Monday, September 3, 2018

August ~ gone but not forgotten

Early August seems like a distant memory already...

...but let me share just a few memories from this past month.

We had patio weather from beginning to end...
and enjoyed sharing good times with family and friends around the table.

One Sunday morning...
we had breakfast on the patio with some of our care group friends.  

It had been a particularly hard week for one couple and it was good to get together and show our support.

Our road got new coat of asphalt...
which made coming and going a little tricky.  
The flag people knew us quite well by the time the job was done!  
I'm sure they were a little skeptical when we said we needed to get out to attend a funeral yet again...
three times in one week.

Summer freeway traffic through our neighbourhood was often a nightmare!

We had the family over for watermelon and rollkuchen one Sunday night...
and celebrated Kris's birthday as well.  
A watermelon 'birthday cake' was fitting for one who does not care for cake.  
Can he really be 45? 
Where have the years gone?

Emme and Spencer showed up on their own in their little red car.  
When they left, they had a few cousins in the back seat...
pleased as punch to be along for the ride!

After the deadly wildfire season of 2017...
we had hoped to breathe clean air this summer.  
But, once again we had horrific  fires in our province and the valley was often choking in smoke.  Thankfully, the skies have cleared and we are seeing the mountains again.

We have been away the past few weeks...
enjoying a Mediterranean cruise with friends.

We spent a few days in Venice...

visited Dubrovnik, Croatia...

sailed among the islands of Greece...

...and ended our time away in Rome.  
It was a wonderful trip...and so nice to be able to share the experience with good friends!  
I'll share a travel post or two once my photos are 'unpacked'. 

We just arrived home last night and it feels like 'fall is in the air'.  
Tomorrow it is back to school for all my grands. 

Wishing you all a wonderful September!


  1. Hi Judy, You've had a busy August especially with your trip to Europe. I really enjoyed the daily updates and photos on IG. It looks like a fabulous trip! It's always nice to return home though. Happy September to you!

  2. You visited some lovely places. Venice must have been fascinating.

  3. I've enjoyed traveling "with" you via IG. You had a wonderful trip with great friends. I'm so glad the wild fire smoke has gone from here, too, although the fires continue to rage. I hope September brings some drenching rains. Happy September days to you.

  4. So surprised to find your August in review already up, especially in light of having just returned from an amazing trip. Must stop judging others by my limitations. 🙂 Except for that smoke, it was a lovely August, oh and three funerals in a must have her head screwed on straight and on Whom she believes.

    Good to know that fresh September air is on the way. We have sweltered all day at our Labor Day BBQ. i drove home in blue skies and sunshine, but as I approached my own town, I found it under big black clouds. It’s been storming ever since.

  5. Wonderful recap as usual. The photos are stunning from your trip. Looking forward to seeing more. Sobering that you had 3 funerals in one week...
    Welcome home!

  6. Lovely post and photos . I hear you on the road being torn up and redone our little valley village main strip has been a work in progress for a few months here in southwestern Ontario and it is nuts at times as it is the main road to and from a port town that's busy in the summers off of the north shores of lake Erie lol ! O have no idea where this summer has gone and how fast seems every year it goes by faster crazy isn't it ?! Lovely post and photos , Thanks for sharing , Have a good month and lets hope this one slows down a bit all though I doubt it lol !

  7. I enjoyed your cruise photos on instagram and look forward to seeing more, Judy

    Happy birthday to your son. So sorry for the loss that brought you to three funerals. Your granddaughter's red car is so cute--like them! Safe driving, girls!

    The smoke looked bad there. We had smoke in our skies too, brought by the winds from the west. Happily, blue skies are back and I'm looking forward to fall.

  8. What a perfectly wonderful August - with the exceptions of the funerals, smoke from the fires and that awful traffic!
    Your son's choice of birthday 'cake' was a fun one! Loved every single photo and will look forward to seeing more of your trip!
    I do so love your life!!

  9. Looks like August was packed with adventure for you! We've had a smoky summer here with smoke from the California fires. During our travels to the Midwest in March, May, and July this year we saw wildfires or grass fires on each and every trip coming and going along the way. No Fall in the air here yet, but we're hopeful and counting down the days to November! haha

    1. Just when we thought the smoke ahad cleared out...we are back under an 'air quality advisory' again today. There are still almost 500 wildfires burning in our province. I think we are all looking forward to fall!


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