Sunday, August 2, 2020

July ~ Good Old Summertime

Let me start with an iconic 'summer on the farm' pic...
the view from my front porch last week as the neighbours baled hay on the hottest day in July.

We never strayed too far from home most of the month...

but discovered a lot of beauty of beauty nearby.

This 'field of dreams' called for a quick photo stop while riding bike the other day.

There were many bike rides this month...
an easy way to get out and stay a safe distance from everyone else.

One sees so much more on a bike than in a car.

Things like a lovely garden on the roof of the barn.

Or a symphony of flowers on top of a piano.

The mighty Fraser River usually peaks in early June...
but 2020 is not a usual year in any sense!

The river peaked and flooded three times this year.

We cycled the dykes next to the river...

...and saw corn fields under water.

Even our corn fields which are far from the river...
were not off to a good start this year.
It seemed the rain just kept coming...
and the fields were mud.
It was a bit of a stretch to say the corn was 'knee high by the first of July'.

The grands were waiting for the corn to be tall enough to play hide-and-go-seek in.

We celebrated three birthdays here early in July...
and I guess they decided that if they got down on their hands and knees
they could hide in the corn field.

Maggie's cast would never be white again!

Sweet Lucy turned nine this month.

They posed with the Covid Smart sign...
but in reality it's hard to keep Lucy and Maggie apart.
Sisters and best of friends.

Between showers...

...the grass came off the fields once again.

Breakfast is always on the patio...if it's not raining.

Spending time with friends is pretty special these days...
after months of 'isolation'.

We have enjoyed cycling with friends...

...and watching our on-line church service with our care group on the back patio.

What a treat to have an outdoor brunch with  friends last week...
a group of us that had not been together since Christmas.

I am thankful that it is summer...
and that we can meet up safely outdoors in small groups.

What is an orange float...they wondered. 
I told them to come in once they were good and hot...
and I’d make them each an orange float.
That is my favorite summertime ‘blast from the past’ treat.

Last month dad was hospitalized and not doing so well. 
This month he felt up to going out for some fresh air on his scooter.

Let me leave you with one photo taken at Whistler,
where we ended the month.

We celebrated our 49th wedding anniversary on the last day of July...
with a little hiking n the mountaintops.

I am documenting our time in Whistler in a separate blog post (scroll down or click on the link).

And that is just a little glimpse into life here this past month.
Hope you are all enjoying the summer!


  1. It's not often you see such a beautiful wildflower meadow, so full of flowers.
    Congratulations on your Anniversary.

  2. That was a confetti lovely. Good to see your dad heading out on his scooter. It has to be a good sign. Happy 49th Anniversary! I am glad your 50th is next year when things will be better and people can gather.

    1. You are the eternal optimist! We aren’t planning any large gatherings for next summer as yet!

  3. July looks real good close to home! Love the unique sites you saw on your bike. Along with Vee I do hope that you can have a gathering without masks for your 50th!!

    1. We too hope that this Covid era is vehind us by next year. Where would we be without hope?

  4. Congratulations on your 49th Anniversary!
    Such beautiful photos to document the month of July (my favorite was the one with the white barn). Now on to August!

    1. Thanks, Vicki. I like the white barn scene also...a barn that has been on a neighbouring farm since was a child.

  5. Thank You Judy for always giving a touch of home for me! Memories from the summer hay crops, harvesting and the flowers! (Just across the highway)
    Happy Anniversary to You and Elmer

    1. Thank-you! And now you have me curious. Are you going to keep me guessing? :)

    2. Hi Judy,
      It's Elaine Cooper (Teichrob)

  6. Lovely views and smiles and gatherings. Happy Anniversary.

  7. Such great pictures of a unique month in 2020! Love your biking shots so much. The farmer and I have been on the bike trails over here too this summer. We love it. Sorry to hear that your dad has ailed and hope he's feeling better now. Your orange floats look amazing - we used to make rootbeer floats and I must serve them to my little ones before the summer is over. I found myself zooming in on the "friends" gathering. So glad that most of you are still able to gather. Here's to a new 2020 month!

  8. How did I miss this post? Beautiful pictures of farming, flowers, food, family, friends, forty-nine years of marriage, and your father taking a drive. He is so independent still.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson