Thursday, October 16, 2008

Grammy Beena Goes Walking...

The phone rang yesterday afternoon and it was Spencer...just wondering if I would want to go for a walk with her and Emme to see the chickens. I'd love to go for a walk...after all that sitting of the previous day...I needed to do some walking.

But Ryder wanted to talk to me on the phone before I hung up. "Hi Grammy Beena. I want to go for a walk too". Of course.

So we went for a 'walk'...this is the girl's idea of walking!

We stopped to see feed the goats...

...who it turns out, will eat anything.

The free range chickens were what they really wanted to see...the owner came out and fed them fresh corn and we had an afternoon hen party.

The grands couldn't resist a quick hike into the standing field of corn...which won't be standing much longer.

And soon we were back at the farm...and their walk with Grammy Beena came to an end.

How I came by that name, I'll never know. Emme and Spencer lived in a world of nicknames some time back...they began calling me Grammy Beena and it stuck. One day the girls were wondering if we would recognize each other when we got to heaven. Emme said, "I know...we'll call for Grammy Beena and then you'll know it's us, because no one else has a Grammy Beena".

So true...there are no other Grammy Beenas. What fun!

Enjoy your day...


  1. Judy,
    Thank you for sharing your precious photos. I love to get a glimpse of life in your beautiful area. I have always thought I might like to live on a farm, but reading your blog is the next best thing.

  2. What fun! Those red leaves, standing does look like Thanksgiving time. I see we're missing some front teeth. Give the kids an extra hug from me.

  3. What a fun time with the g'kids, Judy. And I like your other name Grammy Beena!
    I love hens,roosters, chickens whatever.. and always wanted a 'coop' or 'hen house' filled with feed them, watch them and yes even 'clean' their house!!

  4. Oh I do love that name. . I wonder what the grands will call me. I selected Grammie but hey. .it could very well change. The preciousness is in the fact that they call you.
    The photos are as always darling and very fun.

  5. A simple walk with the grands can warm a grammy's heart more than anyone could ever know. They see and find things we would miss. I love the toothless smiles and the curls. Kids and farm yards are a good combo. Such facination. Kathy

  6. oh .. .I just noticed that your sidebar is behind the times. you know what is missing?

  7. Judy, this post is so precious. Your grandchildren are picture perfect! I can almost feel their excitement. Thank you for sharing the little pieces of your life with us. I love the stories! ~Kathy

  8. What wonderful sweet grands you ahve Judy! How blessed you are to be their Grammy Beena!

    Those photos are priceless! Look at those happy faces!

  9. I grew up on a farm in southern Michigan and we raised goats and drank the milk! I still keep chickens, although I just got rid of my two year old flock so I can get some chicks in the spring. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment:>)

  10. What sweet children! Your walk looks like it was so much fun.


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson