Wednesday, April 1, 2015

march memories...

After one of the warmest winters ever recorded here in the Fraser Valley...
spring came early.
A full month early!

The grass fields are not normally this green and tall on March 1st!

Nor are the cherry trees in full bloom so early!

We worked on the yard...
and did some gardening with the help of the trusty JD.

After 10 years it is time to do some 'selective culling'.

The bees came calling as well...
drawn by the fragrance of the white heather.

On a lovely Sunday afternoon we hiked up Mt. Thom...
with its views of  Cultus Lake to the back...

...and the city of Chilliwack on the way up.

We usually visit the tulip fields sometime in April...

...but this year it was March.

It was a fun outing...
and though the weatherman promised us rain...
it held off until we were done traipsing the fields.

It looks like she came prepared for rain...
though the rubber boots were missing.
Pretty as a picture!

We had a hard time co-ordinating the 'spring break' wiener roast to suit all the grands this year...
but we tried!
First we hiked up to Bridal Falls...
and by then it was drizzling.
Most of us took cover to eat our roasted hotdogs.
Emme took her cover out to the fire and stayed there.
She loves fires!

I've been having fun trying out the 'panorama' feature on my iPhone.

I'll leave you with a shot of our 'home on the range'...
from mid-March 2015.
Wishing you all a blessed Easter!


  1. Hope that this "extra" month provides great blessings in production. Laughed to see how the culling process if a tulip had been plucked and not a tree. Nice to get a glimpse of family times and your beautiful home home on the range. Happy spring! A blessed Easter!

  2. Spring did come early for you! The rows and rows of tulips are so pretty....I just bought some pretty light pink tulips yesterday ! You have a beautiful home and gorgeous views. Wishing you a wonderful Easter!

  3. Beautiful photos of your very early spring. What a nice sight to see! I love the photo of the windmill and tulips. Wishing you and your family a very blessed Easter.

  4. Judy, you live in what must be the most beautiful spot on earth! Thank you for sharing the beauty of March with us!

  5. Judy, you have the most perfect spot in the whole valley! I'm sure of it. I love that last panoramic view with nothing taking away from the beauty of the valley God made. I love to see your take on the month that was and I always feel you and yours are part of what makes it so beautiful.

  6. I absolutely LOVE your home on the range!!! God's Country, for sure!!!

  7. For some reason I'm really in the mood for a hotdog roasted over a fire! Love your March re-cap!

  8. I'm with Ellen....I feel a hotdog roast coming on! Beautiful photos...and glad I could march about in our rubber boots together a little in March.

  9. That was a great shot of your house, Judy. It's the one I see as I make the trek out to Agassiz. I always call 'hi' and say a little prayer for you two as I whiz by!

  10. Your "home on the range" is stunning Judy! A great summary of your March and early Spring. Bridal Falls is beautiful. Wishing you and yours a blessed Easter Weekend .... Hugs!

  11. Cherry blossom, bees, certainly are well ahead with Spring. How lovely your house looks.

  12. It looks beautiful over there, rain or shine! Love that panorama shot!
    Blessed Easter to your family!

  13. Happy Easter Judy! I so enjoyed looking at your photos of the tulips. You must have enjoyed that early spring. You have such nice traditions with your grandchildren. They are a lucky bunch of children.

  14. You've entertained us in many ways through your travels, but coming home again brings back the beauty of your very own back yard. It's beautiful and how nice to enjoy the beauty of spring.

  15. I love seeing those tulip fields every year, Judy! They are always so picturesque, and this year is no exception. It was nice to see the group photo of friends. Your Spring was very early! We've also had many lovely warm days but in true high altitude Colorado they have been inter-spaced with snow days. We can have frost until late May.

    The panoramic view of your home is perfection, worthy of framing! Enjoy the month of April!

  16. Well, this post, as well as all of your posts with pictures of your home land, sure provides a huge dose of temptation to visit your exceptionally beautiful part of the world. Really, I appreciate so much, that you have your camera or phone with you, wherever you go. Great pictures!!! My favorite...the last one, "home on the range". So thankful I stopped by today.

  17. Love looking at all those Springtime pictures - it's all ahead of us yet.But I noticed some tulip shoots popping out in a warm spot near the house today! It will come but it sure is slow this year. your campfire and hot dog roast looks like fun even in the rain!


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson