Wednesday, August 31, 2022

August ~ sizzling summer

As the sun sets sets on August, let me just recall a few of this month's happenings.  

We had a whole lot of sun...
and a whole lot of heat!
Our wet spring is now a distant memory!

We started the month off with a camping trip to Vernon...

We cycled everywhere from our home base.

We shared the trail with quail, deer and rattlesnakes (apparently)...

...and had picnic lunches along the lakeshore.

We visited Davison Orchards...
where we sampled the ice-cream made with real fruit while we watched.
 It was worth trekking up the hill for!

We rode 70 kilometers along the Okanagan Rail Trail...
from Mile 0 near our campsite to the city limits of Kelowna. 

A good part of the trail hugs the shores of the beautiful Kalamalka Lake. 
Rail trails are always an easy ride...
with next to no slope.

On the farm...
the third cut of grass came off the fields early in the month.

On August 12th we joined the masses for an outdoor concert at Mill Lake Park in Abbotsford...
'Symphony in the Park' with Calvin Dyck and orchestra.
What a fabulous turnout!

Who knew Ranen could tango?
She missed part of her family vacation to take part in the performance.

After a wonderful evening...
(Click on link)

Summer evenings are the best!

We went for evening bike rides...
sometimes with friends.

One night Uncle Jake and Aunt Maggie came for a visit.
Always a delight.

Our friends have hosted a 55+ barbecue at their farm most every summer for the past few decades.
This year we were home and free to attend for the first time ever.

It was a great afternoon...
and brought back memories of meeting at that same farm for youth group get-togethers more than fifty years ago. 

Maggie and Lucy came to spend a few days with us.
We picked blackberries, baked cookies, played games...
and one evening Ryder joined us as we visited a new adventure park.
The mosquitoes saw to it that we never stayed too long!

I'm saying good-bye to August...
but it doesn't look like summer is over quite yet!


  1. Hi Judy! Another beautiful month lived. Who knew Ranen could tango? I'm pretty sure Ranen can do anything. ☺️

    Glad that you have more ideas and events for summer. I'm pretty sure that September cooperates for you. You asked if my day with Sis and her grands went well and it certainly did. I loved hearing the children chirp about how much fun they were having.

    That's a beautiful, frame-worthy parting photo of your home and the setting sun. Have a wonderful September. Many blessings.

  2. What a fun-filled month! All of your pictures are good, but that last one is incredible, Judy!

  3. What a lovely month filled with fun events, friends, and family! We missed the heat, although it was very pleasant in the north, but I am a wee bit sad that the days are cooling so quickly.
    I'm always amazed at the continuity of life (picnicking in the same spot after 55 years), when one doesn't move around!

  4. Yes, August has been good, but I feel like it just flew by! Isn't that how it is when you are enjoying life? Love that last photo! Home Sweet Home!

  5. What a gift you give us each month in summing up all that went on during the four weeks or so before. I do so love and admire the way you live your life - beautiful family and treasured friends, always good food and such magnificent scenery! I love your LIFE! Wishing you a blessed September, Judy, for you and yours....

  6. I enjoy seeing in your photos how you embrace the out of doors and take such good advantage of it! Beautiful recap to August. More to come in September, I'm sure!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson