Thursday, February 9, 2017

Snow and Ice ~ February Special Edition

Just for my own memory bank...I am doing a mid-month post.  It's all about snow...and more snow. And then some. Oh yes...and a lot of ice on top of that!  Let's start with the last snow storm of this winter that began last Friday.

90 centimeters of snow is a lot.  And then it all got whipped up by the wind...

...and soon we were shoveling out from under!

Our road is considered a secondary priority road and so the graders...

...and snow plows did a great job of keeping the road open.  Elmer brought the tractor and loader to clear the driveway several times a well as most of the neighbour's driveways.

Keeping a pathway to the front door was another challenge!

I shoveled it several times a day...

...but it always looked like this in a few hours!

Yup...I had my work cut out for me.

Marg came calling...and wondered why she had to crawl through a tunnel to get to the front door!

The back was even worse.  Somewhere under all that snow...we will find the pathway to the back patio come spring!

Marg thought the snow cave on the back patio was the perfect place to get out of the wind.

That has been my office window view this past week...mostly obscured by snow drifts.

The kitchen window view was quite lovely when the sun came out...

...or as it set. Listening to the wind howling was not so pleasant though!

District schools have been closed most of the week...and buses were not running. After six snow days...we heard things were going to be warming up today.

I woke up this morning to this...frosted glass on my bedroom window!

The kitchen window was the same.  Coated with ice!

The pick-up should not have been left outside for night.  It wouldn't be going anywhere in a hurry.

Everything was covered in ice.

It was rather pretty once the sun came out.

The rail fence never looked so good!

But it was a little hard to see the beauty as I looked at the mess of trees lying on the driveway. 

Three of the ten are broken beyond repair.  We listened to the sound breaking branches and crashing ice this morning...and then the  power went out. 

The ice cottage :)

And somewhere under that frozen snow bank...was the path I had shoveled clean yesterday afternoon.

I went looking for it one more time!  I am done.  No more snow. Bring on the spring! 


  1. Your weather is unbelievable! That is serious snow, and must be hard to live with. The ice on the branches almost looks like jewels, pretty but formidable. You must be looking forward to Spring!

  2. It is beautiful! I hope your power is not out for long. I'm going to look up how much 90 centimeters is - but the picture of Marg in the snow helped me to realize it is indeed a lot! Thanks for sharing these incredible photos.

  3. Just beautiful!! Thanks so much for always sharing the beauty of your world with us!

  4. That is some serious snow but very beautiful! So sorry for the loss of your trees. I hate it when that happens.

  5. I hate this for you. Having lived through the Ice Storm of '98, I get some of what you're going through. That storm lasted for days and the trees would literally shriek at night. It was as if I was listening to a massacre and there was nothing to do but pray. Many people were without power for weeks. Enough! Praying for the weather to moderate.

  6. Oh my oh my...that ice is amazing. I'm glad you are documenting the winter of 2017 for future reference! Well no need to go to the gym after all those shoveling workouts!

  7. We watched the news and saw the lower mainland had been hammered yet again. Vancouver was cut off from the rest of the province as the highways were shut down. Enough already!

  8. What a wild stormy week you've had. Ours wasn't nearly so intense. My mom's been sending photos of their neighbourhood, too. I'm sure you'll all be relieved when the snow and ice melt away.

  9. These photos look like scenes from Frozen. My favorite photo is the ice cottage. Can't believe all those icicles! I'd be so sad about the trees!

  10. Judy is this a hotel, and you live there too?

    1. Hotel? Smiling here. This is our farmhouse out in the country.

  11. It is huuge (or yuuuge for the USians). Now I see the significance of "My Front Porch." Amazing views. I don't think I've seen such stunning vistas even from say, Jasper Park Lodge. Of course a blanket of white snow certainly does have unrivalled beauty in my eyes.

    You can do this again anytime. xxx :) :)


  12. Wow! You sure did get a lot of snow and also the freezing rain. Your photos really are beautiful. I didn't realize the schools were closed for 6 days. I hear you're having some rain now which will make a mess of things too. Take care. Pam

  13. This really was worth documenting. It was so pretty but sure caused a lot of change for a few days. The freeze always makes for glittery photos. Glad the snow did not keep Marg away.

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  15. So much for my understanding that your area "really doesn't get much snow". Hoping it will be one for the memory books; not one to be re-enacted nor topped!

  16. We followed that storm with horror - thought of you and that open field and imagined just the sort of drifting that you've shown. I was very glad not to be in your neck of the woods in February! I'll be there in March - perhaps there will be time for a walk and a good catch-up.

  17. That is some serious snow and ice!!! Wow. Very worth documenting this crazy weather. The downed trees make me so sad. Your rail fence and arbor must be really sturdy to have withstood that ice. Hope by now it has all melted and everyone's power has been restored. Your pictures are stunning!

  18. That is AMAZING!! such beautiful photos!

  19. I missed seeing this post, Judy! What an ordeal of ice and snow, but it all looked beautiful, except for the broken trees.
    Our part of Colorado has not had enough snow this year--we are extremely dry and fire danger is very high right now. There was a small fire in one of the hills this past weekend but thankfully the winds were not high and it was put ourt easily.

    So weather of all sorts can be a hazard--too much, too little. Let's pray for the right amounts for us all!


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