Thursday, April 30, 2015

april ~ the month in review

Where to start? It seems a lot has happened since April 1st...the morning I heard that Canada was reverting to the imperial system of measurement.  Since I actually still have a foot in that wasn't too upsetting.  And besides...I have learned not to trust anything that I hear on April 1st.

Our local tulips were blooming as the month began...

...and Heidi and the girls joined me for our annual outing.  We all came prepared...for rain or shine! And we had both.

 It's always a pleasure to tiptoe through the tulip fields...and enjoy the 'crowning glory' of spring.

Then there was Easter...with Easter services, Easter dresses, Easter egg hunts, the decorating of the Easter egg tree and the traditional gathering of the clan around the Easter table.  A little sunshine...a little rain...and an Easter egg hunt held indoors this year.

And on Easter Monday (a holiday on the Canadian calendar) we made a trip to Kelowna and back...about a 3-hour drive over two high mountain passes (with a stop at Tim Horton's in Merritt for coffee, of course).  We weren't expecting this...

...but should know by now that it can snow up there anytime of the year!

The snow was short-lived and soon we crossed the floating bridge to of only nine floating bridges in the world.  We had last been there in December...and knew that our brother-in-law Vern was not doing well.  We thought we'd bring lunch along...and enjoy a meal together at their table since Vern was no longer able to go out.  As it turned out, he was admitted to hospital on Easter Sunday...and so we spent a few hours at the hospital instead. We were so glad we it was the last time we would see him.  Last week he passed away...and once again we made the trip to Kelowna to be with family and 'remember Vern'. 

Not that we could ever forget Vern...he was a kind and gentle man, always willing to give and help...a brother-in-law with whom we have shared many wonderful  experiences throughout the years.  He wasn't afraid to die...and is now rejoicing in glory.

Though we have had a lot of rain in April...we had a few beautiful hot days mid-month and managed to harvest all the winter wheat on the farm.  The grass fields are still waiting to be cut.

In other 'farm news'...I had an inside scoop that the 'Dairy Farmers of Canada' had a new ad campaign out his spring.  So off I went to the newsstand to see if I could find the ad.  There it was...full page.

Though the farmer and his daughter are looking away...I could recognize them anywhere. The ad's will be featured in Best Health magazines this year as well as in the July edition of Canadian Living magazine...

...and on billboards in major cities as well as digital ads. 

Also farm related (though that is a bit of a stretch)...I was part of a 'ladies getaway' in Whistler this event sponsored by our feed company.  We went on our annual 'business trip'...and what fun we had.  Rain or shine...warm or or out...we always enjoy this time together with other farm women. 

And so ends April 2015.  The good and the bad...the happy and the sad...the easy and the hard...we had it all in April.

 I'll leave you with a reminder of one of the amazing sunsets we enjoyed here this month. 

And a quote from a poet extra-extraordinaire...
 April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.
...William Shakespeare

Wishing all of you all of you who stop by 'my front porch' on occasion...
a wonderful weekend and a 'merry, merry month of May'!


  1. How lovely to read of all you have been doing, Judy. What pretty Easter dresses you showed us, lovely to be a little girl again!

  2. Oh my! You really have been on a roller coaster. Life is like that. I was going to post today and couldn't. I'm so done with April. Though, as you say, the good, the bad, the ugly was well represented.

    Your corner is so beautiful...that first photo is stunning! The granddaughters look so lovely in their Easter dresses. And the ones you would recognize anywhere look great in those ads! What fun!

    I am very sorry for your loss. Not easy to say so long for now.

  3. You have such a lovely way of wrapping up an entire month with words and photos! It is a gift and one I look forward to each and every month!!

  4. Your month was indeed full of life's joys and sorrow. Those girls in their navy and white dresses are adorable. How fun to see your family on the milk ad. I'll be looking for it!

    I'm sorry for the loss of your brother-in-law. He sounds like a lovely man.

  5. Such a variety of life in the month of April. I sort of think it's the norm for every month anymore. Beautiful photos and tributes!

  6. Judy, as each month draws to an end I look forward to your month-in-review post. I always anticipate beautiful photos, family updates, and a quick peek into your life. Thanks for taking the time to share!

  7. You have had a busy sorry to hear of Vern's passing. It is wonderful to know you will see him again one day!! Cherish the memories. We enjoyed our time away on Vancouver Island and it was so beautiful! The green colors, the early spring flowers, and ocean views were a wonderful change of pace. You have a beautiful area as well! Have a wonderful month of May!!

  8. I see your month has been filled up with sad and happy times . . . such as life is! Your tulip pictures are beautiful! I will be looking out for that special ad too! What an honor!

  9. Those tulip fields are so beautiful. You've had quite a month and I'm very sorry to hear about your brother-in-law's passing. I'm guessing that is your son and granddaughter in the Milk ad. I'll have to watch for it. Wishing you May blessings.

    1. Yes, it is my son and granddaughter in the milk ad.

  10. Judy, there was beauty all around you this April. I think next year I'll have to visit the Canadian tulip fields since they look amazing in your photos.

    I think I am most excited about the Milk Ad. It is a beautiful photo... one worthy of framing.

  11. Yes, you did have it all in April. What a month! The Milk Ad is pretty exciting - can't wait to buy the Canadian Living when I'm in Edmonton and casually show my DIL.
    I'm sorry to hear about your loss of your brother-in-law. What a sweet smile he had.

  12. April surely was a full month for you - you've captured it beautifully!! The milk ad is fabulous - Wow! Such beauty in your part of this country. So sorry to hear of your loss Judy - he must have been a beloved brother-in-law and it was so nice that you were there.

  13. Hi Judy Looking into traveling to Victoria in July...??? Any idea where to stay, what is a must to see,...and are you any where near?

  14. I am so happy that I stopped by your front porch today! I just wish I could sit on it with you and have coffee this morning:) Another lovely post! The pictures are beautiful! The one of you and your granddaughter in the tulips, is an award winning picture! So sorry that you had to say "good bye" for now, to your dear brother-in-law. You paid him a special compliment though.

    As for the milk ad...well, I find it so interesting to see that really good picture and that too, is an award winning photo! I do hope that I am privileged to see that here in America.

    Your last sentence in this post, says it all. Life includes all those aspects, doesn't it? You shared it
    well, once again. So thankful that I stopped by.

    Wishing you a joy filled month of May!

  15. What a beautiful and heartfelt post. Oh my heavens, tip toeing through the tulips, can't even imagine how excited that would be. Your photographs are amazing, I'm so thankful I dropped in to see you! Your Front Porch is awesome...


  16. Those 3 adorable young girls in navy and white are really growing up...and spending time at grandma and grandpa's will always be good memories. Love the photographs for the milk ads....very nice. I'll be watching for them. Enjoyed stopping by your Front's always a beautiful and welcoming place.

  17. My condolences on the loss of your brother-in-law, Judy.

    Hi Judy!

    Your grandgirls looks so pretty all dressed up for Easter and your annual tulip farm adventure is always one of my favorites to see on your blog!

    I know how changeable mountain weather can be, for although I lve in a valley it is at 6,200 feet, elevation, so we have weather that is changeable very much like mountain weather. We expect snow on Sunday--hopefully not too much and the weather will warm up again quckly and melt it fast!

    I like the ad with your son and granddaughter! Very natural pose.

  18. The month seems to have provided just enough opportunities for you to sneak some time away and post about your adventures. It's always difficult when someone looses a loved one and yet how special that you made that trip earlier. The evidence of spring being around the corner is captured well as you see your little princesses in the garden looking for treats.


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