Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Whistler ~ First Camping Trip of the Year


One of our province's most scenic places to camp.
And also one that happens to be in our health region...
allowing us to travel there without any guilt!

Our trip to Whistler took us a little longer than we had expected.

We found ourselves part of a convoy of  trucks going through Squamish...
and crowds of people lined the roadway and the overpasses. 

Horns were honking and people were waving while logging trucks, cement trucks and gravel trucks passed by.

We discovered later that it was a funeral procession (a two hour convoy of trucks) to honour a local couple involved in the trucking industry who passed away within hours of each other.

Since funerals are not possible here right now,
this was how the community chose to honour them.

Within hours of our arrival in Whistler...

...we met up with several bears.

We never tire of the scenery!

Green Lake...near our campsite.

I'm sure I have taken a photo of this same scene before.
So peaceful!

Our campsite was several miles from the village...
but the Valley Trail is great for biking back and forth along the river.

We cycled everywhere.

One trail took us high above Green Lake...

...and though we never found the ghost town we were looking for,
it was an interesting adventure.

The trail through the forest was great for the most part...

...but when we found ourselves on steep slopes with switchbacks and loose rocks, 
we knew we were riding beyond our skill level...
and decided to turn back.

We may not have found the end of the trail
but we sure enjoyed the journey.

M2...the same site we have stayed in before at the Riverside Campground.
Maybe we will stay there again one day!

Before we left for home yesterday...
we did a short hike along the Cheakumus River to 'the train wreck', just south of Whistler.
The suspension bridge is a great viewpoint for the canyon below.

The boxcars scattered in the woods are the result of an historic train wreck in 1956.
Over the years, hikers and local artists have turned them into an art gallery in the forest.

And that was our first camping trip of the year.

until next time!


  1. Phenomenal! Personally, I think your skill level is doing just fine. Here's to many more summer adventures!

  2. That is scenery to never tire of. You had great weather, great company, and a great time. A perfect start to the summer!

  3. Everything is so lovely! Those trails are beautiful. I love the art gallery in the woods too. Good for you to get out there and enjoy your "back yard" beauty!

  4. OK, I know you're tired of hearing this from me... You live in the most beautiful scenery I've ever seen! The boxcars from the train wreck are so colorful. What a creative way to turn a wreck into art.

  5. I see why you like to return to this spot. Your new rig looks quite nice in that spot. Good idea to know your strengths while cycling! How interesting about those boxcars...


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