Monday, December 2, 2013

bc dairy industry conference 2013...

We were at the Vancouver Convention Centre for several days...
taking part in the annual dairy conference along with 450 producers, processors, policy makers...
and others who have a stake in the industry.

 It's not too often that I see the sunrise over Canada Place...

...or view the quiet harbour early in the morning.

We met on the third floor of the convention center..
and decided we would do the stairs rather than 'be carried'!

Breakfast was much better than that which we are accustomed to back home.
But there was a 'taste of home' on the table.
 The conference handbooks had a familiar face on the front cover...
a photo taken in the barn that we thought we had left behind for a few days!

The theme this year was 'finding your voice'...
and one workshop stressed what an important part social media plays in the industry.
So I'm 'milking every moment'! :)
 And I'm inviting you to 'like' the 
a celebration of Canadian dairy products including recipes.

For those who watch CBC News...
you will know news anchor Ian Hanomansing.

(official file photo)

He was one of the keynote speakers...
and so easy to listen to!

The Milkmobile was parked outside the convention center...
reminiscent of the milk truck of yesteryear.

'Not everything we did when we were kids made sense...
but drinking milk did!'
I'm in favour.

It was a good conference...
and a good place to meet up with neighbours we rarely see.

Next post...
I'll take you back on the road.
Kansas highlights and Sante Fe, New Mexico coming up!


  1. How fun to see that familiar face and barn on the cover! Beautiful sunrise...
    Have fun today!

  2. That program cover is a keeper!
    Milk is still the beverage of choice at my house - on the cereal, a glass full with supper and a hot mug at night. Good for the bones and calming too.

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful little getaway...and then to be hosted by such down to earth celebrities, "Ian, Jeremy," I hope you introduced yourself to him as an author of a book...and I'm sure you could of operated cooking classes right there on the spot. Sounds like a fun weekend.

  4. Vancouver is such a great place for a conference. How fun to see a familiar face on your table. Milk is a staple around here, too.

  5. What a nice getaway for you just before the holidays. I could see your smile as you saw the face you know so well!

  6. Beautiful sunrise photos, Judy. Sorry to say that I'm not a milk drinker and haven't been since I was a young girl. For some reason I really got turned off on it. I will put a bit on my cereal but don't drink it up when the cereal is gone. That's the only milk I get in my diet. Not good, so I take Vitamin D. Your breakfast looks very yummy. Pam - with apologies to the milk producers and dairy farmers. :)

  7. From a lifelong milk drinker, I think this convention would have been most interesting. What fun to see that handsome familiar face on the brochures. And, I am still smiling as I reflect on your sentence, "the speaker was easy to listen to ".
    You two amaze me, in that I find it difficult to keep up with you ...decorating your house for Christmas one minute, and attending a huge dairy conference the next. No wonder you two stay so young looking.

  8. How cool to have your "familiar" face and barn on the program!!! Your pictures are so beautiful and also love your new header! I'm off to like the milk facebook page....'cause I do like it!

  9. Love a farmer! Everyone should appreciate their local dairy farmer. I can't imagine life without milk!

  10. Awww, that is so sweet that you couldn't 'get away from the barn'. So good to see the young farmers taking up the torch and keeping the milk industry going strong!

  11. Now that's a sunrise breakfast to remember ! and I agree, drinking fresh milk from our own cow was taken for granted in my childhood! and I still buy milk by the big jug!
    Thank you dairy farmers for filling the grocery shelves !!

  12. This looks like an interesting convention to attend, Judy, and how nice to be surprised by a familiar face and place on the convention booklet cover!

    I grew up a milk drinker, but it was delivered by the milk truck :) I've only had a taste of milk fresh from the cow when I visited Ireland years ago.

    Vancouver looks like such a pretty city, but I know you are happy to be home again!

  13. It is a beautiful place!! Do y'all have the commercial - 'Got Milk?' We do and we DO!!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson