Monday, December 31, 2018

December Remembered

We are about to turn the page to 2019.  
Can another year really be over already?
I am so thankful for the many blessings of the year gone by

 For now, let me highlight a few happenings of the past month.

We began the Christmas season with a MGCC celebration hosted by Terry and Lovella. 

As you can was most special!
Fabulous food, beautiful decor...
along with the warmth and laughter of good friends...
 made it a most memorable evening. 

Earlier this month, we took in the Christmas Market in Vancouver (under umbrellas)...
had dinner on the waterfront and enjoyed a lovely concert at the Orpheum theatre with friends. 

Another evening...another Christmas celebration.  
Our small group was invited for dinner...
and our hosts went out of their way to make it special!

There were school concerts...
(Lucy sang her heart out!)

...and Christmas violin recitals.

Then there was the 'Irish Christmas' community concert...
 featuring a youth orchestra and an Irish dance school.

We took Maggie, Ranen and Lucy...
who enjoyed both the concert and the snacks after!

December was a busy month.
We moved dad from his apartment to a suite in a retirement community in Chilliwack.
His cooking days are over!
He can now sit down at the table and be served.

He's quite content in his new little suite...
 reclining in his chair and watching re-runs from yesteryear.

And then...
there was Christmas.

We took dad along to the Christmas Eve service and to our place for an evening of food, fun and games.

In the morning...
the family came for brunch.

And after...
gift opening fun!

What used to be so chaotic...
was really calm and quiet this year.

They are all growing up!

These three had worked up a special Christmas surprise for us.

Late afternoon on Christmas Day...
we went for a walk on the trails at Cheam Wetlands.
It was a lovely finale to Christmas Day 2018!

We had  December weather that was 'for the birds'!

They quite liked it...
and so did we.

We had the warmest December in years...
with lots of rain and sunshine...
and no snow (to speak of).
I enjoy watching the little birds through the kitchen window...

...but clouds of ducks settling in on the fields are not a welcome sight!
We encourage them to move on. :)

As the last day of of the year draws to a close...
the sun is shining on snow-capped peaks...
and the skies are blue.

What will tomorrow bring?

We do not know what lies ahead...
we can count on God's faithfulness!

Happy New Year!


  1. A wonderful December to remember. Happy 2019 to you!

  2. It was another family and friend friendly month. Just what I expect from My Front Porch. I am so glad that your dad is enjoying his new digs. It looks like an Inn and the dining room like a restaurant. Hope that the food is delicious. No, we never know what a year will bring, which is why putting ourselves in God's hands is the best way to go. Love the beautiful scenery in God's Country. Your header is exquisite!

  3. Oh Judy - your December activities are wonderful. I am amazed and awed at the musical talents in your family - wasn't Lucy still taking naps a short time ago? Your MGCC get-togethers always look so beautiful and full of love and joy. The vistas and bird views in your country side are breathtaking. Glad to hear that your Dad is accepting his new place - what a blessing. Hugs and all the best in 2019. God bless you and yours.

  4. Sounds like your December was quite festive. The photo of the ducks was incredible. Happy New Year, Judy!

  5. Enjoyed seeing your celebrations.. and especially hearing the concert from your 3. Most special. So great knowing your dad is settled.

  6. What a full month! I'm sure that sometimes you wondered how everything would come together - but it did so wonderfully! Happy New Year!

  7. What a full and fun month December was with family and friends. Your grands are growing up so quickly. Your comment about how quiet the celebration was had me thinking that perhaps ours will one day be a little less hectic and loud! Love the grands preparing a concert for the family. Happy New Year.

  8. What a treat to discover I missed this beautiful post only to get to feast my eyes on every photo this afternoon! I love seeing them all!
    Your dad looks content in his new place. What a beautiful family and what a beautiful life you have!!! Happy New Year!!!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson