Saturday, March 31, 2018

March 2018

Has spring arrived...or is it still winter?  In March it is often hard to know.

The snow on all the surrounding peaks makes for beautiful photos at this time of the year. Those are cranberry fields just down the road from our case you were wondering.

And next to that...a field of pyramid cedars for the nursery.  And the red barn...that always looks great with Mt. Cheam in the background. Since I walk this same route often, I have many photos of this scene...from every season of the year.

The Easter bunny has been hanging around our yard all winter.  He sits in the bushes and watches me through the window when I work in the office.  I'm hoping he moves along after Easter...before I plant a garden.

Lucy was a sweet cricket in the spring concert at her school.  They put on an excellent program to a packed out crowd.

After Lucy's concert we said our farewells to Pauline, who was returning to Switzerland after spending the past six months living with Tim and Heidi and the girls. It was so nice to get to know her this past while.  She will be be missed...especially by two girls who have become quite attached to her.

Ranen played twice at the 71st annual Chilliwack Lions Music and Dance Festival...a month-long performing arts extravaganza with more than 3,800 participants from across the southern end of the province.  It is always a pleasure to hear her play her violin. 

On a day that truly felt like spring...

...we walked the trails of Cheam Wetlands Park just before sundown.

The trumpeter swans arrived on the they do most evenings.

It is such a tranquil spot so close to home.

Why do we not visit there more often?

We always enjoy the view from Dad and Marge's eighth floor condo...but this spectacular rainbow was a rare treat.

Though the last few weeks have felt more like winter than spring...I have proof that we have already had lunch on the patio.  That was a few weeks back!

The first blooms of the year are always a treat. The daffodils are just beginning to bloom...and the tulips will be right behind.

Emme and Spencer were on a missions trip to an orphanage in Mexico with a group of youth from our church during spring break. The orphanage happens to be Children's Haven International in Reynosa...the same orphanage where my sister worked for over three decades.  It sounds like it was a wonderful experience for them!   We scheduled our annual spring break wiener roast for the night after their we could hear all about it.

The weather didn't really co-operate but we managed to cook our food in the great outdoors...and moved the party into the garage.

A little cold...a little rain...and a lot of wind...all made for a memorable wiener roast.

The boys did the dishes!

And the girls have been busy in the kitchen.  Maggie and Lucy came for their annual 'peeps-in-a-nest party'. 

Emme fried up a big batch of Rollkuchen while I rolled and cut the dough.  Now that she is a pro...I know who I can call on for help next time!

And that was just a wee peek into what March looked like in my corner of the world.

Today the sun was shining and the pink magnolia is in its glory.  I love spring and the beauty of the season...and especially Easter.  Because He lives, we have hope beyond this life!

Blessings to you and yours this Easter!



  1. Thanks for sharing your month with us; I look forward to your monthly reviews every month. What I wouldn't give for a view like you have (I'm from the prairies). I also have an "Easter" bunny living in my backyard;
    he's brought me lots of joy this winter.

  2. Another good month with family. Those grands are growing before our eyes. Love the shot from your dad's place and your other photos, too. Love those young cooks in your kitchen!

  3. Wonderful views on your March activities. How those grands are growing! The still water and the mountains are gorgeous. Easter blessings to you!

  4. I love feeling the warmth of spring through your photos. It looks warm and bright! No matter what season, it always is a beautiful view from your front porch!

  5. Those views! I just never tire of them. And it sounds like a lot of action on the farm or on your front porch... so many fun things to see the grands involved in.
    Hopefully we'll see more of that sunshine soon.

  6. Love your perspectives and the beautiful red barn against that moody March sky. If there’s a theme here, it’s perseverance in the face of a challenging month weatherwise. And, yet, the family did carry on and the flowers did bloom. I hope that April is much more pleasant. (Our April seems to have its knickers in a knot and is following in the ateps of its predecessor.) Here’s to better days ahead; ☀️
    with rainbows like that gorgeous full bow with the hint of a second behind...enter that in a’ll win!

    Hope that the family next door is adjusting to the absence of a special gal in thir lives. Not an easy thing...goodbyes. Perhaps a visit to Switzerland is in store one day!

    Happy April!

  7. As always your photos are gorgeous and your narrative insightful! That rainbow shot was fabulous. Even though you commented that winter was still hanging around I loved how green the grass is in your yard. Enjoy April!


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson