Friday, January 20, 2017

Inaugural surprises...

Inauguration ~ the beginning or introduction of a new period. 
 My official inauguration into old age began on the 19th.

We decided to spend the inaugural night in Vancouver...

...and thought that a night at the new Trump Hotel on inauguration eve might just be fitting.

A friend has been involved with the construction of  this hotel...
we had heard many stories about it...
and decided we would go check it out in person.

The reservation was made one month in advance...
through Expedia.

Yesterday we showed up at the new hotel...
reservation confirmation in hand.

Doormen, hostesses and guest services personnel welcomed us warmly. 
They invited us in...
and then informed us that the hotel was not quite ready for guests.
They had made new arrangements for our stay in the city...
at a lovely nearby hotel and would escort us there if we were willing.
They would be covering our tab.
Would we accept their very sincere apologies...
and their alternate accommodations?

Why of course!
We had a brief glimpse of the new Trump Hotel...
were invited to come back soon for a better look...
and had a lovely lady escort us to Rosewood Hotel Georgia.

There we had several more surprises!

Today we watched the inaugural ceremonies from our room at the Rosewood...
enjoyed a lovely walk in the sunshine along the waterfront...
and took care of business while we were in Vancouver.

And that is how I marked my 65th birthday.

There have been many more surprises sprung on me these past few days.
I'll share some of those with  you one day soon. :)

As for old age...
it's going well so far! 


  1. Happy Birthday, Judy! You've inaugurated your 66th year with a great celebration!

  2. Happy Birthday Judy! How lovely to be in Vancouver.

  3. Happy Birthday . Nice for you to celebrate and be in Vancouver , It has been rainy and dreary for a week here and seems to be no end to it good thing is we have no snow left . Lovely photos , Thanks for sharing have a good weekend !

  4. You sure know how to celebrate!!!

  5. I love this Judy! How fun to have this all work out so perfectly to have Mr Trump pay for your birthday night away! He even provided a snack! I hope you have a wonderful birthday year!

  6. you are looking stunning ...

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  7. Too bad your room was not ready for you on this night, but you got a good peek and were treated well. Something I do appreciate about you is how you find that silver lining shining brightly behind the clouds . . . and now you will just have to go back sometime soon. "Old Age" is looking really good on you! Happy Birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you really enjoyed your time away!

  9. Impressive and accomodating treatment. So glad you had a wonderful celebration even though it wasn't exactly as you had planned. Blessings on your entry into this new stage of life. Welcome to my club. Hope to be able to celebrate with all my new club members...soon!!

  10. Wow! What awesome customer service. Happy Belated Birthday, Judy. Great way to celebrate!

  11. Awwww, beautiful Judy, you are making 65 look some kind of fabulous! I am so pleased that you were treated so well...that is excellent customer service. Hope that you do take us back with you to the Trump hotel sometime in the future, you know, when they're up and at'em. Happy Birthday!

  12. You've been celebrating well. Fun post that you will look back on with good memories. I do look great!

  13. What a way to celebrate the coming of "age". :) Happy 65th to you, Judy. It's not too bad being here (I've got almost 2 more on you.) so kick up your heals and enjoy it. I hope you have the opportunity to visit the new Trump hotel some day. Blessings to you. Pam


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