Sunday, May 31, 2020

May ~ Memories and Moments

 The month began with a rainbow stretched across the sky...
a welcome sight after the rain.

Hope for tomorrow...
after a few months of pandemic darkness!

We celebrated our two May birthdays with a Zoom birthday party...
eating ice-cream cake 'together and apart'.

Ranen turned fourteen this year...
and for the first time we have no birthday photo of her and Auntie Broni together.
Next year!  

May is a busy month on the farm... 

...there was always something happening in the fields.

Most of these photos were taken from the back patio... they harvested the first crop of grass.

Plowing and planting...

...and then a few days ago there was more grass to be cut.

Maggie and Lucy had a picnic lunch with grandpa out in the field...
and rode along for a bit.

This time the grass was baled and wrapped.

If you look closely, you will see an eagle sitting on the last bale.
He decided to break into it before it left the field!

On Mother's Day...

...we packed up our bikes and drove to Matsqui for a ride along the dyke.

It was a beautiful warm day for a ride along the Fraser River...

...where we could tell the waters were already rising.

From the dyke trail we carried on to Douglas Taylor Park...

...a trail through woods and pastures

...with beautiful views.
It was about a 30 kilometer round trip...
and included a picnic under the Mission bridge.

As always on Mother's Day...
the irises from my mother's garden were blooming in my flower beds.

I had a nice Mother's Day visit with each of my children...
on my porch or theirs.

A lovely day...
from beginning to end.

The following Sunday...
we hiked up a nearby hill.
It may be just a few miles from home...
but I have rarely been there.
We will go again!

We heard the provincial parks were open for day use on the long weekend...
so we packed a picnic lunch and drove to Silver Lake in Hope for the afternoon.
It seems that particular park never got the memo...
since it was closed when we got there.

We found a nice picnic spot beside the Skagit river instead.

Last week we hiked through the community forest on the eastern hillsides...

...a trail through old growth forest hanging with moss.

We have also walked the trails of Cheam Wetlands a few times this month...

...a sanctuary for over 200 species of birds.

Maggie and Lucy joined me there last week... part of their 'home school' Wednesday

We have spent time with the grands at their place or ours...
mostly outdoors...
and have not yet been together with the whole family.

One day we will have the family together again!

We are looking forward to doing some camping this summer...
and decided to give the RV a one-night trial on a nearby mountain where we pasture some cattle every summer.

We might just do that again sometime!

Other than the sound of the rushing creek and the birds singing...
it was totally quiet.

May is a wonderful month to be outside and smell the flowers!
Our honey locust tree is blooming and there's nothing quite like the sweet scent of those blossoms.

As the sun sets on another month...
I have to wonder what June will bring.
2020 has been a year of unexpected events.
I am so thankful that I know Who holds tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting me here on 'My Front Porch'.



  1. That rainbow! Amazing.

    My irises are tightly budded so that shows I am still well behind. I don't think I have ever had the pleasure of sniffing a honey locust tree. Will have to do some research,

    Happy Belated Birthdays to both Ranen and Broni. 🎈🎈

    So good that you and Elmer were able to get away a few times to sniff the moss. 😊 June should provide more of those sorts of adventures.

    Always a joy to visit...may summer gear up and covid wind way down.

    1. Ah ha! Though honey locust trees are not native to Maine, there are many that have been planted in the state. There's one growing on the Bates College Campus not ten miles away. I will have to check it out!

  2. May was a beautiful month for outdoor explorations, and you made the best of it.

  3. Oh my...that last photo is glorious. So many beautiful things to see despite being isolated. I've never heard of a honey locust tree. I might need to see it that is something I could plant here. Love the RV!

  4. I love everything about this post! So much so that this is my second read! I came earlier today but was on my phone and couldn't 'visit' by leaving a comment so I just read and feated my eyes on all your beautiful photos. So now I am back to read and look again!I know YOU know what a beautiful place you live in and I do so thank you for sharing your photos with us. If I could live anywhere - I would pick a place just like yours. Next best thing is visiting you here.....

  5. Your pictures never disappoint! That last one must have been a breath taking moment! I love the farming scenes and the beaufiul places you find to ride and hike. Your irisis amongst the daisies along that worn fence are beautiful too ... with the memories of your mom.

  6. When I read your blog posts with their gorgeous photos I can actually feel myself relax, Judy! You have such an eye for finding the beauty everywhere you go. Thank you for sharing with us!

  7. You seriously do live in the most beautiful part of this country! The views are breathtaking and you know how to capture them with your lens!! It is always such a joy to read your monthly posts, and any others in between. We are tempted to get our camper out and do what you did - that's so awesome.
    I love that your mom's iris blooms on Mother's Day.

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