Wednesday, June 2, 2021

May ~ memories of the month that was

For everything there is a season.  
The month of May is definitely ‘the time to sow’ in our corner.

It’s always a busy time on the farm...
...with grass to harvest and fields to prepare for seeding.

We don’t make too many plans in May...
since everything revolves around farm work.

We definitely don’t plan to self-isolate for two weeks of the month!
But there are times when our agendas are put on hold...
and we have no choice but to follow public health orders.

Despite all our best efforts to stay clear of Covid 19 this past year...
Elmer got sick and tested positive.

Once he was feeling better...
he decided he might as well isolate in the cab of the tractor and make himself useful.
No one else used that tractor and he stayed inside his own little bubble.

As we all know by now...
all household contacts of someone with Covid also need to isolate.
I never strayed from the yard for a few weeks.  
As you can imagine...that was not what I would have chosen.  

But there are worse places to isolate!
I walked in the fields
some of which I hadn't set foot on in twenty years.
The first crop of grass came in off the fields...
and is stored in bunkers to be fed to the cattle next winter.

Watching our son packing grass in the bunker was not something I wanted to see!

The heifers always came out to greet me as I made my laps around the farmyard.

I don't think that I have ever made pickles and salsa in May.
But since I had lots of time on my hands...
and friends and family who delivered my necessities...
why not?

When all was said and done...
I still knew how to drive the car.  

Let me share a few other happenings of the month.

Mother's Day happened during my time of  'incarceration'...
so needless to say there were no celebrations this year.

But our eldest son stopped by to check up on us...
and dropped off a beautiful bouquet of anemones.

I'm not sure where I have been...
but how is it that these flowers are new to me?
So pretty! 

Birthday celebrations have been very low-key this past year.
I picked Ranen up after school on her 15th birthday and we had a lovely time together. 
Hopefully next year we can celebrate with the whole family!

Micah's summer is not shaping up quite as he had envisioned.
An accident while jumping into the swimming pool resulted in a broken wrist...
and now he will be watching his friends from the sidelines.
There weren't many smiles at first...
but DQ treats seemed to help.
Keeping him off his scooter for six weeks will not be an easy task.

The grands next door have found a new mode of transportation...
and they came over to demo last week.

Who knew there with electric skateboards with one wheel?

Maggie and Lucy were over and decided to give it a try.
It didn't take them long to catch on.
I'll stick to two wheels or more!

We have been away on our first camping trip of the season...
and just came home tonight.

I actually attempted to do this blog post while we were camping...but discovered that I was not capable of doing that with an iPhone and poor internet service.

We were in the Whistler area...
where we have camped many times over the years.

We saw three bears within hours of arriving...
and were glad we were not tenting!

We spent the last four days hiking, biking, reading,
and enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery.

So that was how the month of May played out over here.

And just like that it is gone...
and summer is just around the corner.

The snow is rapidly disappearing from Mt. Cheam...
with much less now than on this photo from two weeks ago. 

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Loved your descriptions of your incarceration. It's nice to have wide open spaces around when isolating is recommended. Those anemones are really gorgeous and are perfect for that teapot container. Happy June to you. Here's hoping for lots of healing and a sickness free summer!

  2. Always so nice to read your monthly wrap-ups Judy! Amazing what we can or cannot get done during lock downs. Hope Elmer is feeling much better and that everyone is on the mend. Your camping get-away sounds just wonderful. Glad those 3 Bears kept their distance - eek!

  3. You had lovely wide open spaces for walking during your isolation. I'm glad Elmer is feeling better. Your Whistler camping trip sounded just perfect! I hope everyone heals well and has a great summer!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson