Monday, October 27, 2008

antique extravaganza...

Granny and Grumpa have a bonanza of antiques housed on their farm...and until now it seems to have been a well kept secret.

Yesterday a group of us went for an outing......on a beautiful sunny October Sunday (we've had a lot of those days this fall). We were blown away by the huge collection of vintage items that the Schweigerts have amassed in their retirement. Every barn and out building now houses antiques...and visitors are welcome most anytime...any day! And if they know you are coming...they are quite willing to put on the coffee pot...even bake a pie for you. You will receive a true old-fashioned welcome...and a guided tour.

For the past twenty years they have been collecting 'junk' (their words)...and having a ball doing it. What could be more fun than travelling to prairie auctions and estate sales? They are known to have the biggest collection of antiques in the valley...and probably in the province.

From china, lanterns, and dolls from every decade... radio flyer wagons and pedal cars, cameras, vintage tins, buttons, suitcases....and the list never ends.

An old D8 Cat...the largest piece of equipment used in the construction of the Alaska Highway...was parked outside. They had vintage cars, tractors and equipment...if there is anything old you are looking for, they are sure to have it.
And here's the's all for sale if you really want it! There are no prices marked on any items, but Grumpa is willing to part with most things at a very reasonable price. We found all kinds of wonderful treasures...

...from a tiny book purchased by one antique sewing machine by another... some wonderful treasures that will grace my walls as soon as I find the perfect spot! They are about 17-inch brass plaques...part of the Trafford Series featuring Old Masters paintings.

Blueboy has a bit of a flaw...
...but this little girl is quite perfect! She is entitled 'Simplicity'...painted by Reynolds 1723-1792. One always needs to bring home a souvenir from such outings...don't you think?

What a fun place to take a trip down memory lane! I'm so glad I met Granny & Grumpa...I'll be back to visit again sometime, with more friends in tow.


  1. You found the mother lode! What fun that must've been looking around. I like your treasures and hope that you will share again when you have them placed. Love the name "Grumpa." My father missed out on that moniker, but it would've been perfect for him. LOL!

  2. I dont think I;ve ever seen so much stuff! Would be fun to peruse, but i dont think i need to buy anything! HAHA! Wow!

  3. PLEASE take me along next time. Oh my goodness, what a fantastic little find. My eye was drawn to the radio flyer goodies on the wall and the dolls and oh. . boy .. so much fun, Thanks Judy for taking me along at least in theroy.

  4. I loved those syrup pails. I think I had to use them a lunch boxes.
    How can anyone find so much stuff and then have the place to organize it?

  5. Oh my! I've been all over this country and been to many antique stores. I have never seen a collection such as this! What a fabulous find! That must have been so much fun!
    I've started another blog and hope you will be able to stop in from time to time to say hello!
    Take care!

  6. That looks like a fun outing and I love the name of the place. I particularly enjoyed the picture of the dolls.

  7. Oh, I want to go! How long do you think it will take me to get there? ;-)

  8. I love antique stores..I could spend hours in that store!
    You found some amazing treasures, Judy!

  9. Wow I wish I could have been there. I adore those old cars and carts.. Sometimes you get excited finding a small item at a garage sale .... Can't imagine walking in and seeing all of those pressure treasures at once...Blows my mind..

  10. What a neat day trip adventure. I'm sure they would have stories galore. I do think this will be on my must do list. I'll be in touch for the location. Kathy

  11. What a fun place to browse! Everything looked so neat and well organized. I loved the dolls and probably would ahve picked one out to buy.

    Your plaques are beautiful!

  12. ooh, I just love antique shops. They are always so cluttered and crammed together, you can look at things for hours, and never see the same thing twice.


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