Thursday, October 31, 2019

October ~ memories and moments

October is a second spring...
where every leaf is a flower.

Where in the past we have climbed Mt. Cheam on Thanksgiving weekend...
snow arrived at the beginning of October this year.

It makes for a lovely backdrop for the turning leaves.

Leaves and birds were sailing in the wind.

 We had the family home for Thanksgiving dinner on the Sunday.
I thought to take a picture before they all arrived...
and not again until the meal was over and done.
We had much to be thankful for...
as a family and individually.

And on Thanksgiving Monday...
we had sunshine and blue skies and took the opportunity to go for a long bike ride.

Fields of red...
and snow capped peaks.

We rode the dike along the river...
and were quite delighted to find two chairs on the bank.
The perfect spot to enjoy our turkey cranberry sandwiches!

Elmer got a new e-bike from the kids for his 70th birthday.
Since fall is a busy time on the farm...
and the weather had not been ideal...
this was finally his chance to give it a test-run.
Let's just say he's on easy road now!

We cycled beneath the Rosedale-Agassiz Bridge over the Fraser River.

Both of us recall crossing the river by ferry before this bridge was built. 
And that was a very long time ago!

The blueberry fields look amazing in October...
painted red!

We cycled past dahlia gardens, still in bloom...

...and turkeys out celebrating their freedom on the Thanksgiving holiday.

Another day...another river...another trail...
with Heidi and Maggie walking hand-in-hand.
41 years ago we welcomed our daughter to the family.
Now she is busy loving on her daughters. 
Where have the years gone?

Heidi shares a birthday with her Auntie Martha...
who turned 80 this year.

And that was a very good excuse to make a trip to Kelowna...

...and join in a surprise dinner celebration planned by her kids.
That would be Martha at the far end of the table...
with her one and only brother to her left.
It was a good excuse to get together...
and good to catch up with family we don't see often enough.

We've had a northern flicker woodpecker hanging out at our feeder this past month.
He's been fun to watch.

This brought a smile...
cousins in the backyard after dinner trying to get the perfect sunset selfie.

My rainbow pic's are always taken from the front porch...with the rainbow against the eastern hillsides.  What a surprise to see a rainbow to the west from my kitchen window.

I'm ending the month on one of those chaise lounges beside this pool with a book in hand...'where the skies are not cloudy all day'!

Wishing you all a wonderful November!


  1. Reading your end-of-month posts is always a treat for me. You do such a good job of capturing the beauty of the earth God created for us. I actually relax and refresh for a few minutes!

  2. Another wonderful recap (snow caps included)! You sure live in a most beautiful part of this great country and I love how you share it with us readers. The farmer over here has been talking about e-bikes - hmmm! Your thanksgiving table look stunning and I'm sure it was a wonderful day. Enjoy your time in the sun.

  3. Hello Judy, it's lovely to see what your October held. I can hardly believe the year is winding down already! Just wanted to stop by and say hello. I do love your part of the country, always so pretty. Sara in California

  4. Such a glorious October you have had. Love the colors and all the photos you shared! Enjoy your fall time in the desert!

  5. Mt. Cheam—ever beautiful! Gorgeous photos of your beautiful corner of the globe with all the views around the farmhouse and the family. Your Thanksgiving table was full! So glad that you and Elmer have found your way to sun and warmth.

    Question: What is that beautiful crimson vine that is growing on the silo?

  6. So much beauty ... a table set for family, the mountains, the red fields, the cycling trails and back to family. And I'm not forgetting the much appreciated pool side.

  7. October was a beautiful month in so many ways - family, snow, leaves, birthdays. Life is full of good things to celebrate.

  8. Oh, Judy! I hope you know how wonderful you are! Every photo here is worthy of being a picture postcard! You have such a lovely life in such a lovely place with such lovely people!
    And what a talent to be able to do a whole month of life and experiences in just come blog post! I stand amazed!!!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson