Tuesday, October 2, 2018

September ~ as it happened


When one never knows...
 'is it summer...

...or autumn'?

Those foggy mornings were a reminder that summer was coming to an end. 
The yellow petunias of summer came out last week...
and winter pansies took their place.

We are getting ready to switch seasons.

Tomatoes and cucumbers found their way to the pantry.

The grapes were finally ready to pick.

The hops are ripe for the pickin'...
though their only purpose over here is decor. :)

Bad things seem to happen on September 11th.
This year was no exception.
There was a bit of a septic tank issue...
and it turned out to be a major one.

We brought in the troops...
a plumber and friends with excavators...
and a few tractors from the farm.
After a dirty day in the trenches the problem was solved.
The landscaping may take awhile to recover!

Something good also happened on September 11th...
a very long time ago. :)
A child was born.

Though most of the day was not one he wants to remember...
he did get to enjoy a piece of cake at the end of the day.

And the soccer grands stopped by to wish him happy birthday...
and sample the cake.

My dad turned 96!
He likes a party...and he deserves one.

We gathered the troops ...
the 40 of us who live in the valley and celebrated our dad, grandpa and great-grandpa.

We never know what tomorrow may bring...
but we celebrate today.

The hummingbirds thought it was still summer.

September is a busy month on the farm.

The grass fields were all cut one last time.

The corn was harvested and is now in the bunker.

There were more celebrations and events...
class reunions and anniversaries.

John and Marg had many reasons to celebrate...
including 45 years of marriage.

They set up the tents and the tables...
put on a feast...
and invited friends to gather!

What a fun time!

Maggie turned 10.

We had a bit of a celebration here with all the cousins...
on what was likely the last day summer-like day of the year.

We enjoyed many evenings on the back patio...
with the tabletop heater going once the sun went down.

Those days will soon be over for this year!

It seemed the leaves on our oak tree literally turned colour before my eyes last week. 

Autumn is a second spring...
when every leaf is a flower.
A. Camus


  1. What a very lovely month to remember.

  2. Despite the plumbing problem, heaven have mercy, there were far more good days, very good days, than bad. Your photography is so gorgeous. I was going to tell you my favorite, but I have too many favorites this time. Hope that you have enough warm days in October to get you through the cooler ones.

  3. I love your first photo of the sun sitting on the horizon, Judy. As Vee said above, except for the septic problem you had a very beautiful September filled with happy birthdays and family and friends. Hope October will be a happy and healthy one for all!

  4. What a wonderful September to remember! I love the fall fog photos! Say that fast three times! I have long admired the beautiful life you have and the lovely place you live it. Your dad looks amazing. 96! I am hoping and praying my Louis Dean lives a long long time.
    Life has its share of troubles and each month brings at least one or two - no matter who you are or where you live. Love your attitude about it all!
    Wishing you a lovely October!!

  5. September was a beautiful month for you, except for that plumbing issue. Fall is creeping in quickly these days. It's a chilly morning here. I'll be heading over to your side of the water later today for a conference. Hope the rain holds off.

  6. Your pictures are beautiful!!! Glad your 9-11 turned out OK and that birthday cake was had. Love the quote - so true and a wonderful way to describe the beauty of Fall colours. Happy thanksgiving to you and yours. So much to be thankful for.

  7. What a month! Your photos are, as usual, so beautiful! Even the pictures of the heavy equipment brought in for the septic issue are pretty... the grass is so green where they're working. Haha, proof that there's an up side to everything!

  8. Home on the range is a beautiful place to be, filled with work and play! Love the pickles and salsa filling up shelves! It's a good feeling. One that's passed me by this year.

  9. Delight to meet you at Harrison ladies retreat ! Have made so many of your recipes!

  10. I guess I missed this post because I was boxed in! :) Love the celebrations for two very special men. Oh boy, now I'm remembering the incident on Sept. 11th. Ugh. Glad all of that is behind you now. LOL. Love that tabletop heater! Blessings to you and all of yours!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson