Wednesday, July 30, 2014

july ~ gathering the memories

The 'good old summertime' arrived in full force.  We had some sizzling temp's this month...

..and were quite happy for the shade of the new awning over the back patio.Why did we not think of that long ago?

The month started off mighty warm.  We spent Canada Day at Hastings Park racetrack watching our friends' horse go for the gold.  It did just that!

Koffee Grinder has raced three times this season...winning first in each of those races.   We were quite happy to help Butch and Renate celebrate their win!

On July 9th...we had reasons of our own to celebrate...and that called for a picnic at BenAnna Lake. 

There were a few birthdays happening, but Lucy was the one who took the cake! Our baby grand is three.  How can that be?

From good making giant bubbles or paddling the was a fun July picnic.

A few days later...we joined friends for a bike ride along the dikes of Richmond...

...ending with fish 'n chips on the Steveston wharf.

Camping with the grands looks a little different each year.  For the past few years we have set up camp right close to home...

 ...Camperland at Bridal Falls. It works out perfectly...since we can easily switch campers at the half-way point.  We always request a spot in the treed area...where the kiddos can play in the forest. 

The youngest three came first.  Lucy remembered that she was not allowed to spend the night last year...and was quite thrilled that she was a full-fledged camper.  I forgot how hard it was to watch a three, four and five year old in the pool all at once.  We hiked and played...and we all slept like logs. Whew!

The next two arrived for lunch the following day...and we all had lunch together before Lucy, Maggie and Micah left for home.

Ranen brought her violin and serenaded us while we ate.  Her cousins are quite the audience!

Eight year-olds are really easy to camp with!  Grammy can stay dry while they are at the pool...they play at the playground on their own...and make up games as they hike.  Though British Columbia was tinder dry most of wouldn't know it when walking through the rain forest at Bridal Falls.  It is green and lush...and cool.

We had a really good time on our grand camping adventure.  But there were also a few 'less than happy' moments. 

We heard a crash...and the rear window of our SUV spontaneously shattered.  It was parked in the shade, all locked up tight and no one had been in it for more than a day. Go figure!  Apparently that happens on occasion.  I checked to see if it might possibly be covered on warranty...but that was up in April of 2014. Of course.  We now have a spanking new rear window...and hopefully it stays intact for the duration.

That same night, there was another not so easily repaired.  Kris was in a motorcycle accident and seriously injured.  We decided not to tell Ranen that her dad was hurt until we were ready to leave the campsite the following day.  He is now on the long road to recovery...and we are so thankful for the medical care he received and the prayers of many.

The last part of July, saw us take a road trip.  Emme and Spencer decided they would like to ride along with us in the RV to Manitoba...where we were meeting up for a family reunion with aunts, uncles and cousins from near and far.

We all camped out at my sister's farm near Carberry last the shadow of the Harte elevator.  Emme and Spencer flew home with their mom and dad on WestJet...and we are slowly winding our way homeward...visiting friends along the road.  I'll add a postcript about our trip to the prairies once I am back home.

And that was July in a nutshell!  Besides all the fun stuff...there was hay to make and work to be done on the farm.  We also had family come to stay one weekend, a wedding celebration to attend, a 40th anniversary party for our friends and an annual dinner out with three other couples who all celebrate July anniversaries.  Speaking of which...tomorrow is our 43rd wedding anniversary.  It's been a good journey...

...and we look forward to climbing more mountains together in the years ahead. 


  1. Looks like you had a terrific July filled with adventure, family, celebration, and beautiful scenery. Enjoy August and we'll catch up at the end!

  2. Oops, I forgot to say "Happy Anniversary"!

  3. I'm sorry to hear of Kris' accident, but glad that he will be okay, even though it may take a long time. Lovely camping photos and very happy grandchildren. Happy Anniversary and a safe journey across the prairies and mountains.

  4. Your July was filled with so many good things. Love your recap. A very happy anniversary to the two of you. That patio cover was a great idea for sure. It looks great!

  5. Wow, all of that in the span of just one month. You really do know how to get the most out of life and I find it most inspiring to read.
    Very strange about the car window shattering and, of course, the warranty had just ended. Isn't that always the way?
    I was so sorry to hear about Kris' motorcycle accident. I do hope his recovery will be smooth.
    I must tell you I nearly gasped when I saw your header picture, Judy. Your row of hydrangeas is absolutely gorgeous!
    Happy Anniversary to you and Elmer. Always wonderful to read your updates.

  6. Happy Anniversary! What a lovely camping trip, and serenades from violin too! The grandchildren must have so many happy memories of their trips with you.

  7. I'm always amazed at what all happens in a month and how well you do it! Your outdoor celebrations, camping, cycling and hiking look very inviting! Praying for healing where needed and wishing you many more mountain peak views.

