our neighbor created a bucket style chair out of one tree stump and another created a table by adding a table top. Will you have a creative solution or a visit by a stump grinder?
    Enjoy the early May warmth this weekend!

  13. From one grandma who went alone to Grandparent's Day, to another, I have so enjoyed catching up with the ever existing beauty in your part of the world. I felt the desire to weep over the tree that went down, and never thought that would happen to me, but I have come to treasure the trees on my property. I do look forward to seeing what your creative mind comes up with, in covering the stump:)

    Your grandchildren pictures always bless me. They are adorable!

    So good to be here again! Hope you have a warm, dry weekend ahead!

  14. What a great round up of your month. Those grandchildren posed with their Easter baskets are so sweet. At first glance the baskets looked like giant Easter eggs!
    I do love willow trees, but they can wreak havoc with the drainage. Sad to see one cut down, though.
    Enjoy the month of May!

  15. I can't believe you'd cut hay already! It certainly looks beautiful there and I hear you're having great weather still. May it continue. It looks like you had a busy month and a lot of celebrating and fun with family and friends. You might have to cut the willow tree's roots at the base as these trees will put up suckers and new growth really fast. We cut a huge one down many years ago and a new part grew on it. They just don't stop. So nice to see your post and now I'm going to see the previous one of your little trip. Blessings and hugs to you Judy.

  16. From harvest, to weddings, to logging, to partying and sightseeing. It's always fun to see what you can pack into your month. Your post is truly filled of celebrations of all kinds, and I know that when you are not celebrating there still is work to be done. Take care...and I'm sure you got your first cut in dry. Next you hauled manure right?

  17. Judy, your grandchildren are growing by "leaps and bounds"! I'm sure they keep you very busy with all their sports and activities and school functions.

    I'm sorry you lost your willow tree, but I can agree it had to come down before it do=id more damage. Perhaps a nice garden bench or a bird bath or soem other pretty structure would look nice there and balance off the other tree?

    We had an Easter egg hunt indoors at my daughter's house --too muddy outside because of heavy rain the dau before. We love rain here as it is usually so dry, so no complaints.

    I've also been traveling a bit --went to NYC twice and Chicago once and next San Francisco. It's been fun to get a way a few days here and there and revisit favorite places.

  18. I love how you can use your blog to record the month's comings and goings. I like your colorful yard and beautiful grands and gorgeous views.

  19. Lovely pictorial April memories .. except for the weeping willow tree... I'm weeping too ! I hate when trees are cut down .. even when necessary. I hope you find just the right tree to replace it! (one that keeps it's root to itself !)

  20. What a lovely post, so sorry about your tree,,. We have a Weeping Birch which is just a bit too close to the drainage, We were told by the Garden centre people it would be fine, but I think we may have to take some advice from a tree surgeon.
    Love the shots of your grandchildren, we have four and they are just the world to us, We had two around for Easter the other two live 200 miles away and decided to stay home this time,
    ,we did miss them.
    lovely to read your post I really enjoyed it,
    Best wishes,


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