Wednesday, December 23, 2015

...the month before Christmas

On this 'Christmas Eve'...
let me just give you a wee glimpse into December...
'as it happened' in my corner of the world.

We enjoyed some crisp and clear days...
with views I wouldn't trade.

The sun set far too early for my liking...
and the days seemed too short to fit it all in.
But to have sunshine and clear skies in our valley in December is always a joy!

Every December for the past dozen or so years 
we have taken the pre-school grands on a Christmas outing to 'Dickens Village'.
This year we took our one and only pre-schooler on a solo outing.
Lucy had a fine time watching the train at Little Mountain Garden Centre...
and riding the horse at Dicken's. 
We had lunch out...
and savoured the moments of our last 'pre-school Christmas outing'!

I have so enjoyed watching the doves from the kitchen window all month. 
It seems the majority of the photos that I took this past month were of doves...
so I thought I would share a few with you.
Apparently they are not mourning doves (as I thought)...
but rather a collared turtledove that is new to the area.

The trumpeter swans are not new!
I took this photo while I was out walking one day...
and texted it to my hubby.
I knew he would not be thrilled to see they had taken up residence in one of our fields...
since they do a lot of damage.

December was also the month of concerts and school programs.

Lucy played Mary in her pre-school play...
and a sweet Mary she was!
She took her part very seriously and even sang a solo.

We took in two school concerts in one day...
Ranen played violin...
Micah played bells...
Ryder sang with his class.
They all did a great job!

One cold and rainy night...we took Maggie and Lucy to see the CP Christmas Train in Agassiz.
Though it is quite a sight to see the decked-out train pulling into the station...
by the time it arrived we were a little too wet to muster up much enthusiasm.
The kiddos enjoyed it!

December was filled with parties and dinners and family get-together's.

Our dining room table has been set and re-set several times this month.
The kids and grands will be joining us here soon.
It is always a fun and special time of year!

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas...
full of comfort and joy!


  1. Lovely photos , Sadly this year for the first time we are having a mild green Christmas no sow at all has fallen . Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

  2. What a fabulous photo of you, Elmer and your grands. My gosh, they all seem to have sprouted up! Wonderful memories you are all making together. Sounds like a fun month for you all.
    Merry Christmas, Judy.

  3. A most beautiful December filled with great events for all of you. Love your table!

  4. Wht a delightful family photo, perfect for a Christmas card.
    Merry Christmas!

  5. Merry Christmas, Judy. Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos and the happenings of December. Looking forward to seeing you next year!

  6. I enjoyed seeing your December and am glad that it featured grands, doves, trains, meals, and even trumpeter swans. Have you ever read E.B. White's "The Trumpet of the Swan?" It's not quite as famous as his "Charlotte's Web," but I liked it very much. Merry Christmas!

  7. One concert, date or gathering at a time, this month has gone by so quick! I love how you take time to do special outings. Your photo with the grands is the best!
    By now you've had your family around that beautiful table and I know they've been blessed by being there. Wishing you continued blessings as we end this month and go into the new year.

  8. Merry Christmas, Judy, and Happy Boxing Day. Your December featured lots of interesting and fun things. The month does seem to go by in a flash, doesn't it? Love the photo of you with all your beautiful grands.

  9. I'm late in visiting but hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family. I enjoyed your photos of December....such a busy family! I wish you and yours a very blessed new year!

  10. Beautiful photos of the days leading up to Christmas. You always capture the true essence of the beauty around you.

  11. Aww Judy - what a wonderful post. Lucy is getting so big and I love her shoes!!! The picture of you and the grands is so precious! Happy New Year to you.

  12. This was one more post that shows how you love nature and of course the grands. There is always one more special place to take them too and you always have a bag of surprises for them along the way. The best to you in the New Year.

  13. All the best to you and your family for the new year Judy. Your blog is one of my favourites because it is filled with family adventures, travel adventures , and the scenery of beautiful BC. Happy New Year!

  14. After dealing with many types of blogs and sites thru my writing, I wanting to pass along a short note. I find your blog refreshing with pictures and real family items. By stopping by it provides a fresh look at what's around us here in BC. Best wishes.

    Paul Crowe C.D.
    Published Freelance Writer


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