Monday, September 17, 2012

ushered into his tenth decade...

We thought he needed a little help...
crossing that threshold into the next decade. 

And so we threw a few parties!

We booked the room...
and brought the food.
He invited his buddies.
He told a few stories.
They told a few stories.
A good time was had by all!
His youngest granddaughter came all the way from Iowa to serve the coffee.

That was on Friday.

On Sunday night...
we had a family dinner in honour of the occasion.
He wore his 'birthday boy' badge...
and gave a 'birthday boy' speech.

Truth be told...
we've been celebrating his birthday for some time!

Several weeks ago we had a party with all his siblings, nieces and nephews...
and anyone else that came to the family reunion.
Nine decades of a life well-lived is worth celebrating.
Several times over!

Today my brother and family flew home to Iowa.
Tomorrow my sister and brother-in-law return to Manitoba.
Thanks to all who came out to celebrate our dad with us! 

He is moving forward into the next decade with enthusiasm.
He has plans.
That's a good thing. 
And we still have our dad.
A very good thing!


  1. A very good thing indeed! How great that you could celebrate over and over again!

  2. It just makes me smile to see the pictures of your dad! So glad that you were able to celebrate him so thoroughly!

  3. Moving into the tenth decade deserves to be celebrated over again - Best Wishes to your dad.

  4. It sounds and looks like he has recovered from his accident. So good to be able to celebrate like you are.

  5. He looks so handsome. Glad that he's had himself a few great parties and a chance to tell and hear some great stories. His youngest granddaughter looks A LOT like a daughter of his that I know.

  6. I would have loved to hear some of those stories :) Looks like he LOVED every party.

  7. What a fun time for him and all of you! I know he enjoyed having his family around him for his special day. Such a blessing that he is doing so well.

  8. What a great post Judy!! Your father looks so happy and certainly doesn't look 90! What a great family and friends reunion and celebration. There must be a very interesting "Ford" story here.......

  9. What a wonderful post Judy. I just think it is so sweet the way you have dived in and helped your Dad celebrate his milestone birthday. He looks just great. May God continue to bless him in the plans he has for him.

  10. Your dad's heart must have been so blessed by the way you all were there, and you all celebrated him and his life. He does not look like he is 90 years old. I wish you many more years to enjoy him on this earth. You all sure do know how to make a person feel special.

  11. Happy Birthday Mr.Baerg you look very healthy and happy. You have reached a milestone many desire to achieve. We are thinking 100 is within your DNA. Blessings for a great year.
    Love Vern and Martha

  12. What a blessing to still have your Dad. He's reached a milestone that many don't even get to see. It's wonderful to see someone who is strong and healthy at the age of 90.

  13. How wonderful that your dear` Dad is still with you, and looking so amazingly well too.

  14. Happy birthday! He looks great! :) wonderful you still have him!

  15. This is definitely a birthday to celebrate! What fun you all had.

  16. I love those words of being ushered into his tenth decade. Looks like another milestone, and amazing to see how he has recuperated with such enthusiasm after his accident in spring. Looks like one fun time had for all.

  17. Your Dad looks so healthy..I'm sure he has more decades ahead! The Ford cake was a work of art!

  18. I can't think of a nicer way to celebrate 90 years of living. How wonderful that your family could all be together to share in this special occasion. Your Dad looks great and so cute in his birthday boy badge :).

  19. Happy Birthday to your Dad, Judy. My Dad is right behind him. How blessed we are to still be able to celebrate with our loved Dads and still listen to the old stories. We will count these days as precious in the future.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson