Tuesday, September 30, 2014

september ~ come and gone...

Some things come to an end in September...and others begin.

We enjoyed our last camping trip of the season...with an excellent adventure on Vancouver Island's west coast.  The RV is packed away for the winter...but the memories linger!

September is corn harvesting time on the farm.  We couldn't have asked for better weather than we had this year...and the bumper corn crop filled the bunker and then some!  Once the corn was off the fields...the winter crops were seeded.

It seems many of our friends and family chose to celebrate their birthday this September.  Well, every September, I guess! 

A friend marked his 65th with a big backyard party.  They went all out...or should I say 'whole hog'? 

Several days later, hubby had his 65th.  The plan was to climb Mt. Cheam on THE day...September11th..  It just so happened that the road leading to the Mt. Cheam trail head was closed due to a rock slide...and so we went with Plan B.  We hiked up Grouse Mountain...the Grouse Grind, as it is called.  The climb itself  is rather hard work...but the view at the top makes it all worthwhile!  We celebrated with a family dinner the following day.  It's official...no getting around it anymore.  He is a senior!

My dad also had a birthday this month...his 92nd.  We took him out for lunch on his birthday...to a restaurant that had no apple pie on the menu. He prefers apple pie to birthday cake...hands down!  The red Lotus in the parking lot made a nice prop for a birthday photo!

Maggie also had a birthday this month...

 ...celebrated with her cousins just a few days ago.

And...she started grade one this year.  How is that for an enthusiastic first day of school? 

Last Thursday, I enjoyed a lovely lunch with Ranen at her school.  As 'student of the week' she could invite someone to come have lunch with her in her classroom.  I was honoured to be her guest.

In other news...the grands on the farm have enjoyed the 'dog days of September'.  Their Rottweiler had nine puppies...the cause for a lot of excitement over there.

One would think that ten dogs should be sufficient...but the girls volunteered to babysit a Jack Russel Terrier this past weekend.  Just because.  They love dogs...those two!

Though September and summer will soon be distant memories...I am enjoying the last reminders of the season.  The 'sweet autumn clematis' is in its glory...a fragrant addition to the fall garden.

Wishing you all a Happy Autumn!


  1. Good morning Judy. It's hard to believe September is ending already. I think we get busier as we get older don't we? Happy Birthday to your new senior citizen. :-) Climbing a mountain is an awesome way to celebrate. Your sweet autumn clematis is gorgeous! I must research this one. Blessings to you and yours. Pam

  2. What a fun filled September you had, Judy! It's so hard to believe it's over. I think time flies faster with grandchildren than it did with children. Looking forward to your October update, enjoy the month!

  3. A lovely look backward at the days of September. Your grandchildren are growing so quickly. Happy Birthday month to Elmer!

  4. *thud* Are those twins almost as tall as you are? That means they're taller than I am! Deep shock is setting in here.

    And you climbed a mountain to celebrate Elmer's birthday? I'd say that he's not much of a senior if he can still climb a mountain. Ha! Happy Birthday to him and all the family.

    Loved the enthusiastic student or is the enthusiasm about getting home after a long day? Reminds me of the "apparently" kid on You Tube who talked about being kept in school for 12 or 13 hours.

    Seeing all the pictures makes me feel as if I've come home, too. Happy sigh.

  5. Enjoyed your beautiful photos of some of your blessings! Your sweet Dad is adorable....I so miss my Dad..


  6. What fun to celebrate so many birthdays in one month. Climbing a mountain is an impressive way to usher in one's 65th year. Belated birthday greetings to Elmer
    Your autumn clematis is amazing and makes such a pretty backdrop for your photo of the grands. How excited they must be with the new puppies!
    Have a wonderful October and I'll be looking forward to the next update.

  7. That's great that they went whole hog for that celebration. I've been enjoying senior status at 62 when many discounts kick in. Still enjoying them at 63! Happy senior-hood to Elmer!
    Your dad really looks great at 92. NO APPLE PIE! You must not have gone to an it's American as Apple Pie restaurant! It's so nice that you are so close to all your sweet grands!

  8. Hi Judy! What a great month you have had! I have been MIA on my blog lately! Better get some posts done! Your dad looks great for 92! Wow! I bet he would have taken that nice red car for a spin too! Take care!

  9. A full and fabulous September!! Congrats on all the birthdays and especially the 65th one! You both look wonderful. Your sweet autumn clematis is amazing. I tried growing one on my arbour but it didn't survive the winter.

  10. So many wonderful celebrations. From little ones birthdays to your dear dad and all ages between...these milestones are all worth cake and candles and getting together. I really liked the harvesting pictures. Good bye September.

  11. What a lovely life you are leading there with all your family in one of the prettiest places in the world. How lucky you are !

  12. And September for 2014 is finished and from your front porch it was mostly wonderful. You have beautiful pictures Judy. They reflect your soul.

  13. Such great highlights to keep close! Thankful with you for trips, milestone birthdays and special occasions with grands! I love how your clematis grows and blooms so full on that arched arbor.

  14. Great celebration photos, your Dad looks amazing for 92..I did think for a moment that the car was his :)

  15. Fun to drop by for a quick game of tennis or a walk or a donut and coffee...but it's also fun to stop by and see a review of September. It was fun celebrating some of these events together. It's fun living with seniors.

  16. It is so good to visit here again! I must say, the 65 year old and the 92 year old men that had birthdays, made that age something we can all look forward to. I am impressed that your husband climbed "the grind" mountain, at 65. I am like your dad in that I always ask for apple pie instead of
    birthday cake. If it would have been my restaurant, I would have gone somewhere to find him an apple pie for his 92 birthday:)

    I enjoyed every picture in this post, as I always do. What an honor that you were the "guest of
    choice" for the honor your granddaughter received. Beautiful picture!

    So good to step into your world for a few brief minutes, on this rainy Friday afternoon.
    Please wish your husband, our belated birthday wishes. We are following close behind him.

  17. Such a wonderful month!!!! Loved seeing all your highlights!! 65 years old! Remember when we used to think that was OLD??? No longer, my friend!!! No longer!!! I am ahead of him by a year!

  18. Wow, Judy--how did I miss this post? October has almost come and gone! We have been so busy the past month --a trip to Atlanta, Georgia for one week---my husband's retirement -- our anniversary and a trip away-- a road trip driving through three states to attend a wedding.--it has been a wonderful whirlwind! Your family celebrations looked very happy and the farm looked very bountiful this year. I know you've been enjoying the month of October and I'm looking forward to seeing your post about that.


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