Friday, December 6, 2013

friday's finale...

I've had visions of peppernuts dancing through my head this week...

...and it is not even the night before Christmas.
We hosted an Old Fashioned Christmas Cookie baking class at Lepp Farm Market on Wednesday...
and my portion of the evening was the peppernut demonstration.

It was a fun evening...
and a sold-out class...
with all proceeds going to Matthew's House.

Earlier this week...
we had a cookie-packaging party at Bev's.
The old-fashioned cookie baskets were gifts.
That's all I'm saying. :)

Those who come to the cooking classes at Lepp's...
always get to sample the fare.
Usually it is a main course item.
We decided some appies and hot apple cider might pair up nicely with Christmas sweets.
And they did!

If you are interested in making up a cheese tree platter for the holiday season...
you can find instructions on the MGCC blog today.

Also this week...
we were invited to our friends for dinner one night.
Before we sat down to eat...
they took us for a tour of their barn.

Who knew a barn could look this special?
 Esther fixed up the hayloft and hosted a special anniversary dinner up there last weekend.
How fun!
You can read all about over here.
I was privately glad that she served us our meal in the warmth of her home...
since I've had a little trouble keeping warm this week.
We are now in the deep freeze along with most of the continent.
Winter has arrived!

Have a wonderful weekend...


  1. I love the idea for the cheese tree. So perfect for holiday parties. And I also love those peppernuts. A Kansas favorite! :-)

  2. I was just thinking...did you actually eat in the barn? But it sure looked beautiful. And the cookies schmeck so good. It was a fun event once we got all over the nervous jitters.

  3. Oh yes, by the way...I will be making those cheese platters this Christmas. They are beautiful.

  4. Who KNEW a barn could be that pretty???
    Thank you for the Christmas Cheese Tree!! I intend to make one for my Christmas Tea Party now.
    And those cookies look so good!! For once our weather is similar......17 degrees tonight! UNHEARD of in Texas!!

  5. I'm thinking a Christmas tree platter would be just the thing for our small group Christmas party this next week. That barn anniversary decorating was fabulous!!

  6. The barn looks amazing! It'll probably be perfection in May...they could become a wedding venue.

    You sure have been busy. I hope that your weekend is calm and relaxed.

  7. No wonder you had peppernuts dancing around in your head - my oh my you have been a busy baker! I would have loved to be at that Old Fashioned Cookie class - what fun that must have been (besides all the prep and work). I have never made peppernuts but have enjoyed them many times made by my co-workers. You ladies are absolutely awesome. It was so great to read all the reports on this successful evening. Have a great weekend!

  8. Beautifully decorated barn, for sure! I love the white with the mini lights.
    I also really like your new template and header photos!

  9. What a special barn!
    I haven't been this cold for a very long time. The car isn't used to these temperatures and complained loudly when I started up this morning. I hope you don't get the snow that Victoria got.
    I must say - that is a LOT of cookies!

  10. What an incredibly special anniversary venue. If it was a bit warmer... I'd say it would be perfect. I have enjoyed nibbling on those peppernuts and now I have to make them too since one of the grands discovered them as well and loves them! What did you start?

  11. Wow, Christmas is in full gear. Drooling over the pfefferneusse! So glad you got a chance to go "the anniversary barn" and even more glad that you had dinner in the warm cozy house!

  12. Mmmm....looks like you had a great time! and that barn!! LOVE IT! I will have to take a visit over to her blog and see more details! Have a wonderful week end!

  13. I can totally understand why it was a sold out event. If possible, I would have been there in my front row seat, eager to taste my first Peppernuts, and anticipating learning how to do that clever cheese and veggie tree.

    The barn visit was over the top! What love and kindness bestowed on the dear couple.

  14. Peppernuts sound very tasty, and the cookie trays looked very beautiful, Judy. Esther's barn decorations certainly made the anniversary dinner very special.

    It has been very cold here for a week-- record breaking cold! I'm glad warmer weather is on it's warm back by the end of the week. My skin is so dry from all the constantly running heat.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson