Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Looking back on 2017

As the new year begins, I like to take a look back at 'the year that was'.  2017 ended much as it the throes of winter. So much happened 'between the covers of the book', that I have a hard time condensing it into just twelve chapters.  But let me give it try.  I will keep it to one photo per month, but I might just have to paint a few additional word pictures. :)

January ~ One only turns 65 once in a lifetime, so I guess that was the highlight of the month for me.  Celebrations, cakes, flowers, balloons...and my first OAS cheque.

February ~ We took a trip to Iceland in winter.  Who does that? It was a wonderful time in the land of 'fire and ice' with good friends.  It was a little too short and too cold though.


March ~ A month after our Iceland trip, we headed to the Mayan Riviera to warm up.


April ~ Memories of Easter of local tulip fields in bloom.


May ~ Due to a very cold and wet spring, the month was almost over by the time the first cut of grass happened (our latest spring cropping ever).

A highlight of the month for me, was a trip to Victoria with three of my best friends from high school. We had not been together since our graduation, and had a wonderful time after all these years. (This is where I would really like to throw in an extra photo or two.)

June ~ The grands from next door showed up on their ATV one night with their dog along for the ride. It was a month of soccer games, end-of-year track meets and recitals for the grands, and a weekend camping trip to Monk Park.


July ~ On our 46th wedding anniversary we took a back-country tour with Sky Helicopters. We might just do that again one day soon! It just so happens that we won the door prize at a fund-raising dinner in fall...a back-country tour with Sky helicopters, which also includes a stop with a picnic on the peaks.  I am so looking forward to that.  We also took some of the grands camping in July, and enjoyed the month close to home.


August ~ Baerg Reunion 2017.  My family arrived from 'everywhere' for five fun-filled days of events.  While we were all together, we celebrated my dad's 95th birthday.

September ~ A road trip to the Northwest Territories (Yellowknife and Nahanni National Park) was definitely a highlight of the summer (end of August to beginning of September).


October ~ The leaves of October were quite amazing this taken at Whistler Village.

November ~ My two oldest granddaughters turned sixteen.  Both on the same day. :) They have shared most everything in life, and now they will share a little red car as they learn to drive. Their sixteenth birthday celebration included having the whole family join them in cheering on their good friend, Jordyn Huitema at the Canada vs. USA women's soccer match at BC Place Stadium. What a fun time that was.

December ~ It was a month filled with Christmas events, celebrations and family get-togethers. The year ended with a coating of frosting over anything and everything.  For the photographers, it has been a beautiful world of snow and ice. For all those without power, it has not been quite so lovely.

And that is my brief look back at the year that was. There is so much more 'between the pictures' that I can not share, but I am so thankful to God for His faithfulness through it all.  How good to know that He also holds the future.  His mercies are new every morning.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year. 


  1. Hi Judy, I loved seeing your year in photos. What a wonderful year you had; I don't know what OAS is though; I turned 65 in March and got a Medicare-yeah! I wanted to thank you for explaining your Mennonite roots to me-I have only know of the ties to the Amish, so you gave me a history lesson. There are many precepts that I embrace as well, similar to the Mennonites. Happy New Year. May this year be filled with the richest of His blessings on you.

  2. You always do an amazing job of providing a wonderful synopsis of your year. I don’t know how you do it!

  3. There's a lot of living packed into one year, isn't there? You've hit some wonderful highlights of 2017. May God's presence bless your 2018.

    I enjoyed photographing the ice storm aftermath, but also saw the damage it did.

  4. In some ways it seems like a long year and in some ways it seems like it just flew by! I like how you bring it all together with these highlights for each month. It turns the year into a nice little package, even knowing there is so much more in the every day, day to day sweat and sometimes tears, seeking to do what matters most and being available. You are such an examle of unselfish giving and grace to me. Happy 2018!

  5. Beautiful recap. I like the fact that you seem at home at home and away from home. You two are great travelers! May God bless you dearly in 2018.

  6. A great look back on the past year. I love how you embrace life and how you share your travel adventures and grandchildren's accomplishments. Here's to the year 66 (I just made it there too)! Cherish each day in 2018.

  7. I enjoyed seeing the highlights of your year Judy. It looks like a year full of adventure and happy times with family and friends. Happy New Year!

  8. How difficult it must have been to choose the right picture for each month from a year of memories! You did a great job of choosing and I enjoyed the stroll down memory lane with you. Looking forward to a blessed 2018!

  9. You 'mountain-peaked' the highlights of 2017 .. obviously a year packed with memories ... Love the little red car ... and the 16 year old girls in it !!

  10. Happy New Year, Judy! I'm sorry I'm late in my best wishes. and remembrances of 2017. I loved all your photos! Good health and happiness and happy 65th year!

  11. I love your 2017! It was truly a year of celebrations, family, friends, vacations, and your beautiful scenery from your front and back porch! I'm thankful that I can be a part of your life!

  12. Hello sweet friend! I enjoyed catching up with your 2017 blog. How wonderful it all sounded. I keep thinking I'll blog again...those grands just take up so much, its not all that bad😁
    Hope to check in more often this year! Hugs!!

  13. Hello sweet friend! I enjoyed catching up with your 2017 blog. How wonderful it all sounded. I keep thinking I'll blog again...those grands just take up so much, its not all that bad😁
    Hope to check in more often this year! Hugs!!


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