Monday, June 30, 2014

a month in review ~ June...

Come and gone.
So soon!

As the month came to an end...
we had a few storms roll through.
Picture-perfect storms...
the kind that come with rainbows!

I'll leave you with just a few images...
of things we saw, did, and experienced in June 2014.

We had plenty of sunshine
early on in the month...
and took advantage of it.

I  cut peonies from my garden...
and brought them in to enjoy.

And not too far away...
the peonies were being harvested for the fresh market.

We stopped to watch.

June is the month when all spring programs some to an end.
Three of the grands play soccer...
and so we spent some time at Chilliwack's beautiful new soccer field.

Ryder (in blue) thought he was playing in the World Cup...
and scored several goals for our spectating pleasure!

He kicked from centre field...
over the heads of teammates and opponents...
and right into the top corner of the goal.
He totally surprised himself!

Ranen could always to be found right behind the ball...
and knew exactly where to put it!

And then there was Micah...
caught 'down and out' between periods.

My cousin and aunt (far left) were out from Saskatchewan...
and so we had a wee gathering of the Isaak clan over here one sunny day.
It is hard to believe that these are on the only uncles and aunts remaining from a large family!
 It was so nice to spend some time together.

There were also the 'end of the year' school programs...
and music recitals.

Ranen performed with the 'Yarrow fiddlers' at Yarrow Days...
and also at a local recital.

We took a trip to Barkerville one weekend...

For the past ten years...
I have taken part in a local garden tour sponsored by a Rotary club every June.

 (By 'taken part'...I mean that I had the privilege of visiting some of our area's most beautiful private yards and gardens.)

I could publish a photo book of all the lovely gardens featured over the years...
but today I am posting a just a few images from one garden.

Our Father's Day gift to Dad this year was an excursion to Squamish...
where we rode the brand new Sea-to-Sky gondola to the top...
with its spectacular views of Howe Sound, The Chief and Shannon Falls. 
Had a great day...together with my sister Dot and her hubby!

And then there was the day-trip south to Seattle on Amtrak...
a fun little get-away for six of us from MGCC.
(Kathy, Char and Betty were missing...and missed!)

Ellen was our tour guide extraordinaire...
chauffeuring us around, organizing lunch at a famous tea house and giving us a tour of her home.
How fun to visit her on her turf for a change!

The sun setting over the ocean...
our view from our train coach...
was the 'icing on the cake'!
As June comes to a close...
let me me wish a  Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends...
and Happy July 4th to my American neighbours.

Have a wonderful summer!


  1. Oh-oh...hope that Elmer's not looking as I sneak in here too early =D

    What a lot of joy of living you experienced in June. I mean, anyone who can find a pot of gold in her own backyard is doing very well indeed.

    Love seeing the grands playing sports and at least one playing the violin! Growing like crazy they all are! Ryder looks long and lean.

    Here's to a wonderful July! Happy Canada Day!

  2. Such an eventful month and here it is at the end. It seems to have flown by but you managed to do so much and see so many wonderful views with some of those right in your own backyard! Love the rainbow. Rows of peonies would be fun to experience...
    Happy Canada Day to you and yours!

  3. You had a busy June! Great pics of the kids and their end of year events. Now. What is that 'swinging' bridge in Whistler. I could never walk that or get to that look off either. Oh my. That's too scary for me. LOL The view must have been spectacular though. Happy Canada Day to you and I hope you have a beautiful and fun filled July.

  4. I love your monthly posts and look forward to them! You MUST live in one of the most beautiful places on earth! Ihave never seen peonies being harvested before.....
    You and yours certainly know how to live life to the fullest!!! I remember your awesome trip across the country last year! Happy Canada Day to you and may July be as full of blessings as your June!!!

  5. How can it be that June has come to a close already?? Your monthly recaps are so delightful Judy and I admire how you can summarize a whole month like that! I am determined to slow things down just a tad in July - if I can!!! Hope all is well with you and yours...I think of you often.

  6. Your June held some really great memories. Rainbows and sunsets and lots between. Happy Canada Day (eve)

  7. How much more could one month hold? You do such a good review of it too. Love the granddaughter playing soccer one time and the violin the next time. She looks like she will be going places! It was fun to be part of some of your month. =)

  8. Happy Canada Day, Judy! It looks like June was a wonderful month for you and your family. I loved all your photos--your grand children are all growing up so beautifully. I think the rainbow photo could win a prize! What a fabulous sight to see!

  9. A lovely catch up on all your June activities! I got a kick out of your little guy stretched out on the field. We had a boy who would do the same on the ice during a break in hockey :) Such a gorgeous rainbow shot - you'll need to enlarge and frame that one! Happy Canada Day!

  10. Sometimes I think you live in a corner of heaven on earth! Each month seems to hold special beauty and sweet simple times of family, friends and farm life.
    I like how to color edited Ranen photo with violin. So lovely in so many ways.

  11. I am amazed at just how much your month of June held. The peony fields were gorgeous! I can't imagine seeing so many in one place. Your grandchildren are gifted in many ways. I really enjoyed each and every picture and the privilege of seeing bits and pieces of June in your part of the world. Love the sunset picture and the rainbow!

  12. Well I sure enjoyed June at your beautiful home :-)
    We have spoke many times about Amtrak trip up the coast to Seattle... Loved the garden photos.


  13. June is a beautiful month and you've captured its essence so well. Endings and beginnings. Visits and visiting. Lovely to see J and M there - old friends of my parents.
    A peony farm is something I've never seen. The flowers are always picked in the bud so I suppose it's never very showy. But we appreciate them when they open so beautifully in our home.

  14. Another lovely update, Judy. I am so far behind and feeling rather out of the loop, so I really enjoyed the catch-up. I will try to get an email off to you - but sometimes a phone call is best.........

  15. I love your end of the month posts. It is so good to see God's goodness from this perspective. I would think that Pondside would be happy to know that she is not the last one that showed up to read this post. I can't imagine how I missed it.

  16. Each month speeds by so quickly and it's amazing to see how it has filled up again. May you continue to enjoy the summer months with warmth as you continue to visit, and host your guests amongst all the other summer adventures.I'm expecting to see some new bikes on your next post.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson