Friday, July 1, 2022

June ~ As it Happened

Now that the sun has set on June...
let me share a few of the month's happenings.

We had a lot of rain and cool weather...
and wondered if summer would ever arrive.

It did...just this past week.

And with that...
the heavy snow pack is melting and finding its way down the Fraser River. 
Who knows what that could look like in the week to come?

We took a chance on the weather forecast and packed up the RV to spend a few nights in Fort Langley earlier this month.

We had the motorhome all packed when we got notice that our campsite reservation at Edgewater Bar was cancelled due to the rising waters of the Fraser.

Luckily, we managed to get a spot at Brae Island Campsite. 
It was great...and we even had some sunshine!  

And we found friends who were staying at the same campground...
and enjoyed lunch together at the Blacksmith Bakery Cafe.

Our  granddaughter Maggie was competing in the B.C. High School Track and Field meet in Langley that same week...
so we went to cheer her on.

She took first place in both 1500m and the 800m...
making her the provincial champion for her age.
She takes it all in stride!

Ranen studies violin with Abbotsford's best...Dr. Calvin Dyck.  She finished the year well, receiving several trophies for outstanding performance.  She plays with the Abbotsford Youth Orchestra...and we so enjoyed their season finale.

Every event planned for outdoors this month...
was moved inside due to the weather.

Who said one can only have an ice-cream sundae bar on a hot summer day?

We spent last week in the Cariboo Chilcotin portion of our province...
visiting places we had never been before.

Our first stop was Green Lake...
where all was quiet, calm and beautiful...
except for the mosquitoes.

Then we camped for one night at Riske Creek...
our home base for exploring Farwell Canyon.

We had a few crazy thunder storms while we were there...
with amazing skyscapes.

Farwell Canyon is 20 kilometers off the highway.

On our way there we passed through Junction Sheep Provincial Park...
home to some 500 bighorn sheep.

We came across several herds right on the roadway.

The steep, meandering gravel road was quite something...

...but the scenic views at Farwell Canyon made the drive worthwhile!

The Chilcotin River has carved out an impressive valley with steep, sandy cliffs on both sides.
We camped further upstream on the Chilcotin River that night.

And then...
on to our final destination.

We had been invited by Marg and John to visit them at their property on Pyper Lake for a few days.

What a beautiful spot they have...
and how fun to have Lovella and Terry join us up there as well!

We all squeezed into Terry's truck and went sight-seeing...
exploring abandoned farms and sawmills.

Thanks to Lovella (who is very good at propping up her phone to capture photos)...
we even have a group shot!

Terry took his very nice pick-up truck down a bumpy 4x4 road...
and we found our way to a gem of a lake.

Paradise Lake...
known only by the locals.

Who knew we had white sand beaches and turquoise water in B.C.?

Our next day's adventure was a flight-seeing tour from Nimpo Lake...
on a float plane over the Coastal Range of Tweedsmuir Park.

Such beauty!

We landed at Turner Lake (which has no road access)...
and hiked to Hunlen Falls.

 It happens to be Canada's highest free-falling waterfall and very few people have ever heard of it.

Supernatural British Columbia!
So thankful for the opportunity to see another piece of it.

Our flag is flying and the sun is shining.
It's apparently the perfect day to be harvesting grass here on the farm.
What could be more Canadian?

I am grateful to call this big and beautiful country my home!
Happy Canada Day to all!


  1. Sooner than I thought! (That sounds rude, but I mean that I am visiting sooner than I thought.)

    What a gorgeous location you found! Amazing to have such sights unexplored thus far with all your travels. Glad that you found dear friends to enjoy the time with as well. So good to see both Lovella and Marg.

    Your granddaughters are making you proud. My goodness! How accomplished they are.

    Enjoy that flag flying high above the hay fields. Hope that a burger, hotdog or steak is waiting for you at day's end. God bless Canada 🇨🇦!

  2. What a magnificent month you had!! I love everything about it and all those gorgeous photos! Happy Canada Day to you!!! It is such a beautiful country with equally beautiful people like YOU and yours!

  3. Love the group shot and all the other beautiful photos of the pristine landscapes and waterways. You all had quite the adventure in different vehicles on less than ideal roads. You were rewarded with amazing views. That waterfall looks so powerful and full. Glad the 6 of you could have these adventures together.

  4. What gorgeous photos, Judy. The Farwell Canyon is amazing. As always, thank you for taking us along on your adventures. I appreciate the opportunity to see landscapes and skyscapes I'd never see otherwise!

  5. Such beautiful photos of our beautiful province. Glad you could get out and enjoy it. Hunlen Falls are amazing, and so remote. A good thing to see with good friends. Congratulations to Maggie and Ranen! They are so grown-up! Enjoy July!

  6. You have truly made the most of June!! Some ot those shots in the Chilcotin look like paintings! I can only imagine what a great time that was, along with all the new sights to see and cheering on your runner and violinist! Congratulations to them! They have worked hard.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson