Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Chapter One. January ~ 2017

And just like that...the first chapter of 2017 has been written.  It was a cold one in our part of the world...with much more snow than we are accustomed to.  I just noticed that most of the photos I took this month were snow pic' be prepared!

Though I am a little weary of snow already...I never tire of the view of the snow-capped peaks to the east of our place.

The cranberry bog has been a frozen pond since December.

We had a lot of  'shifting snow'...

...we are still dealing with the last of the drifts around our yard...though the fields are now bare. The weatherman says we will have more on the weekend.

The drainage ditches never looked as good as they did this winter!

Unfortunately...the winds that moved the snow also took down one of our trees.  Over the years, we planted a tree for each of our grandchildren.  The twin cedars were our 'Emme and Spencer trees'...and now one of them is no longer standing.  It just so happened that the girls were staying at our place the night the tree went down.  We have a plan though.  We will remove the second cedar as well, and let the girls each choose their own tree this time.

While their parents were on vacation...Emme, Spencer and Ryder stayed with us.  Ryder would sit at the bar, having his breakfast and watching sports in the morning.  It totally reminded me of his father not so very many years ago....a tousle-haired smiling boy cozying with a blanket in the morning before getting dressed for the day.  They were a delight to have!  We played games, cooked some of their favorite foods, and had a lot of laughs. They were not a speck of trouble...

...unlike their pup who was 'holding down the fort' on the farm.  He didn't like being left behind...and decided to break through his fence.  He visited neighbours...caused trouble in the barns...and (when all else failed) was incarcerated in his kennel for the last few days. Sigh.

My milestone birthday was well-celebrated...several times over.  Bill (brother), Jeanne, Matthew and Kiley from well as Kathy & Jim from Manitoba came for a visit earlier this month.  We all went out for dinner one night and then to dad's for coffee.  'Coffee' turned out to be a bit of a birthday surprise...with ice-cream cake, balloons and birthday wishes galore.  How special to have my 94-year-old dad prepare everything...from setting up an extra table to finding seating in his kitchen for 15 people! Thanks dad.  That is a birthday celebration I won't ever forget.  I have had my cake and eaten it too...with friends and family!  I am still enjoying the beautiful flowers. 

Do not regret growing older.
It is a privilege denied to many. 

So true!  And I have much to be thankful for.

Last week we visited Harrison Hotsprings...

...beautiful in any season!

It was the first time I recall seeing the lagoon frozen over.

I would like to end my post here.  With all the happy/lovely or just everyday things that happened in January.  But...there was something else that touched us deeply.  Good friends of ours lost their son-in-law in a tragic accident last week.  Their daughter is a young mom who lost the love of her life.  Their grandson no longer has a father. It was such a reminder to me that life can change in an instant. I need to treasure today.  Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow may never come.  But we have this moment today.

And here are just a few of the moments I treasured today.  Sunshine.  My kitchen view. A good friend who came for coffee.  A walk around Cheam Wetlands Park...where the pond is still frozen but so lovely.

Thanks for stopping by 'my front porch'.  Have  a wonderful February!


  1. A good recap of January with such a mix of life events that take us to the heights and depths of emotion.

  2. Life is always uncertain, isn't it? And we can take comfort in knowing that God knows our sorrows, but oh, the ache of a young husband and father dying. I pray for comfort.
    Thank you for mentioning in a comment about meeting my parents at Harrison. Mom also mentioned visiting for a short while with you.
    Isn't it cold again? And we might get some snow next week, too. I keep hoping for a snow day from school...

  3. My daughter went to Harrison Springs last year and loved it, a real change from Vancouver.
    You are right, life can change in an instant. We need to be grateful to wake up each morning.

  4. Judy, your recap was beautiful. I love your snow pictures and I love your threesome that aren't a speck of trouble. It was a January that we will never forget and I believe it is now part of our story too.

  5. I love your snow pictures and how you were celebrated numberous times... especially the surprise your dad prepared for you! It is a month in which we saw joy and deep sadness, realizing how quickly life can change for any one of us. We continue to pray even as we realize life is a gift.

  6. Your photos were lovely as always. What a great celebration prepared for you by your dad! I know how precious the time with your grandkids is. My heart goes out to the family who lost their husband/father. I am praying for them.

  7. Your home looks beautiful nestled into the snowdrifts. January was sooo long for me. I hope that February will be better. How fun that the grands came for a stretch. That helps pass the time. Your dad is doing wonderfully! I recently met a 106 year-old man who looks and acts much younger than my dad at nearly 87. He walks upright without the use of a cane or walker and he still drives! Some people got it going on. 🙂 Life, it is fragile...I know that you are all feeling the sorrow of such a loss. Many prayers for comfort and strength. Roses will bloom again...

  8. Lovely photos . WOW ! lots of snow . We have only had dustings but more rain then snow accumulation so far . Sounds like a busy January for you and Happy belated Birthday . Wonderful for your dad to be able to do all that for you at the young age of 94 . I am so sorry for loss of your friends family member so sad . Thanks for sharing , Have a good February

  9. You are having a good old fashioned Ontario style winter over there! Your pictures are beautiful. I like your positive spin on the twin trees ... maybe keep a wood "ring" from each of the removed trees for each of them too? Your dad must be such an amazing fellow to manage this special birthday celebration - glad you got your cake and ate it too. Your home looks so beautiful, inside and out. Enjoyed hearing about your grands and their dog. Can't stop thinking of the deep sorrow you all must be feeling - such a tragedy! Treasure today indeed.

  10. Judy it looks like you have had much more snow that we have had on the Front Range of Colorado. Right now there is not a speck on the ground. The high mountains over 9,000 feet have had quite a bit however, and even some ski resorts had to close due to 6 feet snowfall and avalanche danger.

    I think your idea to let the girls pick out new trees of their choice is a wonderful solution! I'll be curious to see what they chose.

    So sorry to hear about the loss of your friend's son-in-law. Prayers for the families and especially his young widow and child. It is so true that life can change in an instant. I've seen so much acrimony lately among family and friends over our recent election and that has made me sad. It is better to act positively under such circumstances and bring love and kindness to the world. It is so needed --always!

  11. I always enjoy your monthly posts Judy, and am late in reading this one so by now you've had another 'few' centimetres of snow added to the landscape. (insert wry grin here). I'm glad your birthday was well celebrated with family and friends and that your dear father is able to look after his 'girl' on her special day. He is one amazing 94 year old! I'm sorry for the loss of your friend's son. Life is fleeting and we need to enjoy every precious moment we have no matter how old we are. Happy February to you! I hope your snow melts soon.

  12. Sad that you lost those trees. Your place is always so pretty...and we'll be waiting to see what you plant next. I like the view out your kitchen window.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson