Monday, September 30, 2019

September Remembered

As I look back over the photos from the last month , I realize there was a lot of 'good stuff'!  I'll focus on those things, not the rainy and cool weather we had this month.

The trail along the Vedder River is beautiful in any season...and a perfect place for a Sunday evening walk.

Here's proof that the sun was still shining at the beginning of the month...and we enjoyed a lovely evening with friends at a mystery dinner hosted in John and Marg's backyard.

Let me share a few end-of-day pic's from earlier this month... clouds on Mt. Cheam.

...corn fields in our neighbourhood

...and the sky on fire above our farm.

Maggie and Lucy came for a sleepover and checked out the neighbour's sheep.

Elmer turned 70 on September 11th and we celebrated the occasion with the whole family at Harrison Hot Springs Resort.  I don't think he has come to grips with that big number as yet!  So thankful for all the years God  has given him...especially those that we have shared.  

The Chilliwack Sunflower Festival is a popular event over here and I had no intention of battling the crowds to go for a visit.  But one Sunday night we drove by right after the rain stopped, and noticed that the parking was almost empty.  We decided to make a quick stop...

...and are so glad we did.

We strolled through fields of mammoth sunflowers and dahlias...

...and hops  that were ready for harvest.

September is birthday month around here, and on September 14th we celebrated my dad's 97th birthday. While we were celebrating dad's  birthday with our family over here, most of my siblings were in Manitoba at my sisters 60th birthday party.  Dad would have liked to be there too!  He played pool with his grandsons and proved that he is still a sharp-shooter! And here was the icing on the cake for him...he got the best gift he could have wished for. A great-grandson was born that day! 

September is harvest month around here and it was a bit of a struggle getting out in the fields this month! I took dad out to join the crew for lunch one day...and he rode along in the silage truck for awhile. We are blessed to still have him around and enjoying life at his ripe old age. :)

The sweet autumn clematis never disappoints.  September beauty!

Rainbows.  We had many this month!  They are promise of good things to come, right? Let me end with a few photos taken today...this last day of September.

We celebrated Maggie's 11th birthday with her this evening.  What could be better than DQ treats with the cousins...and a 'guaranteed-to-be-peanut-free' cookie dough blizzard specially made by Cousin Emme? 

The last of the corn fields on the farm were harvested today...and most of the grass has been mowed down. A few more days without rain and most of the cropping for the year will be done. 

As I look back on the month, I am thankful for the many beautiful memories and moments that September held for me. 

Wishing you all a wonderful October!


  1. Okay, I gave someone plenty of time to be first. 😁 It may not have been a perfect weather September, but it was a perfect family September. You two sure do stay busy! I can’t believe that September is already over. Seems like just yesterday I was wishing Elmer a Happy Birthday and he so sweetly responded. I appreciate those prayers! Praying for you folks, too, and your family whom I feel as if I know. I had to laugh that it took me so long to figure out what Jill was up to! 🍁Happy October, everybody!

    1. You are first because it's right where you belong! Thanks for your prayers on our behalf over all these many years since we first 'met'. I wondered if anyone would recognize Jill's model...and was not one bit surprised that you figured it out very quickly! Hope October treats you well!

  2. Beautiful photos from the beautiful part of the world you live in. I always enjoy them. They're like postcards! Felicitations on the birthdays in your family. The grands are all growing up!

    1. Thanks, Vicki...for your kind words and your many visits to 'my front porch' over the years!

  3. Oh that sweet Autumn Clematis!!!! I tried to grow that one time but was too shady. Should try again. You had a full month and took some lovely pictures. What fun to have a mystery dinner at Margs. Did anyone post about this? Curious as to the planning details.

    1. Rosella, the 'mystery dinner' was a potluck where we were not allowed to compare notes. Marg and John provided meat and buns and whatever else showed up was what we would eat. :) It was fabulous! Bev brought appetizers and most of us brought both a salad and dessert, just to be safe. We enjoyed a feast!

  4. Vee is so observant and right on the button with her observations. It really was a wonderful family month for all of you. Wonderful photos of the family all together at Harrison. Now I'm trying to figure out the model reference. I'll check Instagram and see if I get clues. Happy October to you and yours!

  5. Such beautiful pictures and moments .. from the sky ablaze to the whole family together to sunfower fields and more birthdays. Always a good way to reflect on all the things to be thankful for.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson