Sunday, February 28, 2021

February Moments

February is the border between winter and spring.

We definitely experienced both seasons this month!

The ice piled up on the banks of the mighty Fraser River...
and the winds howled through the valley.

We chose that very cold week to have the inside of our house painted.
After 17 years, it was time.
It is now lighter and brighter.

So we spent some quality time with the painters that week.

It has been a long time since they played hockey on the ponds in our neighbourhood!

Once it warmed up to a balmy 8C...
Lucy thought it was spring and plenty warm enough to go for a swim.
So she did!

And this happened...

...we sold our trusty pick-up truck.
Bought new in 1993.
It served us well!

Earlier this month...
we 'attended' the virtual memorial service for Beth Nickel...
a young mom and talented musician (also Ranen's violin teacher) who passed away suddenly.
Ranen played at the memorial...
the last piece that they had worked on together.
Beth chose joy in life...
always inspiring and encouraging others.
She will be missed!

Tulips on the table...
a gift from my neighbour.
A touch of spring!

The Lenten rose and the crocuses were blooming in the garden...
and then the snow returned briefly earlier this week.

It seemed like the sun came out about once a week...
and I tried to make the most of it...
walking along the Fraser River dyke or cycling the country roads.

Yesterday just happened to be one of those beautiful, sunny days...
so we loaded the bikes and rode the rail trail at Hayward Lake.
We rode as far as we could...with down trees, muddy trails and detours up mountain slopes!
It was a lovely spot (new to us) and a great way to spend a sunny afternoon in February.

Today is Sunday...the last day of the month.
We attended our church online...
as we have become accustomed to.
We look forward to in-person gatherings again one day!

Then we walked the trail along the river...
as we do most every Sunday.

On the way home home...
we picked up Wendy's salads for lunch.
As we do most Sundays.
Did I mention that we always order fries to go with the salad? 
 Lest the lunch is too healthy!

Tonight we will have homemade pizza...
as we do most Sundays.

Can you tell that we like routine?

And now...
on to March.

Spring is in the the air!


  1. I love your routines....and I love where you live and how you live.
    You have a lovely home! What a job that painting must have been!
    Wendy's salads and fries! I shall try that next time.
    Wishing you a lovely March in your beautiful 'neck of the woods.'

  2. Nice routines...the fries were a surprise as I never imagined that you ate them. I have a salad from Olive Garden in the fridge...must remember to have it for lunch lest it spoil.

    Oh dear Ranen...what a sorrow and then to perform at the memorial service...God bless her.

    The house looks fabulous as always. I am sure it felt wonderful to have that chore attended to by others. I see that there are unique nooks and crannies that would be a challenge.

    Glad that you take advantage of the good days in the string of mostly gray ones. Hope that March is a beautiful month with many joys. 🌷

  3. are you going to get by without a truck? Are you shopping? Is there a new beauty sitting in the yard?

    1. The ‘93 GMC was no longer up to the towing duties it was used for on the farm, and has been replaced by a stronger, more dependable truck.

  4. What a dramatic photo to begin this post. Each month when you post I tell my husband that you live in what must be the most beautiful part of North America. Your painted rooms look serene. You have such a great eye for photographing the nature that surrounds you!

  5. Routines are good and you have some fun ones. That ice photo is so dramatic. It was sweet that Ranen could play that piece at Beth's memorial and fitting to have violin music. Even though February is the short month you packed it full! Happy March to you.

  6. It's been a perfect time to give your home a fresh coat of paint! Isn't that how they always put it? We love our routines as well! Looking forward to our weather warming up and getting out more. I love the beautiful places you keep finding.

  7. You made the most of February. Your pictures are so beautiful and you live in such an amazing place. Love that you painted the house - always such a chore. I'll bet everything looks fresh and new. What colours did you choose? It looks great! Ranen looks so grown up and what a kind thing she did to play her violin in honour of her teacher. I love your routines Judy. We are working at establishing new routines and holding on to some of the old ones too! Here's to March ...

  8. February was packed with a great range of weather and emotions. How lovely for Ranen for play for her teacher. Your routines are great, Judy. I'm trying to develop some now that I'm retired. How great that you could have such wonderful visits with those dear painters!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson