Sunday, October 1, 2023

September Remembered

And just like that...

...summer falls into September.

When we got home...
we had a family get-together to 'catch-up', celebrate September birthdays...
and hear all about the new school year.

The grands spent the whole afternoon in the pool...
making the most of the season.

Sweet Maggie turned 15 a few days ago.
She enjoys life...
and always has a smile.

Despite a summer of drought...
the corn crop was pretty good.

The field next to the mountain had a lot of bears helping themselves.
(Photos taken by neighbour with a drone.)

The corn is off the fields and in the bunker for the cows winter ration.
The bears will have to look elsewhere.

Last weekend we enjoyed a wonderful time in the Chilcotin with friends. 

John and Marg invited a group of friends to join them at their place on Pyper Lake...

...and help them celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

And celebrate we did!

We ate...
we sang...
we laughed...
we reminisced.

It was such a great way to mark a milestone...
with good friends in a beautiful spot. 

We don't know the story behind this old house...
but had fun exploring the deserted farm stead.

There were fences...
but these critters were on the wrong side.

And the horses also run wild and free up there.

We are left with many great memories.
It was a wonderful way to end the camping season of 2023.

September came and went...
and we are left with good memories.


  1. You do life well, Judy! So many wonderful times to fill up the memory spaces of your brain! :)

  2. Waht an amazing month! It was fun to spend a few days with you at Pyper Lake.

  3. I absolutely LOVE you and your beautiful family!!!

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  5. And another month passes into history. But what beautiful memories you have of it. Maggie is a beautiful young woman. The Chilcotin trip sounds just lovely.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson