Thursday, October 1, 2015 it happened

September...the end of summer and the beginning of another school year.

The dandelions seemed a little confused as to the season!

After a long, hot and dry summer...September began with some much needed rain.  The rainbow was a nice touch...captured with my iPhone from the balcony of my dad's eighth floor deck.

My sister Bev came from Texas earlier in the month.  We spent some sister time at Harrison Hotsprings...and enjoyed brunch there with a lovely view lake.  We lingered around the table long enough...that we could justify ice-cream cones on the beach for dessert!

Our next stop was Cheam Lake Wetlands Park...

... peaceful and beautiful in every season.

We celebrated my dad's 93rd birthday while Bev was here...and gathered the family for a BBQ.  His favorite birthday gift was the Blue Jay's cap...of course.  He has been a fan for years...before they were a sensation! As you can tell...Dad still likes telling stories.  He had a hard time interrupting his story to pose for photos.

We celebrated a few other birthdays this month as well.  Elmer slipped quietly into his next year of senior-ity! LOL

Our dancing, twirling, laughing Maggie turned seven...and celebrated with friends and family.  Where do the years go?

And then there was the party for my sister Dot and brother-in-law Terry...both celebrating their BIG  Six-Oh!  It was a fun time of reminiscing...good food...good fun with 'good' friends and family!

Before the grands all started school this fall, I took the four oldest girls shopping for some new back-to-school clothes.  There was no room in the car for Lucy (who started pre-school this year) I promised her an outing all of her own once the others were in school.

She picked out a Hello Kitty outfit and then chose to go to Wendy's for an early lunch.  From there I drove her to her pre-school.  Who knew I needed a four-year-old navigator to help me find my way?  I couldn't quite remember which street her school was on, and turned one block too soon.  She was all quiet in the back seat of the car, minding her own business until I made that turn. Then she immediately piped up that I was going the wrong way and needed to turn around!  Who needs a GPS if you have a Lucy?  I had a good laugh at that!

Last Sunday was another beautiful fall day...and we returned to Cheam Wetlands park for a hike with Ranen and Micah.  Though they were a little disappointed that we never came across any snakes or frogs...they had fun on the leaf covered trails.

Fog.  September.  Synonymous!

Most every morning began with a layer of fog in the valley.

And most every evening ended with a beautiful sunset.

The last crop of grass  for this season is being harvested this week.  Farewell summer!

Autumn is upon us.  Enjoy!


  1. Beautiful photos Judy! You really had a lot of great celebrations in the month of September. Love those flying curls!

  2. Another month beautifully documented. Yes.. love those curls and the fall table bouquet!

  3. What a lot of great things you have been up to! Beautiful photos, especially that amazing rainbow! xx

  4. This is another one of those gorgeous posts that make us want to hop on the nearest plane and visit your part of the country. The sunsets, the fog, and the green grass sure do offer you much beauty. I think the "Blue Jays" would feel most honored that your dad proudly wore one of their hats. How very special...93 years old! Happy Birthday to him, and to your husband! Thanks so much for sharing this lovely post!

  5. Your dad looks wonderful! He never changes. So glad that you had some sister time and some grand time and some times of celebration and, as always, much beauty there in God's country.

  6. Fabulous photos, Judy. Your Dad looks great, I love the pictures of your grandgirls. It was a good month for pictures!

  7. Oh, Judy!!! How I love your posts and the beautiful place you get to call home! I am sure your Texas Sister enjoyed all that Canadian beauty!!
    You have such a lovely family and I count it a blessing to be able to visit you all through your blog!

  8. Judy, your September was just beautiful through your lens. My favourite pictures were Maggie twirling and you and Lucy doing a selfie!

  9. Catching up with posts now that most of my gardens are all cleaned up lol ! Wonderful photos , It has been up and down weather wise here so far but am enjoying the cooler temps and colours ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good Thanksgiving .

  10. Beautiful photos Judy! How nice that you had some time with your sister, especially in celebrating your sweet Dad's birthday. He is adorable!!
    Love the table runner too :-)

    Hugs, hello to Elmer!

  11. Wow, with our families expanding, we sure have many more created vents in our lives don't we? I was just looking at the the family get togethers, sister reunion, Fathers birthday, grandchildren birthday parties, siblings birthdays...never a dull moment when you seize the wonderful opportunities.

  12. Wow - so many celebrations in September. Your grandchildren are adorable and oh, that sweet little Lucy! I never tire seeing the beautiful landscape pictures you take from your part of this great country! Happy birthday to Elmer on this milestone year. All the best to you and yours this Thanksgiving.

  13. Maggie and Lucy: love seeing those two blog born babies again. Your world is lovely with family dear and views to gather. Here's to our fathers who are still taking on life and stories as they make being in their 90s a force to behold.

  14. I Hope you and your family had a very Happy Thanksgiving and that there will be many new blessings to be thankful for in the year ahead!

    I love your September photos! All the wonderful birthdays you celebrated and the fun of shopping for back to school clothes. We have seem some early morning fog here, too, but not much rain since Autumn began in middle September. I;m sure our first snow will arrive by the end of the month. Autumn passes quickly here...

  15. Stunning photos Judy! I love the mountains and the fog in the valley and the light shining through the dandelions - and of course your sweet grandchildren.the dancing shot of Maggie is perfect!

    Happy birthdays to all your kin and Elmer especially. Oh yes and sympathy to your dad on the Blue Jays recent loss.i don't follow sports but I heard all about that!

    Happy weekend!


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson