Friday, September 21, 2012

harvesting corn in the valley...

The sun shines every day.
We could get used to this kind of weather!
 We are breaking all kinds of long-standing weather records over here...
with little precipitation in the past two months.

The morning fog that hangs over the valley obscures the mountains...
and tells me that it really is fall!

The corn fields standing tall  in our neighbourhood will soon be ready for harvest.

We have one field that is up against the mountain...
high and dry...

 ...that got cut yesterday.

We have never before had corn this ripe!

I got a call mid-afternoon to come to the field and bring my camera...ASAP.
A mama bear and two cubs were frolicking in the corn...
and it appeared they had been feasting there for some time.

I followed several school buses down the country roads...
and took my sweet time in getting to the field.

I arrived at the very moment that mama bear decided to take her babies 
and flee to the safety of higher ground.
I have a beautiful picture of the scene...
in my mind.
By the time I had my camera strap disentangled from my seat belt...
they had scampered through the bushes and out of  sight.

I was planning to cook a pot of soup one of these days...
always thinking that tomorrow might be cooler.
After seeing the corn chowder featured over at Judy's blog earlier this week...
I decided we would have soup yesterday whatever the weather.
I changed up Rachel Ray's original recipe...
using smoked farmer sausage, fresh potatoes, onions, zucchini and corn (of course)...
herbs and spices and a creamy broth.
It tasted just fine...
out one the patio as the sun was setting over the corn fields.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. i love seeing views like that ... makes me feel alright with the world. farmers keep the world going round. awesome shot. my fav is the corn line ... too great! (:

  2. Soup looks delicious! Loved the pictures of the corn and the harvester. So sweet that your hubby called you about the bears. He knew you would enjoy seeing them and sharing them with us. That was very thoughtful! Sorry we ALL missed them!! :-)

  3. Oh, such beautiful pictures! Sorry you missed the bears. The soup looks yummy. I'm praying for some cooler temps here in FL. I made soup last week anyway...we just pretended :)

  4. Perhaps it is time for Elmer to have a camera. How disappointing to miss that shot. Beautiful corn fields...what a sense of accomplishment to have the harvest in. If anyone deserves fine weather, it is you folks for that rough start to summer. Delicious looking soup, too.

    1. is just the very beginning of bringing in the corn (less than 10% done)...but it feels good to have a start. The rest of the fields are not quite ready...another week or so. We had a very late start this year...with all the rain in spring.

  5. Your photo's transport me right to where you are. I would have loved to see the bears...maybe next time :)

  6. Oh my, a bear and her cubs!? Wow. That's cute that you got the camera call!! Glad you could come away with some great photos even though you missed the bears!
    Your soup inspiration looks perfect.

  7. Your pictures of the cornfields will be ones you will look back on one day as the exceptionally hot September! Even though we missed the bears, it's a picture we can imagine too.
    I saw that soup on Judy's blog too and thought it looked so good. Will have to try it.

  8. I can imagine how the school buses and the tangled camera cord caused you some undue stress, when you wanted so badly to capture the bears. I smiled as I read through your words, and put myself in your shoes. I think your corn fields are beautiful. Mountains and corn fields go together perfectly, in my mind.

    I am thankful that you enjoyed the soup recipe. Lots of freshness always tastes good.

  9. Isn't this weather amazing? So good for the corn crop. Glad to see you are getting yours in after such a wet spring. Soup for supper is great almost any time of the year.

  10. The soup was delicious, as was the story telling. My favourite, "did you know my mom got eaten by a bear? They cut her out" .....

    parenting at it's finest. Thanks for the soup!

  11. I'm glad the beginning of your corn harvest is going well and the hungry bear intruders did no harm, Judy! I love a good corn chowder and this one looks fabulous!

    PS: All went well yesterday -- Thank you for your prayers!

  12. Beautiful photos of the corn fields being harvested. You certainly have had a beautiful spell of weather and I know you deserve it after the wet spring and early summer months. The soup looks delish! Happy Fall to you. Blessings, Pamela

  13. Those pictured of the corn harvest are beautiful as are the words you described it with. Too bad you missed the bears - we don't have bears feasting on our corn fields but have lots of deer!! The soy beans are being harvested here right now and then the corn will be done later.
    Enjoy the fresh Fall season and thanks for sharing that wonderful looking soup recipe!!!!

  14. A bear and her cubs...I believe it. We were told the same thing...I'm watching every day. Enjoy that corn chowder...I love this soup every day...and need to make some once again. I love the gorgeous photos..absolutely true about our season this year.

  15. That corn is really ripe! It's been such an amazing September that I don't want it to end. The swathing is finally done and combining will start when the combine is ready to go. Too bad you missed that photo Judy but if they're in the neighbourhood it may happen again. That soup looks delicious and the ingredients are handy here...maybe one day this week...Speaking of recipes, my friend in Nanaimo raved about your Nanaimo Bar Ice Cream Cake for at least 10 minutes this morning. She said it's absolutely the best dessert she's ever eaten and so on and so on. Rave reviews!

  16. We are being treated to great weather. Corn fields are coming down....the morning fog is hanging low to the ground in the mornings. My soup pot has come out several times this September. It's that time of year....with a summer bonus of sunny days.


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