Tuesday, July 5, 2016

June...long gone but not forgotten.

We were away over the weekend...celebrating Canada Day at a family reunion. Now it's high time to page back to the beginning of June and see what has all happened since I last posted!

We watched the corn shoot up...and it is now my height.  We always hope it will be 'knee-high by the first of July'...but this year it was a month ahead of schedule. This photo was taken at the beginning of June...with the corn in the field behind the horses just 'knee high'.  (Our corn field...not our horses!)

We have a wonderful local park that hosts a garden sale every June...and I try to sneak out there for a bit.  Over the years I have collected many great plants and garden decor at reasonable prices..such as the concrete succulent planter pictured here.

Early on in the month...cousin Ron and wife Meron flew out from Ontario to visit family.  That called for a gathering of the local 'Isaak' cousins...and it was so good to connect with them all.  Ron grew up in Ontario and, as far as I remember, we have only met twice previously. We had a wonderful time 'reconnecting'...at several extended gatherings and again in our home.  We hope to meet again!

One warm evening, we walked along the Vedder River trail...and noticed people with long camera lenses set up along the shore.  They were photographing the blue herons...that make their home in the area.  My Iphone camera didn't quite do the trick...but if you look closely, you can make out the heron on the riverbank. :)

He tired of posing!

Father's Day.  We went camping  on Father's Day weekend...but stopped in to have coffee with dad on our way out of town.  That visit gave us a lot to smile about...as a 'neighbour' joined us at our table, regaled us with tales and helped herself to the cherries we had brought for dad to enjoy. We had supper with Dad and Marge several times in June...once we had a 'picnic' on the patio at their place.  So thankful that dad is still doing great at age 93!  He is pictured above with his latest woodworking project...'valets' for some lucky guys.   He is also having major dental work done...and was trying out his new teeth for the first time when we were there last week.  They should be good for the next twenty years!

We used the motorhome for the first time this year...and spent the weekend at a campsite just past Whistler. 

The scenery along the 'sea-to-sky' highway is always amazing.  We love that drive!

Seeing the Olympic rings in the plaza of Whistler Village always reminds me of that time not long ago when Whistler played host to the world.  Good memories!

The campsite is a mile or two from the village...but Whistler has the best biking trails.  We rode along this river...

...and past this lagoon.  Yes, we had rain one day...but not enough to dampen our spirits.

We stopped at Alice Lake Park in Squamish on the way home...had a picnic lunch on the beach and chatted with tourists from England. 

Let me throw in one 'butterfly photo'...since they seemed to be gathering in Whistler at the time we were there. 

I actually completed a few projects around the house this month.  For twelve years our window seat cushions were 'body pillows' covered with rag quilts.  The intention was always to make proper window seat cushions.  It finally happened!  I bought 3" foam at Home Depot...and cut it to size.  I had hubby cut 1/4" plywood the exact size of the window seat, placed the foam on top and covered it with upholstery fabric (actually used curtain panels) which I stapled tightly onto the plywood.  They turned out great! I have one more window seat upstairs to do.

June was the month of  'end of year' programs and recitals.   Ranen and Micah had a violin concert; Ranen danced her final Irish dance of the year; Lucy graduated from pre-school; Ryder played in a drum recital; Emme and Spencer graduated from middle school and will be in high school come fall.  Oh my goodness.  Where does the time go? 

Kris invited us all over for a 'end-of-the-school-year' pool party.  The cousins had such a fun time together.

Maggie baked a cake to share with us all that night.  She had reason to celebrate...and wanted us to be part of it.  The previous night she had an 'anaphylactic episode', that required several epi-pens, a trip to the hospital in an ambulance and the attention of medical staff for several hours.  We are thankful for medication and for all those around her who are always vigilant.  Living with severe allergies is not easy!  So glad we could celebrate with you, Maggie!

June was raspberry month over here this year!  Normally we start picking raspberries in July...but everything is early here this year.  Here's a recipe for a fresh raspberry cream cheese pie we enjoyed this year.

The grass fields have been cut for the third time this year...mostly as silage, some as round bales and some in the rectangular small bales (which are a lot of hard work to haul in).  The grass is still green and growing...and the weatherman calls for more rain this week.  I'm looking forward to the return of the sunshine!

Have a wonderful summer...whatever you have planned!


  1. Your new window seat cushion is fabulous. So glad Maggie made it through. Your month was filled with a great variety of things and people to enjoy.

  2. So glad with you that Maggie is well! That was just a bit too much excitement I am sure. The photos are ever beautiful; the stories always new; I do enjoy visiting to see all that you folks have done in a month. I like the window seat project very much! (I had cousins visit recently. I should definitely blog about it.)

  3. I love our recent memory of that Saw to Sky highway! Such a beautiful place to take your tiny house. I love how that bench looks! Also thankful with you for Maggie's protection! What a good thing to celebrate!!!

  4. Sorry for the iPhone typo! Sea to Sky Hwy!

  5. Anaphylactic shock is very frightening. So glad she is well.
    What lovely photos especially your window seat, very pretty.

  6. I love the new window seat cushions! I wish I could do more decorating around here. I just never have the extra money to purchase items for the projects and hubby won't usually pay for extras like that.

  7. You accomplished all the things that matter most in June! I'm so happy to see Maggie's smiling face with her little sister! I love your window seat and the look of those raspberry pies. I'm so happy for the farmers that their corn is getting plenty of rain this year.

  8. Wonderful photos , Looks and sounds like all are having a great summer so far . Thanks for sharing , Have a good summer .

  9. So very glad that all was well with Maggie! Cake is a great way to celebrate!

  10. Beautiful photos, glad I checked in to see if you had posted!


  11. Another busy month for you, Judy. It certainly looks lush there and I'm amazed everything is so early for you. Your dad is looking very well and it is wonderful he is keeping busy and crafting lovely valets. I'm glad that Maggie is doing well after such a scare! My sister, Margaret, arrived late Wednesday night but I've only seen her for a few hours on Thursday so far. She and I will be traveling and visiting family for the next 4 weeks. I'm playing catch up this weekend after our Alberta family has gone home yesterday. It is very quiet here and I miss them so. Happy July to you and yours. Enjoy.

  12. That pie looks like a slice of something angels would feast on!
    I am so glad to hear that your Maggie came through that dangerous episode - much to be thankful for.
    You certainly packed a lot into June!

  13. Oh my - so glad that Maggie is O.K. It was fun to see the park's garden party and to recognize Vedder River Trail. Your pictures are beautiful and the window seat is gorgeous - love the fabric! Lovely to see your amazing dad! Here's to July ...

  14. Love the foto of Dad showing off his new teeth! By the way, where was that taken? And so glad Maggie was there to bake her cake!

  15. A perfect a month as one could wish for! Loved seeing your highlights.

    I have one criticism however -- I do not like the green 'marshmallows' -- they HAVE to be white, or black is Ok too since I like eating roasted marshmallows burned black. :-)

  16. You had a wonderful and busy month of June, Judy! I'm sure the event with Maggie was frightening. Thank God she recovered. There was a sad tragedy in our community last summer, as a young man with a peanut allergy ate a "smores"at an end of school party, but did not realize his friend made it with a peanut butter cup chocolate and not regular chocolate. He did not have his epi pen with him and by the time her felt sick and returned home for his pen he went into shock and sadly passed away. Please make sure Maggie always has her epi pens close by!

    Your raspberry cream pie looks very delicious--I'll be pinning that recipe as I have to bring dessert to a party next week!

    Your window benches came out beautiful! I'll send my daughter over to this post as she has to window seats in her home that need pillow seats. This sounds like a project she could do!

    Enjoy July!

  17. A beautiful series of photos. That drive looks incredible! Thanks for sharing.

  18. It might be at the end of the month, but it's beautiful to see what you've accomplished, the places you've gone and the trails, stories, mad memories that you've left behind.


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