  8. Three so soon?! I remember when Lucy never joined the family photos because she was taking a nap! She sure is a cutie!

    So sorry I was to learn about your son's accident. We are praying for a timely recovery and perhaps (is it wrong???) a desire on his part to give up the motorcycle. Twice is plenty.

    Looking forward to all you'll share about the family reunion. Your family really does know how to have fun.

    Happy Anniversary to a swell couple! Thank you for sharing your joys (and prayer requests) with us. Happy Trails!

  9. Loved the photos...always do! Happy 43rd...hope you are blessed with many more great years of climbing!


  10. I'm glad no one was in the car when the rear window exploded like that. How weird! You fit a lot into one month; many happy celebrations! Your awning looks great. I am curious what is supporting it. I can't see anything at the corner...

    1. It's a electric retractable awning...heavy duty, with folding arms along the side that support it. It has a wind sensor on it that pulls it in when it gets windy. We are loving it!

  11. Judy, I still miss your frequent posting but these once a month recaps make up for it. You do it so well! Thank you for pointing the way to Camperland! We enjoyed it there so much and will look forward to those years when I can stay dry at the pool too. =)
    The field of wheat is so beautiful. Wishing you both God's blessings on your anniversary today! You are a wonderful couple who have taken the gift you were given in each other and blessed others in so many ways.

  12. I love that new awning. I think summer will be over before I even have a chance to sit in it. Looks like many wonderful adventures for the month of July. Our wheat field does not have the brilliant look this year after our downpour last week. Soon you will be winding home while we wind the other way.
    Where oh where will we find time for tennis again?

  13. Love the photo of the grain and elevator! The sky is so blue -- reminds me of my childhood summers, spent on my grandparent's farm near Camrose, Alberta. Thanks for sharing....

  14. A full month of fun celebrations. Love seeing your cute grandkids having such a ball together. You and Elmer look great in that photo on the mountain top!

  15. So wonderful to hear from you and read about how your summer is going! What a fun time with your sweet grands - making so many memories and this year Lucy could join in too. She is SO cute! Summer is only half over so you'll have many more things to experience. Praying that your Kris will be A OK! Have a wonderful anniversary as you celebrate on the road. Often think of you ....

  16. So nice that Ranen brought her violin:) And camperland is the perfect choice for lots of visitors. Close and with so much to do for the kids.

  17. I loved every word of this post and every pic! Gorgeous grands, gorgeous scenery......but the very last pic is my favorite!!! You two made ALL of this possible!!! I love your life!!! May your August be just as blessed as your July!!

  18. A belated Happy Anniversary! Every year, on this long weekend, I think of you two. This morning we breakfasted outside and spoke about your visit, those years ago. I love your haircut!

  19. I'm glad I was able to wish you a happy anniversary on facebook, Judy, so that I am not late wishing you the same again here! ;)

    I'm very sad to hear your son was in another crash on his motorcycle--I hope he recovers fully and quickly.

    It looks like your grandchildren had a wonderful time camping and it is hard to believe that Maggie is already 3! Happy birthday to her!

    We have a retractable awning over our back terrace but it is an older, hand crank style. Perhaps one day we will get a new electrical one like yours!

    Have a wonderful August! (((hugs)))

  20. I love the photo of your beautiful hydrangeas along the house. They are gorgeous! Wow, you certainly had a busy July. Wonderful photos of your adventures with the grands. Have a great August. Blessings, Pam

  21. What a privilege it has been for me to step into your world for a few minutes again this morning. First of all, being greeted by your amazing array of colorful, healthy looking hydrangeas was a treat for me. Oh the green thumb skills you possess, constantly inspire me, especially as I keep watching for my two bushes out front to bloom:

    What a month for you two! I found as I read, thinking about how life throws in all kinds of things for
    each of us, and this month of July certainly did that for you. The horse victory must have been an
    exciting time for your friends and for you. Having a horse that wins after all that one invested in that horse would give a feeling that it was worth it all.

    The pictures of your grandchildren and the camping excursion, was so much fun to look at. How special that your granddaughter brought her violin to serenade you all. And, I can relate to how tired you were after watching the young ones in the pool:) I also liked those huge bubbles.

    So sorry to hear about your son's accident. I can't imagine how you and your husband slept that night, after hearing the news. It must have made the van window seem like a minor thing. Our prayers are with you and your family as you go through his time of healing.

    As for your 43rd wedding anniversary, well, that is truly worth celebrating. I learn so much from you both. You walk through the good and bad that life presents to you, with grace and peace, and that is a blessing to many. Wishing you both, many more years to journey together.

    So good to visit here again!


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