Monday, July 16, 2012


We went a few years ago...
on a warm summer evening...
and enjoyed it so much we went again on Friday night.

This time we brought a whole busload of friends along to experience

We weren't the only ones there!

Though there are some 300 vendors offering all kinds items for sale...
we spent most of our time in the food fair.

Mostly I 'looked but did not touch'!

I may never visit China...
but I can experience their Asian cuisine right here in my back yard.

As I have mentioned previously...
Richmond has the largest Chinese population of any city in North America.

The prices were right...
we could sample a bit of each...
if we felt so inclined.

We tried sheesh kabobs...

...and hurricane potato fries.
Add a little Korean spice to the potato...
and call it Korean food!

It was a good time...
all around.

We were back home by midnight...
and early the next morning I left for Richmond once again.
Richmond is a good ninety minute drive from my front porch...
if all goes well.
I visit the city a few times a year...
not usually a few times in a 24-hour period.
On Saturday...the Mennonite Girls Can Cook team was invited to be a part of a
women's conference at the Sheraton Hotel.
Lovella shared our story...
as she does so well.
We met many wonderful people...
and signed a lot of cookbooks.

two times in two days.
It was all good!


  1. You're one dedicated gal! And here I thought that you gals were going to get a rest. I'm sure that that's what I said to Lovella...she must have giggled at my foolishness. Ha!

    The stack of potato slices on a stick look right up my alley. Otherwise, I'd be a look and not touch gal myself.

  2. your drive was almost as long as my drive. That really looks like a great street fair. I bet the aromas were all so interesting.

  3. Wonderful photos, Judy! This was a familar sight to me as we also have a large Asian population in many neighborhoods in Brooklyn, NY. I always find their foods very interesting and exotic if not unusual. I sometimes will amaze myself what I will eat -- if someone told ne I would enjoy Japanese sushi years ago I never would have believed it, but I do! :)

    Glad your book sales and signing went well!

  4. I think I would like to join your bus tours. You go places I've never been and it always looks like so much fun.

  5. It's all about food. Food sure becomes an important part of life. You and Elmer know how to bring people together....Sounds like a double whammy to me!

  6. So that is what the Richmond Summer Night Market was all about! We have all had so much else going on around us ... it's hard to keep track. Good thing we can always read about it in a post later if we forget to ask.

  7. Thanks for the tour. What were the big round things in the tub?

  8. Looks like lots of interesting food. Were those octopus being grilled? I'd look and not touch those!

  9. I think you should win an award for visiting some of the most interesting places. I know I would like spending time in Richmond's Market.

  10. I remember when you posted about this a long time ago. I'd love to visit - we'll just have to arrange to be over on that side of the strait on a market night.

  11. Sure looks like a neat place to visit! Know you were a blessing at the conference!

  12. The pictures are really amazing. In the pictures food is looking very delicious.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson