Tuesday, May 31, 2022

May...in the rear view mirror

Let me attempt to sum up the month with a few words...and a few snapshots.

Flowers on the table...
the last of the tulips and the first of the peonies.

We had not seen my sister-in-law in Kelowna for almost a year...
and knew she was facing new health challenges.

We decided to take a Sunday afternoon drive over the snowy pass and pay her a visit.
If it's still snowing in May...
how long will it be until that snowpack makes it way down the Fraser River and out to the sea?
We shall see.

We had a lovely visit with Martha...
and her son and daughter-in-law arranged for us to have dinner together at a wonderful lakeside restaurant.

Hopefully we won't let another year go by before we meet up again!

We spent the night in Kelowna and made the trek home in the morning.

Ranen turned 16 this month.
How can that even be?
The years have gone by too quickly...
but we are left with so many wonderful memories!
Talented, hard-working, fun-loving and beautiful...
that's Ranen.

We took her (and cousins Ryder and Maggie) to The Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner to celebrate!

I spent some time 'across the river' this month...
and always love seeing Mt. Cheam from that perspective.

Heidi was in Nepal for two weeks...
so I took Lucy to her mid-week horse riding lessons in Agassiz.

She quite likes the horses...
and they quite like her.

We happened to have one sunny and warm Sunday in May...
and we never wasted it!

We enjoyed a picnic lunch at Harrison Lake...
and settled on the shore in our lounge chairs to read for the afternoon.

Maggie is our runner...
and such a pleasure to watch.

She runs effortlessly...
usually crossing the finish line in first place.

I cheered her on at the district track meet last week...
and we may just follow her to the provincial track meet and B.C. Summer Games as well. 

She never runs out of steam...
and is always smiling.

Her uncle keeps her supplied with the best running cleats...
New Balance, of course.

Friends had their 50th wedding anniversary celebration on the weekend...
and Elvis put on a fabulous concert for their friends, family and neighbours in honour of the occasion.

Spring field work has been a struggle this year. 
The few days without rain, were very busy ones!

There is still some grass to harvest...
and several fields of corn to plant.

And so ends the coldest May on record.
Looking forward to a bright and sunny June! 
Bring on summer.


  1. So I can surmise that we have more cool days ahead. Yesterday was 84° (28.9 C) and today will struggle to reach 60° (15.6 C). We seem to be on some weird weather swing. Up and down.

    What a beautiful bouquet! That's one good thing about cooler temps—the flowers last longer.

    Happy birthday to Ranen! Maggie has superior running form! You should have fun following her all around the province this summer.

    It was pretty interesting to see that you have an Agassiz and a Harrison in your corner and so do I.

    Here's to a warmer summer where chores are easily accomplished.

  2. Oh, these dull and cool days are quite tiresome. One upside is that the tulips and other blooms have lasted much longer than normal. How quickly the grands grow. Ranen is 16 - wow! Here's hoping for a warmer June!

  3. Wonderful photos looking back at May. You packed in a lot. Hope that corn gets planted and the grass gets harvested so you can have a sigh of relief and some respite!

  4. So good to see your beautiful photos of the past month! As much as we love May, I think we are all happy to see it end and hope for sunnier days in June. Hope all goes well with the planting!

  5. Such beautiful pictures of your month of May! So glad you had a nice visit with your sister - precious times! Your granddaughters - wow! Here's hoping June brings the weather and heat needed for the crops and that all goes well. Hugs and love...

  6. I love your month in review! Every photo tells a story! I do love reading yours!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson