Friday, November 30, 2018 for the rest of the month

We left the sunshine of southern California behind and came home to typical west coast weather. 

Every month has its beauty.
The blueberry fields of the valley turned red...
and surrounding peaks turned white.

This beautiful bouquet arrived on my doorstep soon after we got back...
and is still blooming beautifully weeks later.

We had November birthdays to celebrate.  
Micah turned nine.
Thoughtful. Kind. Quiet. 
And so knowledgeable about the animal kingdom of this world!  
You ask him.  He'll know.

Emme and Spencer are seventeen!  
Maggie is seven years younger but quite sure she will be taller than her cousins in no time!  
Sweet one year old and at seventeen.

They nailed it! Both took their road test on the same day.  
Both passed.  
Of course. 
One of these days they will take me for a ride!

They are graduating this year...and their grad events have already begun.

Ranen competed in the western Canadian finals for Irish dance in Alberta last week and did great.  She is on to the North American championships next summer. 
Between playing violin and dancing...
she has no time to be bored.

We had record rainfalls this week...
with the fields in our neighbourhood looking rather like lakes.  The seagulls were happy! 

The house lights are up, as is the Christmas tree and the mantle decor.  And that's about it!  

It has been a busy November, dealing with aging parents. My step mom had a stroke a month ago and is now in residential care. Being apart after seventeen years of marriage is a challenge but we know God's timing is always perfect. We have been looking for options for dad and he will likely be moving out of their apartment and into a retirement home soon. He is still doing well at 96 and is ready for the next chapter of his life...the one where he no longer has to cook, clean and do laundry. 

Wishing you all a wonderful advent season...
as you prepare your hearts and your homes. 


  1. Lovely to see your very grown up grandchildren now, I cannot believe how fast the years have gone.
    I have never seen a field of blueberries, so was so interested to see your photo.

  2. Heavens! Those girls are all grown up. So are you waiting for them to have had their licenses for a few years before you go for a drive? ☺

    Ranen is so accomplished. I will expect to see her on television one day. I am sure that each one of your grands is accomplished.

    Oh your mantle is giving me ideas...very nicely done. Lots of presence with a wonderful message.

    May December make up a bit for November. I don't know about your corner, but November in my corner has been like the coldest days of winter with too much snow.

    I know that your thoughts are often on your father and step-mother. One thing is certain, God is in control and we can trust Him with our parents. Wishing them both health and good days ahead.

    Say "hey" to Elmer!

  3. Those girls are so grown up. When I saw the photo of the 1 year olds, I first thought they were dolls. Ranen looks like she enjoys the spotlight and does well performing. Christmas decor is coming along very slowly here, but I'm not concerned. It will all happen in good time.
    Enjoy this beautiful month!

  4. Oh Judy your girls are all so gorgeous!!! And that very handsome 9 year old - wow. You must be so proud of them all. Your fireplace is beautiful and that's all you'd need to do I think! Sorry to hear about your stepmom - such a worry for you all and especially for your dad. May all the new realities go smoothly for everyone.

  5. I enjoyed the photos of the girls as one year olds and today - such beautiful young ladies! It's such fun to share in your family adventures.

  6. I felt like Lorrie, those 1 year old twins look like dolls! And they have grown into beautiful young ladies! Love all the photos ... the birthday boy, the dancing queen and the mantel! You have had a busy time and I pray that soon your dad will be settled nearby.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson