Saturday, April 30, 2022

April ~ a few moments in time

I would like to remember April 2022 as being bright and cheery...

...rather like this photo.

But truth be told...
there were many days that were cool and grey and not so conducive to riding bike or even spending time outdoors. 

But we know that there is light even on the darkest of days...
sometimes we just have to look for it. 

We had fresh snow on the peaks...
and blossoms in the valley.

One chilly April evening we met up with friends at the Baron Bistro in Abbotsford...
with plans to try out their new patio domes.

They tried to discourage us from eating on the patio...
it was far too cold!

But we came bundled up and stuck with our plan.

It was a wonderful adventure in dining! 
We will do it again.

Ranen invited us to the Abbotsford Youth Orchestra performance of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. 
What a delightful evening...
with such gifted young musicians. 

I think the loveliest of day of the month was Easter Sunday.
It was so good to be back in church on after missing the Easter service for the past two years.

It was also good to gather the family around the table again for Easter dinner...
after a few years of 'pivoting'.

They had their Easter egg hunt...

...and most eggs were found.

I think Grammy will be finding a few treats as she gardens this spring!

How did these sweet littles of yesteryear grow up so quickly?

They had their Paska and ate it too...
...and took home the leftovers!

We did a little biking...

a little hiking...

(Dunville Creek forest)

...and even a min-cruise.

Who knew you could board the ferry with your bike at 11am in Vancouver, cycle to Sidney for lunch on the pier and be home in time for a late dinner?

The best part was meeting up with friends for lunch...
friends that we had not seen for several years.

I had a delivery of flowers at my front door every Thursday this past month...
a birthday gift from my kids that 'keeps on giving'.
So beautiful.
So appreciated.

On the farm, most of the spring fieldwork is still waiting to happen.
We are hoping for a warmer, drier May. 

I'll end with a photo of a neighbouring farm...
the golden field of dandelions that has been my 'front porch view' this past week.
The floods of last fall destroyed the grass...
but the dandelions came out in full force.

Welcome May...
and may it be a cheery and bright one for all of us!


  1. A Wonderful Easter Story and of your excursions. Gorgeous flowers even the dandelions. MW.

  2. Brava Brava Brava to Ranen! What an incredible performance. Loved her big smile every time the "refrain" began. The hours and hours of practice certainly paid off and I know that her work has been a gift to many.

  3. Ranen's performance was stellar and that smile as she got to the "bright part" was radiant! I watched a few times. So you met Honora and The Great Dane? Also wonderful. The month had quite a few highlights after all. What a blessing to be together to celebrate the Risen Lord. Here's to an even better May...

  4. Wonderful highlights from your month of April. How great to be back around the table with family and visiting your friends again! I am trying to imagine how your grands grew up so fast. I guess a lot of years have slipped by since I first began reading your blog. Ranen's performance was just beautiful.
    Those patio domes are an interesting concept. It looks very cozy under there. Glad you didn't let the cold weather scare you away.

  5. Isn't it good to look for the bright spots? To gather with family is certainly a big one and how inspiring it is to share some time around the table with friends! We have litterally watched our grands grow up on each other's blogs - a reality check in how time has passed! It's wonderufl to see them grow into talented, wonderful young adults... while we get older and older ... hhm...

  6. You found so many wonderful things to enjoy and be grateful for in April. Ranen is growing into a lovely lady. Look at all those grands!! What a blessing. They have those domes in Coeur d'Alene resort. That looked like fun. Those dandelions!! We have a ton already, too. Here's hoping you get a drier May and that field work can get done.

  7. Even with cool, cloudy weather you managed to fill your April with delightful memories. Vivaldi's Four Seasons is one of my favorite suites, I could hear the opening notes in my head as I read about the concert. Looks like your Easter was great fun. And yes, they've grown up so quickly! I've never seen a dining dome. Were the sides mesh? It will sure keep the flies, and other visitors away from the food in the Spring and Summer!

    1. Vicki, the domes are plexi-glass. They might get rather warm in the summertime but are perfect for our cool seasons.

  8. Yes, so good to find the bright spots. You did it so well. Thank you so much for sharing the video of Ranen's solo - goose bumps. So lovely! Here's to more sunny days in May!

  9. You've done well looking for the bright spots in April. Ranen looks so elegant and grownup playing her violin. It was a joy at Easter to be in church with family and friends and celebrate the Resurrection. Let's hope things warm up a little and that May is full of sunshine!

  10. How did I miss this post?? No matter, I enjoyed every word, photo and NOTE! I went over and listened to your Ranen's beautiful solo! So many blessings right here!! I do so love your life!!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson