Tuesday, October 31, 2017

October Snapshots

I am glad I live in a world where there are Octobers. ~ Anne with an 'e'

Let me share a few end-of-October postcards taken in my neighbourhood these past few days.

From the blueberry fields to the path along the river...

...it seems the whole world was aglow this October!

We have had record breaking warm temperatures this past week, and most of the snow has disappeared from the peak of Mt. Cheam.

The late grapes are ripe for the picking.
The birds are eyeing them too!

The last crop of grass came off the fields mid-month...but the grass kept right on growing.

Out with the petunias and in with the winter pansies.

One Sunday afternoon drive found us in Columbia Valley...
right along the Canada/US border.

There were no border  guards and no passports required...
though I suspect there were cameras on duty.

We stayed north of 'the wall'. 

Columbia Valley is a laid-back little community that dead-ends against the border. 
It's the kind of place where bikes are parked on the road and left unattended.

Memories of Thanksgiving...
which seems so long ago already.
There is much to be thankful for.
Every day.

Heidi traveled to Nepal on a Himalayan Life missions trip...
which left Maggie and Lucy without a 'hands-on-mommy' for a few weeks. 

Thankfully, Pauline was there for them.
And I took them to track events and music lessons.

Lucy started violin lessons this fall and is doing amazingly well!

Maggie is a long distance runner.
She runs effortlessly...
and always places near the front in district meets.

We had the privilege of seeing Roy & Rosemary in concert with Chilliwack Symphony orchestra a few weeks ago. So good!

A quick trip over the mountain passes and the long bridge...
had us in Kelowna to celebrate my sister-in-law Martha's birthday.
We surprised her big-time!

Kelowna in October is lovely! 
Snow on the Coquihalla pass...not so much.

Last week we were in Whistler for two days.
It was sunny and warm...
the leaves were beautiful!
Had we been there a week earlier, we would have been dealing with over a foot of snow.

We had nachos on a patio in the village and watched crews putting up Christmas lights.
Good thinking...
to put up lights while the weather is pleasant.

Every leaf is a flower!
And that is a wee peek into life 'on my front porch' and beyond during the month of October.

Wishing you many treats on this 'tricky Tuesday'!


  1. Oh, Judy!!! You live such a beautiful life in such a beautiful place with such beautiful people! I am so blessed every time I visit you here on these pages. Thank you for continuing to share your life with us. It is greatly appreciated!

  2. Beautiful photos! The tree is wonderful and I love the bark on the old tree too:)bloom tattoos

  3. I am just in awe of these beautiful photos. Wow! Thank you for sharing. I am just starting to blog and enjoy so very much enjoy seeing where other people live. I know we live in a beautiful country but seeing some of it in your pictures is amazing.

  4. Love your new header! Such a beautiful month in photos, Judy. Life is rich for you.

  5. Beautiful photos, Judy! Happy November! Your area sounds like ours--snow one day, unusually warm weather the next. I have to say I prefer it cool. Your grapevine looked so full and luscious. I am curious what you do with all those grapes?
    It's so nice to see your grandchildren learning new things and accomplishing much. I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren and doing the same. The days pass too quickly!

  6. You sure are on the ball, Judy - with your October highlights ready to go on Nov. 1. Love your photos - yes, October had a special glow this year - I'm sure the sunny days played their part in that. In past years the rain tends to dim any glow!

  7. I love that quote .... every leaf is a flower! Sure is! Why am I hungry for nachos?
    Your farm is beyond beautiful... this time of year. (I think that with spring, winter and summer too)
    I like your October.

  8. Well, I was ready to mention those nachos too! What is it about sitting on a sunny patio, eating nachos, that just spells ultimate relaxation and fun? I love your highlights in pictures. We go about our busy everydays and, in the end, the things we were busy planning and working toward are what stand out and so worth it!

  9. You certainly had a fabulous October! Just looking at your photos makes me smile from the growing grands to the vivid colors of autumn. And it is good to remember that good things are always coming.

  10. Anne with an "e" was certainly right on! Your October looks so lovely and you captured some wonderful family moments! That little Lucy playing the violin - amazing!!! The Thanksgiving table with fire glowing looks so welcoming - beautiful.

  11. Beautiful photos of a most golden and beautiful month. The colour was stunning this year. Love catching up with your doings and those of your family. Happy November days!

  12. Lovely photos of a gorgeous area of our country! I'd love to visit there someday.

    I always think of putting up the outdoor Christmas decorations early - but never get further than thinking about it!! And now it's cold. Last week it was 70F. But that makes me think of beach not Christmas:) Oh well....

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful October!

  13. You really have a wonderful October indeed. Love the series of photos you have shared ..Cheers from NYC..


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