Tuesday, August 3, 2021

July ~ hot and dry and memorable

There was no doubt that it was summertime in our valley!  The sun shone every single day...

...and set over the cornfields at night.

Not only did we break all-time high temperature records...we have had no rain for a very long time.  The corn fields are thirsty and tasseling far too soon. 

Three of us went for a bike ride and met up with friends at the park in Yarrow one day.
We were leaving for home when we passed by Mighty Moose Ice-Cream. We did a quick u-turn and went back for a cone before the ride home. We called it lunch!  So good.

Sweet Lucy celebrated her 10th birthday this month. 
We let her pick where we would go for lunch...
and she chose Earl's. 
Maggie joined us and we had the nicest time together.
She may be tiny...
but she put away a big lunch and a massive ice-cream sundae. 
She may just be the most organized 10 year-old I have ever met...
one who looks after all the details and is never late for anything if she has her way. 

Jeremy and Broni celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary earlier this month...
together with friends and family in their back yard. 
The Crazy Gringo food truck provided Mexcan fare for all... 

...and Emme made up a candy charcuterie board for dessert.
She knows her dad well!

Another hot evening found us at Harrison Lake...
where we cooled off with ice-cream while the geese begged for treats.

Another evening we drove up the eastern hillsides and explored a property where Elmer's friend once lived.  The log home is till there...
along with horses, deer and evidence of bears.

Uncle Jake and Aunt Maggie celebrated their 65th anniversary a few months ago.
We had told them we would take them out to celebrate once the pandemic restrictions allowed us to.
So that happened last week.
I was flower girl for my uncle and aunt 65 years ago.
Uncle Jake was an usher at our wedding 50 years ago..
They are such an encouraging couple...
a blessing to all those around them.

We ended the month by celebrating our 50th anniversary with the whole family at Tigh Na Mara Resort in Parksville.

Our family is our dearest treasure...

...and it was the best way to celebrate the occasion.

Our precious grands!

On July 31, 1971 we said 'I do'.
We still do!

Our story isn't done yet...
but we are so thankful for the journey together so far.

Thanks to Janyhyh Wright Photography for the family photo memories.

I'll re-cap our weekend celebration on the blog soon...
but here is a review of July for now.


  1. You two certainly do not look old enough to be celebrating a 50th Anniversary. It must run in the family because Jeremy and Broni aren't old enough to be celebrating a 25th. And let's not leave out your uncle and aunt celebrating 65 years together.

    You folks need some gentle rain. Will pray to that end.

    You do have a beautiful family. It's lovely to see the photo of you all together.

    Blessings in August and some rain.

  2. So much to celebrate - birthdays and anniversaries and everyday life! Your time in Parksville looked like a lot of fun for all. Sweet days, for sure.

  3. That best of celebrations you enjoyed in July. Love the family photos. The food truck was a great way to provide food for that party and Emme did a great job on the candy board. Hopefully we will all get some more rain soon!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Your July was filled with celebrations and I can see that ice cream played a big role in the celebrating. The photos are so beautiful, especially the old log home. Hope your August is going well, "see" you at the end of the month.

  5. I missed this earlier! So many celebrations and it's so good to be able to do that again! Your photos are so beautiful! Those are a gift in and of themselves!

  6. Family is everything and yours is especially beautiful. Happy Anniversary....50 years! Y'all don't look old enough!!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson