Friday, October 30, 2015

October remembered...

I too am glad I live in a world where there are Octobers! 

It was a lovely month in my part of the world.

My view through the kitchen window began with the red oak cloaked in leaves.
As the month comes to an end...
the leaves have all but disappeared.

Mushrooms and maple leaves...

...and fall clematis were all signs of the season.

I've been watching this pair of mourning doves from my kitchen window this past month.
On occasion they have friends join them in the red oak tree...
sometimes a dozen or so.
I rather like them...
so hope they aren't planning on going south anytime soon.

The farmers who thought they were done cropping for the year...
quickly cut the grass one more time.

Though Thanksgiving came and went in Canada...
the thankfulness continues!
We had a lovely time with family gathered around the table

Just down the road from us...
the cranberry harvest has been in full swing these past few weeks.

I've stopped to watch on several occasions.
Last week Lucy and I went for a walk.
She requested to ride in the stroller...
like she did in days gone by when visiting Grammy.
We stopped on the freeway overpass...
where we had a good view of the cranberry fields.
Then we waved at the trucks passing below us...
and a few friendly drivers honked their horns.
Lucy always gets a kick out of that!

We carried on down the road...
stopping to check out the curious cows on the other side of the fence.

We also had a discussion about which side of the road to walk on.
Suddenly Lucy asked if we were on the right side of the road...
because a police car was coming.  
I assured her we were.

The police cruiser stopped in front of us...
and the officer got out.
It seems someone had reported people on the overpass...
and he had come to check it out.
Had we been on the overpass?
Well, yes we had.
But we were only on the pedestrian sidewalk...
and Lucy never left the stroller.
Was there a problem?

He assured us that we had done nothing wrong...
but he needed to file a report.
He now has all our personal information...
and Lucy is 'known to the police'!
Who knew a leisurely country walk could get us into trouble?

Last Saturday we took part in the first ever Rosedale Harvest Brigade...
a community event which included a parade...with lots of representation from the agricultural community and fun for the whole family.

This brought back memories of yesteryear...
when our neighbour John Spencer would organize a parade in Rosedale
every Canada Day.

Our thanks to Chris Kloot (City of Chilliwack Councillor) and his team for resurrecting the parade...
and organizing this most successful event.

The plan was for us to have our old Monarch in the parade...
along with all the other vintage cars and farming entries.

I have proof that we were there!

It seems the Monarch did not like idling along that slowly...
and stalled half-way along the route.

We may not have crossed the finish line...
but drove the car back home again after a little pull-start. :)

I already know...
always wear comfortable walking shoes when riding in the car that has been around for nearly seven decades.

The days are getting shorter.
The nights are getting longer.
And we are spending more time indoors...
where it is always cozy and warm!

Don't forget to turn your clocks back on Sunday.

Thanks for stopping by...


  1. Hello Judy, just found your blog on Pam's blog...your photos looked familiar..great blog and wonderful pictures. I live in West Kelowna and driving thru to Vancouver often I see similar scenes. It has just been a fabulous October here in the Okanagan as well.
    Looking forward to coming back and checking in to see more of your lovely blog.

  2. October is beautiful at your house! That cranberry harvest looks so interesting.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Wonderful photos ! Looks like all had a great time at the parade . Love the vintage car . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend . !

  4. Well you had an interesting walk with your granddaughter!! I have never seen cranberrries harvested, but I would have been stopped on the over pass with ya!! Days are getting shorter, which I don't really like....enjoy being warm and cozy in your beautiful home. Nice shot of you in the car as well!! Take care.

  5. I enjoyed your walk with Lucy - what an interesting day! Those cranberry harvest pictures are fabulous as is the last cut of hay picture - Wow! You need to frame that vintage car picture and I giggled at your good advice about the need to wear comfortable walking shoes when taking an old car for a drive. Ours isn't quite that old, but still ... one never knows! Love the view from your kitchen window!

  6. What a lovely October!! The mushrooms and maple leaves were my favorite photo followed by the last one of your lovely home!!! I am a sucker for loving lighted windows!! From a child I have always imagined the scenes within.....of family and cozy scenes......and I am certain that's what lies beyond yours!!! Now onward to November!!!

  7. Beautiful, thanks for sharing. One day I hope to see a cranberry harvest

  8. You've had a beautiful month there Judy. The parade sounds like a lot of fun and I love your old Monarch. It's good to 'be prepared' to walk I guess. I love the last photo of your house at dusk. It looks so cozy all lit up. Enjoy the weekend.

  9. On Sunday? We have already turned the living room clock back as the fan needed cleaning and the windows needed washing so since we were "up there anyway" it seemed the prudent thing to do.

    Your October sounded leisurely and pleasant. Sometimes your months sound like races or marathons. This one was about my speed. How odd about the police needing to take a report. Good heavens!

    Now you can devote yourself to Christmas things with Thanksgiving already accomplished. How I wish we had Thanksgiving in October. Course there are memories associated with November Thanksgivings that would not translate to October as well.

    Have a wonderful November!

  10. Your photos are great Judy! I love the one of your field...the sky is amazing. Funny about the overpass walk and the walking shoes. You put on the miles....and I'm sure your dad enjoyed knowing the car was part of the parade. She's a beauty! Enjoyed the colours of fall and the night glow through your window panes.

  11. The moral of the story is that if you want the police to come.. have someone else call and make a report. If our fence gets plowed down again, I'll just get you to call since they know you now. =)
    Beautiful photos Judy. I always love the valley through your lens.

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  13. So beautiful, Judy ... love your thanksgiving table ... and the gorgeous leaves and brilliant cranberries... sorry you couldn't cross the finish line but you WERE in the parade, so that's what counts! and I can't imagine what law the police thought you were violating -- but it DOES make for a fun story .. not many of us have grandchildren the age of Lucy who are 'known to the police' ... fun story to tell at her wedding!

  14. October passed by so quickly, didn't it? I just put up my own retrospective about the month. I never knew cranberries were farmed near where you lived--what a pretty sight. I'm sorry you were required to fill in a police report because of your walk across the overpass. That seems unusual unless they have had problems in the past with people throwing things over the fence at traffic? Poor Lucy must have been scared.The parade looked like fun, but I guess you will not drive you dad's car in it next year? You house looks lovely all lit up at night--warm and cozy and ready to enjoy November!

  15. Such a beautiful post, Judy.
    I'll miss you this week while I'm in your neck of the woods - have fun!

  16. What a beautiful month of experiences! I too am glad we live in a world where there are Octobers. The colors, the harvest, the fall parade and the walk in the countryside all show up the beauty of the season. I still don't know how cranberries grow - do they grow on bushes? And so nice how the police look out for you!

  17. Thank you, thank you for that beautiful wrap up of October! Hard to look at those photos and not wish I was a neighbor.....
    Love that you and Elmer got the car out and about! Beautiful car, I can see why it is treasured so.
    Hope you are enjoying life today!!


  18. I enjoyed reading your last 3 posts Judy. You do live in such a beautiful area. The photos you've chosen are amazing.

  19. You keep your viral friends smiling...we always know that you are up to something whether it's being stopped by a friendly officer or whether you are stopped in the middle of Rosedale in your reliable vintage car. I loved the photo of the hay field. Yes, it's still beautiful outside. Took a few more photos today. Next time I see you, we'll be wearing winter boots hiking up the stairs.

  20. I feel most blessed that I am back here. Back to this lovely, informative, interesting, and inspiring blog. I spent many moments reading through December, through November, and yes, finished here with October. I enjoyed every minute of my relaxed time here! You have such a special way of writing, in that you make events come alive, and you share beauty that is indescribable! Thank you so much for the privilege you gave to me, this early Saturday morning. My cup of coffee tasted better with it all:).

    Happy Saturday!


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