Monday, April 30, 2018

April remembered...

April was a good month to get outside and kick up our heels a little...
after many months of being cooped up indoors.

Let me start back at the beginning of the month with easter celebrations... gathered around the table...
and a scavenger hunt for treat-filled balloons for the grands. was cold outside and no one stayed out there for long!

The daffodils and white heather bloomed beautifully all month...

...and didn't seem to mind the snow showers early in the month.
When do we ever have snow in April?

We had our fair share of dreary days...
but there is always a bright spot if one looks hard enough.
The sun is shining somewhere...
and the forsythia glows gold even on a grey day.

And then came the sunshine...

...and tennis with my faithful tennis partner.

Truth be told...
we had not been at the courts since last summer.

And not too frequently then!
Maybe we'll do better this year.

Our beautiful Hannah tree bloomed on April 4th, as it always does...
a reminder of the grandchild who was with us for such a short time on April 4th, 2008. 
She will not be forgotten.

The star magnolia planted when Maggie was born...
also put on a lovely show for us in April!
It's our Maggie tree.

The tulips fields of Chilliwack are now in their glory
...and I plan to visit them this week.
This photo was taken a few weeks ago...
on a Sunday afternoon drive-by.

Last Sunday afternoon we went in search of a waterfall not too far from here...
 one that we had heard about but never visted.

It is not to be found on any maps...
and the trailhead is poorly marked.

But we eventually found the trail...
and followed the sound of the rushing water to the prize...

Bosumarne Falls.

Such a lovely spot...
about 40 minutes from home.

We'll be going back!

The grands had a day off school on Friday (ProD Day)...
and so we planned an outing for all the girls.

High tea at Tracy Cakes in Abbotsford...
with all my granddaughters and their moms.

They may not care for tea...
or even fancy sandwiches...

...but they all found something to their liking.

Their cousins!

'A cousin is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.'

There was actually a reason for our tea party.
Ranen and Auntie Broni are having a birthday this week...
and so we started the celebrations a little early.

It seems to me that we have many photos of Ranen sitting on Broni's lap.
Not this year!

After waiting patiently for spring to arrive...
we went right into summer weather last week.
The temperatures soared...
and we broke records that had stood for 121 years in our area.

And on the farm...
the first of the cropping for this year has begun.

They will be busy out there this next month!

Sunshine, dandelions and snow-capped peaks.

And that was a wee glimpse into April 2018 at 'my front porch'.

Thanks for stopping by...
and happy spring to you all!


  1. Oh, Judy! I was so excited to see your April post! I loved every single photo! Your beautiful place, your beautiful scenery and especially your beautiful family! I do so love your life and the beautiful way you live it! Already looking forward to your May post!

  2. The flowers around your home are lovely! So much color and variety, I could almost smell their sweet fragrances. Looks like you had some great celebrations in April. Thanks for sharing your world with us!

  3. Such a fun post! I want to find that hiking spot to the waterfulls ...
    I also loved your tea party photos! It makes me really look forward to getting all the girls together. That quote about a cousin being a bit of childhood that can never be lost is so true! The word always brings back memories of childhood for me.

  4. A wonderful glimpse on much that went on in April. Love the switch up on who's sitting on who's lap! Fun. Love the quote about cousins. See you soon!

  5. April was quite a month! I enjoyed your look back - I always do! Your girls are growing up so beautifully. I love the idea of tea with all of them. I will have to file that idea!

  6. I enjoyed this look back at April, from snow to sunshine and all those happy faces. Your Hannah tree is gorgeous and a lovely reminder of her short time on earth.

  7. Your April was a happy one, Judy, despite some unusual weather! The cousins looked very happy celebrating together --the best kind of family and friends. Your flowers are beautiful--we have to wait a little longer to see all of ours bloom but they are beginning to grow and the hummingbirds have returned so spring is here! Enjoy!

  8. That was fun...the lap switcheroo. 🙂 Yes, today is coolish in the low 60sF; tomorrow into the 80s and I will not be happy. There is no pleasing me with the weather. 🧐 Tulip fields in Chilliwack...delightful🌷

  9. I'm just amazed at how quickly we can forget about the rain when all around us is such springtime beauty. I love that heather in your front yard. I don't know how many I've planted and they have all died. I love Broni and Ranen and already expect to see the two together for their birthday photo. So very sweet they are. I love seeing all your beautiful granddaughters together!

  10. Wonderful memories made with high tea!! Love the birthday girls lap switch - so cute. That hike looks amazing and your Spring has Sprung beautifully over there. That heather is breathtaking - I wonder if it would grow over here? I love the Hannah tree and also the Maggie tree with that sweet girl standing by it. Always love reading your month end recaps.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson