Monday, December 16, 2013

the wonder of it all...

Is this Christmas?

Lucy is two...
and wonders what Christmas really is.


For the past decade...
we have taken the pre-schooler grands to an animated Christmas village at a local sweets shoppe.

Micah and Lucy are the only pre-schoolers this year...
and the two cousins had a wonderful time together.

The wee ones love it...
including the old-fashioned 'horsie rides'.

For the old-fashioned price of 25 cents...
they both had a thrilling ride.
And another...and another...and another.

Lucy carries a puppy with her at all times...
and noticed that her 'Spot' was in good company!

Puppies and penguins...
angels and elves...
 soldiers and santas and twinkling lights.

'Is this Christmas?'
...she wonders.


May we always point the wee ones to Jesus...
 the reason for this season.

Wishing you all joy this season...
and Christmas in your heart.


And maybe some smiles.
And sprinkles too!



  1. Such a fun time..I love the smiles and sprinkly treat!

  2. They are so cute, Judy, and are having so much fun on the 'horse ride'. Really sweet pictures of these two. I'm sure you had a fun time as well. ;)

  3. That is a lovely tradition, Judy. I can imagine fast forwarding many years to a gathering of cousins who will recall their wonder, and the fun, of the visits to 'Christmas' with you and Elmer.
    PS I'm glad to see that the Angel Choir is up and refreshed and ready to put on a show beside your porch for a few more years!

  4. How cute they are! Perfect Christmas activity for the little ones. And you could see by their big grins and happy faces they weren't enjoying or anything, haha Have a wonderful day!

  5. Those traditions keep bringing smiles to our faces. The waiting...the wonder...the mystery. It's all so fresh in their eyes and faces...Let those smiles remain forever.

  6. What a couple cuties! I could use one of those donuts to finish off my coffee with...

  7. Oh so cute they are! I still think of Lucy as the baby.. but no longer! Old enough to know how to pose for a silly picture. Don't they love that? So good to see cousins have fun together.

  8. Such great photos capturing the joy of children and Christmas! Especially loved the last photo :-)


  9. Love how you make each grandchild feel special! And I know that you will be faithful to point them to the true meaning of Christmas.

  10. They are so sweet, Judy, and growing up so fast!

    Did you see my Denver Christmas Lights post? It was before the one about being an RN. I was happy to see the city of Denver, Colorado still displays a full Nativity scene on its municipal building--sadly, it is one of the few public places to do that these days.

  11. Simply priceless those wee ones are! I love your traditional ways with your grands. Best grammy ever!

  12. Oh - such precious times Grammy! Your pictures tell the sweetest story.

  13. What a fun cousin time...looks like they were having a ball! You find the neatest things for the kids at all ages.

  14. What precious pictures! Their little smiles brought a smile to me this morning. Love the two little black and white puppies, especially since I know a little one who always carries a puppy too. You are the best grandma!

  15. What happy little faces,,,,I can almost hear the giggles!!

  16. Stopping by to say a quick hello. Looks like you had an amazing trip. I will have to check back later for more updates and details. Hope you are all ready for the holidays. Wishing you and your family a blessed and Merry Christmas!


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson