Tuesday, January 31, 2023

January ~ memorable moments

It's a new year.

2022 is 'water under the bridge'!

Some of that water came down the river as icebergs and piled up along the shores of the Fraser River near the Rosedale Agassiz bridge.

It was really quite amazing...
and drew crowds there at the beginning of the month. 

What better way to start the new year than to go bowling with the whole family on New Year's Day?
It was a fun time! 

Those of us who thought we knew how to bowl found out otherwise!

And when we were done bowling...
we had a feast of New Years fritters.

We call them Portzelky...
our Dutch neighbours call them Oliebollen.

I made half with apples and half with raisins.

An invitation to a 'high tea' at the home of a friend was a most welcome.

We may not have acted too regal...
but we sure had a fun time!

We have been friends for years...
and don't need much of an excuse to celebrate.

It had been awhile since we had been together...
health, surgeries, and travel got in the way.

Mavis lost the love of her life a few weeks ago...
so it was a bittersweet get-together.

We watched grands play hockey (Ryder) and basketball (Maggie).
Always fun to cheer them on!

I had a birthday this month and was celebrated royally.

My uncle and aunt stopped by to drop off this lovely planter...
and we had such a nice visit.

Who has uncles and aunts that are nearing ninety and still remembering your birthday?
They are special people.
I was their flower girls some 67 years ago.

I am thankful for another year of good health and the many other blessings of the past year!

Once the Christmas decor was packed away...
...it has been nice to enjoy the blooms of spring indoors.

We have had some amazing sunsets this month.

"The heavens declare the glory of God."


  1. Another month filled with life's blessings and sorrows. Fortunately, the happy times have dominated, it seems. Flowers, sunsets, tea with friends, and times with family - all good things! Belated Happy Birthday, Judy!

  2. Hi Judy! You all look beautiful in your red hats. I have a black one a lot like it, but not nearly as cute. Your month looked good from here. Course into every life sorrow exists. Saying a prayer for your friend who finds herself belonging to a club she never wished to join.

    Here's to February and more fun!

  3. I love the family bowling party and the high tea! I don't think we'll ever say I wish we'd celebrated less!

  4. Happy BIRTHDAY!!!
    Your High Tea looks amazing and I love the red hats!
    Bowling on New Years Day! What a great idea!
    I love you and I love your beautiful family!

  5. Fun tea party with those red hats. Is it just me or are those miniature bowling balls? I'm glad you were celebrated well. So sweet that your aunt and uncle remembered to celebrate you, too!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson