Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Princess Louisa Inlet ~ Sunshine Coast

Beautiful British Columbia has so many hidden gems.

There is always more to see...
and we try to experience something new to us every year.

Though we have visited the Sunshine Coast several times over the years...
we decided to take a tour up the Princess Louis Inlet this time.

Since it can only be accessed by boat or plane...
it is rather a secret cove!

Our day began at the marina in Egmont...
a small waterfront village on the Sechelt Peninsula.

We were met at the dock by the 'captain' of our boat...
our tour guide for the day.

We travelled up the remote areas of  Jervis Inlet...

...stopping at viewpoints along the way.

Our tour guide shared a wealth of information with us...
and pointed out wildlife as we passed by.

Once we passed through the Malibu rapids...
we were in the Princess Louis Inlet. 

Right at the point sits the Malibu Lodge...
and next to it is the Young Life camp.

From Malibu to the marine park at the end of the inlet is 6 kms.

Sheer granite walls rise from the ocean to plateau areas some 5000 feet above. 

We chose the perfect time to go!

With the sun melting the snowpack there are some eighty waterfalls cascading down the granite cliffs at this time of year.

When we reached the provincial park...
there were a few boats docked in the bay.

We spent about about 1.5 hours there...

...and enjoyed a picnic lunch next to Chatterbox Falls.

Back at the dock we boarded the Sunshine Coast Tours boat for the return trip...
 along with our travel mates, Dave and Janet.
There were six others in our tour group as well.

The return trip was a quiet and peaceful one...

...without commentary.  

Five hours after we began our adventure...
we were back where we started at the Backeddy Marina in Egmont.

From there we took the winding coastal road back to Sechelt where we spent the night at an Airbnb.

Sechelt has some great places to eat.

of course!

It was a fun time on the Sunshine Coast and a reminder to 
'Seas the Day'!

Let me just add a little postscript about a relic from the past...
for those of you who remember The Beachcombers show.

As we passed though Gibsons, we stopped to take a pic at Molly's Reach.
It was a fictional restaurant in the show that aired on Canadian television for 19 seasons, until 1990. 

It is now an actual restaurant...
though it is closed for renovations at the moment.


  1. Many years ago my daughter worked in Sechelt, and I visited there. What a beautiful place it is.

    1. It seems you have been to a few of BC's beautiful locations. You were also in the Smithers area, right?

  2. Oh that looks like a wonderful cruise and adventure. That Chatterbox Falls - so lovely! You both look wonderful - keep enjoying your beautiful province - it's amazing!

  3. What a wonderful and beautiful experience that boat ride was! Loved seeing all you shared. All those waterfalls were a treat to see.

  4. What a wonderful excursion. We took our boat into Princess Louisa Inlet in 2018 and although it was beautiful, we couldn't see the tops of the mountains because of the wildfire smoke. We anchored our boat in front of Chatterbox Falls and enjoyed the sound of the water all night long.


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