Wednesday, November 14, 2012

celebration time...

We missed some birthdays while we were away...
and we missed everybody!

no sooner were we home...
than we gave a shout out for everyone to come for dinner.

...and birthday cake, of course!

Emme and Spencer are used to sharing everything...
from a bedroom to friends to secrets.

But this time they each got their own cake!

After all...
there were plenty of us there to help them eat it!

I can hardly believe they are eleven years old already.
Time stands still for no one!

May they always be as kind and caring...
fun and funny...
sweet and delightful as they are today.

Micah is three.
He was quite delighted with his own cookie cake...
but not so thrilled with the sparkler, it seems!
Or maybe it was the family-choir version of  the birthday song that was hard on his ears!
Just saying...
it can get a little loud.

As for his gifts...
what's not to like about trucks and tractors and diggers and such?
He went home happy!

We decided to let the girls choose their own gift this year...
 and  gave them each a shopping bag.
One of these days we'll go on a shopping adventure...
and let them fill their bags:)

Cousins Ranen and Micah thought the girls might like a Christmas tree for their room.
And they did!

It's beginning to feel a bit like Christmas!
Maggie got into her comfy Christmas jammies...
and sang a Christmas song for us.
So sweet!

It was a Remembrance Day celebration to remember.

As for the ice-cream cake...
I had planned to post the recipe on the MGCC blog sometime.
But the problem is that I made the two cakes just before we left on vacation...
and never wrote down exactly what I did.
After two weeks away...
I can only vaguely recall.
I don't think that's quite good enough for a recipe blog!

just in case you are interested.



  1. I so enjoy stepping inside your birthday celebrations, and seeing the happy faces of your growing grandchildren. I can't believe the twins are 11 years old already. They are so pretty! I like the pink Christmas tree idea and I am sure they are thrilled. And I can remember when Micah was born. Time does not stop for anyone.

    It is soon lunch time and that birthday cake looks mighty good to me. I am looking forward to seeing how it was made.

  2. Looks like a fantastic time celebrating all those birthdays...we just celebrated our twin granddaughters birthday too...such fun! (those cakes look pretty yummy too:)

  3. What a lovely family you have!! You are such a good grandma - you don't miss a thing! Your grands are adorable and I LOVE every pic of the twins! Guess you know why.

    I like your idea of the shopping bag! How creative. I just may use that some day with some of my grands!

    Hope you have a lovely and blessed Wednesday!!

  4. What a fun time you had together. Your family is lovely, Judy and I know you treasure each one. I learn so much from the things you do - I tuck them away in my mind for when our little girls are older. Thank you for sharing.

  5. The grands are so cute, and so grown just from last years celebration!
    How fun huh? This is cup overflowing right?


  6. Looks like a real good party time! That ice cream cake looks fabulous!!

  7. You know how to do family Birthdays! That ice cream cake looks great and so do your sort of instructions. Thanks!

  8. Happy 11th birthday to Emme and Spencer and happy 3rd birthday to Micah! I've enjoyed watchig them grow up on your blog, Judy! They are all lovely , sweet children, and it looks like they had a wonderful second birthday celebration at your house.

    My children always loved an ice cream birthday cake the best. Your cakes look beautiful!

  9. Looks like a fun time. I know that they are glad to have you home!

  10. Oh boy - Grandma really knows how to party and how to make some happy faces!! You are amazing Judy! I think you will just have to make the ice-cream cake again real soon in order to perfect that recipe....I'm quite sure your family won't mind :).


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson