Sunday, October 1, 2017

September Memories

Fresh snow-capped mountain peaks and churches seem a good way to begin this post.

It is Sunday, after all.

I'll start with the the corn harvest...very fresh in my mind, since the last of the corn came off the fields on Thursday afternoon.  Despite our very dry summer, the corn crop wasn't too bad.  And for that, we are thankful!

I don't recall ever having such dry and dusty fields during corn harvest in the valley.

Earlier this month, we celebrated birthdays. First one...

...then another. My dad's 95th birthday called for a big celebration, and we did that a few weeks earlier when all the whole gang was 'home'. But on September 14th we took him our for dinner, and (as always) he chose pie over cake. What a blessing to still have my dad with us, to have him share with us from his seemingly endless storehouse of memories, to listen to his wise council, and to enjoy his company.  Did I mention playing Rook?

After months of hot and dry weather, we finally got some much-needed rain mid-month.

Storm clouds and rainbows were a welcome sight.

Thankfully, once that rain was gone...we were back to lovely summer weather.

One weekend evening we drove up to the lake with Maggie and Lucy for square pizza on the deck at Beethoven's Pizza. They have a gal from Switzerland living with them for the next few months, and she joined us for the outing. It was a lovely end-of-summer outing and Pauline enjoyed seeing the lake...and the pizza, of course.  She has no choice but to speak English, since none of us speak French.  She is doing great!

Last weekend we attended a memorial service for an old friend.  He and his wife moved away from our community some years ago, and he has had many health challenges since that time.  The last time we chatted with Arwin was a chance meeting at a Tim Horton's in Merritt some time ago.  That quick stop turned into a lengthy visit.  It was meant to be!  Our hearts go out to his wife, Judy...left behind but not without  hope!

One Saturday we participated in a 'family bike ride' with Maggie and event that raised funds for Himalayan Life.

It was a lovely 16 kilometer bike ride along the Vedder Trail...until I had a flat tire and it became a 'walk-not-a-run' for me.

Maggie (right) and her friend, Emma, spent the rest of the day serving lemonade to hot cyclists and thirsty patrons at the Refinery Fest Market, all in an effort to raise funds to build a school in a mountain village in Nepal.  Oh, and Maggie also had a birthday this month.  She has a heart of gold, is a great sport and is a sweet nine-year-old who I am blessed to call my grand-daughter.

These two will soon be 16, but for now they are helping their friends celebrate. Yesterday we decorated a pumpkin cake together for their good friend, Haley.

 And those are just a few of the happenings around here this past month.

Fall has arrived.  Don't let the dandelions fool you!  This photo was taken a few nights ago as we were having dinner on the back patio. Enjoy the month of October!


  1. Yes, the steeple rising to heaven and this majestic mountains behind seems fitting indeed with the events of your country and mine over the weekend.

    So glad the havest was better than you had hoped and those beautiful twins! Sixteen you say? They were such little girls when I began seeing their photos. Wishing them the happiest of birthdays🎈🎈

    1. this=THE

      I know that you’re smart and can figure it out, but it just drives me bonkers. 🤓

  2. Beautiful photos of your September happenings on the farm and beyond. It's been an awesome September here but minus the needed rain. Have a wonderful October Judy!

  3. So many great celebrations in September along with lots of work. That's a pretty church!

  4. Happy October, Judy! I enjoyed seeing your September memories. My sympathy on losing a friend. Your weather was like pours this summer--hot and dry, but now many showers. Happy birthday to Elmer and your father and I can't believe your twin granddaughters are turning 16!

  5. Looks like a lot of hard work and fun there!

  6. Beautiful views of your valley and the goings on there. The twins will be 16 - yikes, where does time go?

  7. Your sky pictures are gorgeous. I love storms and I always wish for big open skies... and those rainbows.. beautiful. Glad that corn cutting is finished for another year.

  8. So many wonderful celebrations made your September memorable. Love the harvest sign and the fields....we sure live in a beautiful area!

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  10. First of all - let me say that your header is beautiful!!! I enjoyed reading all about your busy and eventful September. What a crazy weather summer - you were hot and dry and we were cool and very damp. Your dad is so charming - what a blessing indeed. Rook is a fun game played often over here too. Loved seeing the pictures of your beautiful growing up grandchildren.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson